Know working principle of mixer grinder in 7 steps

We all use mixer grinders in our day-to-day life and these are very helpful. We can mix complex foodstuff with this and also do other work.

But do you know the working principle of a mixer grinder? And what are the main components of a mixer grinder? Don’t worry I will give you all information quickly – let’s start.

Working principle of mixer grinder

Know working principle of mixer grinder in 7 steps
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  • The Mixer grinder gets power through a plug that is connected to your electric bode.
  • When you press the power-on button, an electric current passes through an electric control device.
  • And that device supplies the electricity to the universal motor then the motor starts rotating.
  • The sharp blade connected with a rotating motor that mixes or blends all the ingredients
  • You can contour the speed of rotation with the speed control button.
  • The mixing jar is slightly curvy so the ingredients easily come to the center of the cutting blade, which makes the cutting or mixing process easier.

So these are the basic working functions of a mixer grinder but the working function may be different based on price.

Video working function of mixer grinder

Youtube Video: working function and important parts of mixer grinder.

Major Parts of mixer grinder

  1. Universal Motor
    It is the major part of the mixer grinder because it rotates the cutting blades which mix or cut all the ingredients.
    There are 4-5 Verity of motors used in mixer grinder based on their functions.

  2. Speed Control Switch
    The speed control switch gives access to speed controls in the mixer grinder, commonly mixer grinders come with 3 speed control modes:
    In Highest speed control: you can grind or mix the hard ingredients like nuts, but don’t use this mode for a long time that will harmful to your mixer grinder
    In Medium speed control: medium speed is good for making batter or baking powder, you can use mix/grind coffee, etc. type of ingredient in this mode.
    In Low-speed control: this mode is useful for mixing all the ingredients, it doesn’t grind or make small pictures of stuff.

Note: low-speed controls depended upon, how powerful your motor is.

  1. Thermal overload switch
    This part prevents the mixer grinder motor from high current flow and supply sufficient electric power to the motor.

  2. Sharp blades
    There are 9 to 10 types of blades that are present like:
    • Dry Grinding Blade
    • Pounding Blade
    • Wet Grinding Blade
    • Whipping Blade
    • Mincing Blade
    • Chutney grinding blade
    • Juicer blades
    • Kneading Blades, etc.

  3. Power Switch
    The power switch is also used as a safety function of the mixer grinder, you can off the power switch if anything happens wrong.

Final thoughts on working principle of mixer grinder

working principle of mixer grinder
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So these are some basic working principles of mixer grinder, and mixer grinder design and working are very simple but it can solve most of the problems and save time. So I recommend you choose the best mixer grinder for your kitchen.

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Q: Which material those mixer grinders are made?

Most of the mixer grinders are made up of hard plastic which makes mixer grinders lightweight and easily carryable and this plastic is not only strong but also these are electric shockproof.

Q: Which motor is used in the mixer grinder?

most of the mixer grinder companies use 750-watt motors which are good enough motor name universal motor

Q: What is rpm in the mixer grinder?

Rpm is rotation per minute and an ideal mixer grinder has 1800- 2000+ rotation and the value depends upon the motor capacity.

Q: Which is the fastest mixer grinder in the market?

There is no particular mixer grinder, which is no 1 but you can say (1000+ watts) are called the fastest mixer grinder, an example – Inalsa etc…

Q: Is the grinder and mixer working principle is same?

Yes, the grinder and mixer working principles are the same but there are some differences in usage.

Q: Do you need to change cutting blades after a few months?

This depends upon your use, if you are mixing hard ingredients in the mixer grinder then I recommend you change the blades after a few months, that will increase the performance

Q: Who is the biggest and trusted company in the mixer grinder industry?

Bajaj is the all-time favorite brand mixer grinder in India and there are a few other global companies that are also trusted and biggest like Bosch, Prestige, Preethi, etc… These are very trusted and old brands

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