what not to put in the garbage disposal? ( 7 items)

Most households use garbage disposal to filter big food particles, but do you know there are a few items that can block your drain pipe or garbage disposal motor?

So here I will answer you about what not to put in the garbage disposal and a few tricks to overcome the garbage disposal blocking situation.

Let’s start.

Before you jump to the point, you have to know the basic working function of disposal ( read for better understanding)

The basic function of garbage disposal

We can divide Garbage disposal into three parts

Garbage disposal diagram to know what not to put in the garbage disposal
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  1. Outer sink part: As we know, the water and waste materials are passed into the inner part of the garbage disposal.
  2. Inner part: inner part contain a chopping blade that cut the waste material into small pieces
  3. Drain part: This part process those small waste piece of waste material to the drain pipe.

So now let’s see what are those items which are not recommended to be put inside the garbage disposal.

What not to put inside the garbage disposal

Read these 7 items carefully, and read why not to put these items inside the disposal. Otherwise, you will miss lots of information. 

1. Eggshells:

Cracked egg shells are placed in a mat
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When you put egg shells inside the garbage disposal, the blades smash the egg shells into small pieces which are deposited at the ground of the disposal. And create problems, so using those shells for gardening, will be a better use of eggshells. 

2. Bones:

As you know bones are one of the hardest things amongst the food substances. Garbage disposal blades can’t able to process those hard bones, so it can cause blocking of the drain pipe and jamming of garbage disposal. 

3. Pasta:

Delicious pasa plate
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Pasta comes under those food items which is expanded in contact with water, so if you put a few amounts of pasta inside the garbage disposal then it probably creates a problem.

Note: if you put the bulk amount of pasta then, this type of problem arrives.


4. Shells:

Opened oyester shell
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All the shells containing food items like oysters, lobsters, etc…Are not recommended to be put inside the garbage disposal.


5. Oates:

 Don’t put Oates into the garbage disposal because they will expand in contact with water, which can be deposited inside the disposal and create a bad smell, be careful.


6. Onion skin:

Don't put onion skin and lots of onion into the garbage disposal
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A thin layer of onion skin can create massive problems when you put a bunch of onion skin that will stick to the surface of the garbage disposal, also it could jam the disposal so Dustin is the best place for this item.


7. Banana skin:

Usually, banana skins are easily drained by garbage disposal but some parts of banana skin create problems so don’t put these items.

Some best ways to unjam garbage disposal

There are a few ways to unjam your garbage,

  1. Unjamin wrench: you can use a long unjamming wrench to unjam the garbage disposal, all you have to do is just put that wrench at the center of the garbage disposal and then rotate that wrench.
  2. Reset button:You can also press the reset button to reset the garbage disposal system
  3. Ice cube: You can use ice cubes for cleaning the inner part which eventually unjams the garbage disposal.


Q: Is resetting garbage disposal solve the garbage disposal jamming?

Sometimes it helps, but you can use an unjamming wrench and a few tools to unjam your garbage disposal.

Q: How did I clean the garbage disposal internally?

Use, a garbage disposal cleaning brush and cleaning liquid for cleaning disposal internally, you can also use the ice cubes method to clean disposal.

Conclusion on what not to put in the garbage disposal

 Nowadays garbage disposal is very much capable to process big food particles but some food materials create problems inside the disposal.

So don’t put items that expand in contact with water, also don’t put hard items inside the disposal, if you follow all the instructions that will increase disposal health.

Have a nice day.

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