Top 6 easy ways on how to store ginger roots

Do you know? Ginger is the most underrated food material that can be used in many ways not only used It has some massive medicinal benefits.

So it is important to have ginger roots in your home, so here I will tell you, how to store ginger roots without harming the flavor and medicinal benefits.

Read this carefully, because all steps are important.

What is ginger?

Top 6 easy ways on how to store ginger roots
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Before we just to how to store ginger you have to know some important things about ginger, trust me it will help you in the future.

Ginger comes from the word gingiber or gingifer and it is the most traditional root plant, also it contains different types of good acids and vitamins so you have to store it carefully.

How to store ginger roots?

Here I will give 5-6 ways how to store ginger roots, those ways are very simple and most of the product used to store ginger is easily available in your house…so don’t worry 🙂

Use Freezer:

How to store ginger roots in freezer
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  • Freezer is a great storage household equipment that reduces the rotten process.
  • Make sure you cover that ginger with a towel or cloth before putting it in the freezer.
  • That cloth or towel creates a protective layer around it so you can store it for a long time.

Use Airtight Container:

Store ginger roots in airtight container
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You need an airtight container, a glass container should be best for it.

  • Take Gingers and just put them in an airtight container.
  • And then tightly lock the container cap.
  • This process makes creates a boundary between outer air and inner which helps you to store ginger for a long time.

Use Airtight Wrapping:

For this method, you need a middle-size silicone or polythene.

  • First, take the silicon or polythene and then totally wrapped it around the ginger.
  • This process will reduce the water extraction process.
  • Then you can store it, but remember this process can’t able to store your ginger roots for a long time…

If you want to store it for a long time, so read the below steps.

Use Dark Corners:

store ginger roots in kitchen cupboards
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All you need to find is dark or cool places in your house or kitchen…

  • You can store ginger root in your kitchen cupboard or any other place in your kitchen.
  • But remember those places should is not affected by the sunlight.

PRO TIPS: You also can combine these all given methods to store ginger root for a long time
Ex: You can do both wrapping and storing in the freezer at the same time.

Use Paper Bag:

store ginger roots in paper bag
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This is the quickest and easy method of storing ginger but it can’t store ginger for a long time.

  • Take a paper bag which is mostly available in grocery stores.
  • Put gingers into it, and fold it from both sides.

Use Storage Bag:

store ginger roots in storage back
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Storage bag or airtight bags…

  • Take one of those bags and put ginger into that bag.
  • Then close them airtight zip this method will give you enough time.

Check this before putting ginger into storage

Before you follow those methods you have to check whether your ginger is in good condition or not. To know read below:

  • You have to look at the ginger surface, a good and healthy ginger skin looks moist and fresh.
  • Make sure the ginger surface has no big hole or spot because it will reduce to storage duration.

So these are the few things you have to look at before purchasing or storing ginger.

Benefits of ginger roots

Do you know there are lots of benefits of ginger, ginger is mostly used in Asia for medicinal purposes, because:

  • Ginger can reduce throat pain, cut those ginger pieces and put them in your mouth, the saliva will mix with ginger and reduce the throat problem.
  • According to a study, gingers help you to reduce weight.
  • It is capable to reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis.
  • Also it can reduce hard related problems or diseases.
  • and many more…

There are not complete here you can also use ginger as a tea, in every way ginger is beneficial for us.


Q: Can you store ginger root in the freezer

Yes you can store ginger in the freezer but I would not recommend you to store it for a long time.

Q: How to store ginger roots before planting?

I would recommend you, wash that ginger root and then store it in a paper bag or cloth then plant it.

Q: Does Walmart sells ginger root?

Yes, Walmart sells fresh ginger roots, also you can get ginger roots in offline stores.

Q: How long does ginger root last in the refrigerator?

At least 30 days is the maximum time, that a ginger root survives in a refrigerator, after 1 month it may affect the quality.

Q: Should I peel ginger before freezing?

No, don’t peel ginger before freezing, otherwise, the ginger quality may be affected…

Q: Should I wash ginger root before freezing?

You can wash the ginger, but make sure that ginger is completely dry before you put it into freezing.

Conclusion on how to store ginger roots

Following my given methods to store ginger root, also I would recommend you plant ginger root in soil that will make more ginger.

You can use those ginger for different types of work like daily diet, adding to food, etc…

I think this article answered your question related to how to store ginger roots, follow all steps and give your feedback in the comments.

Have a nice day!

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