Do you know? what is mandolin kitchen tools

Do you cut potatoes, onions and other vegetables? If yes, what tools do you use for cutting vegetables? Maybe a knife, or some cutting tools, but now you’re going to know about What is mandolin kitchen tools.

As you know, half information is more dangerous than no information, so here I will tell you what is mandoline and some important points about mandoline slicers. Do you interested in this… Let’s know

What is a mandolin kitchen tool

If I tell Mandolin is a kitchen tool which body is horizontal and that has some cutting blades on the horizontal surface which help you to cut carrots, cabbage and other vegetables very easily.

also it comes in different sizes and shapes, But now you have to know what can you do with this simple mandoline tool.

What can you do with mandoline

Yes, you can do multiple cutting work with this mandolin tool like- making potato slice for chips, cutting vegetables for making salads and Curry.

Honestly, the Mandoline slicer is perfect for every type of work because it has adjustable, buttons so you can cut any size and any type of vegetable.

As I tell you before, the mandolin, tools come in different sizes and shape so based on shape and size, mandolines are many types which you have to know.

Types of mandolin kitchen tools

Here I tell you some common and most used mandoline tools so let’s see.

  • Japanese mandolin: The Japanese mandolins are looked similar to other mandoline but it has a little smaller than other also the Japanese mandolines can slice vegetables very speedily.
  • French mandolins: The French mandolins are looked big and long also the slicing blades are cut into big pieces, in this mandoline you got an adjusting option so you can slice vegetables as your need.
  • V shape mandoline: The name v shape come from its slicing blade design, in this mandolin, the blades are in a v shape so it cut vegetables on both sides and it is very quick.
  • Box type mandolin: Box mandolines are very helpful because when slicing your veritable on this mandoline the slice piece of vegetables is store in a box which fix under the mandoline slicing blades.

What is different between a mandoline slicer and a normal slicer?

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Do you know why the mandolin is better than the normal slicer and what type of benefits you got from the mandolin?

Here we deficiencies normal and mandoline slicer by this factor

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Cutting option
  • Storing option
  • Peed

These factors apply on both normal and mandoline slicer so let’s so who will win I rate every point between (1-10)

Normal slicer:

Vegetable slicing kitchen tools
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  • Quality: Normal slices look good and that quality is also good but some of them are useless and very poor in quality so they damage after some months.
  • ★point(8.0)
  • Safety: In the normal price range slicer are not good in safety, they don’t have any safety guards, sometimes they also don’t have any handles but if you buy high price normal slicer you got safety.
  • ★point(5.0)
  • Cutting option: The normal slicer are Verity of cutting options recently I published about the best cabbage shredder and the product which I mentioned, some are normal slicers but they have multiple cutting options. So it is good at it
  • ★point(9.5)
  • Storing option: The normal slicer have quite small so you can store it anywhere in your kitchen so this is the advantage of the normal slicer.
  • ★point(9.5)
  • Speed: yes, you can slice speedy, still it very dangerous for your hand because most of normal slicer has no safety.
  • ★point(6.5)

Mandoline slicer:

 mandolin kitchen tools
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  • Quality: Believe me mandoline slicers are made with good quality material which gives you a better user experience and comfortable feeling.
  • ★point(9.0)
  • Safety: The mandoline kitchen tools are good safety features, a handle that gives you better control while cutting, a stand for extra stability, and a vegetable holder which saves your fingers ✌️ from mandolin sharp blades.
  • ★point(9.0)
  • Cutting option: like a normal slicer it also has multiple cutting options which help you so I will give it the same star.
  • ★point(9.5)
  • Storing option: The mandoline slicer is a little bulky and big so it creates problems while storing it or organising it.
  • ★point(5.0)
  • Speed: yes, in simple words the ma divine is quicker than a normal slicer also it is very safe so you can trust this.
  • ★point(8.0)

Total points
Normal slicer [38.4]
Mandoline [40.5]

So the winner is the mandoline slicer

Note: this is my point of view and my treatment, you also can compare them and find your best…

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5 Safety rules of mandoline kitchen tool

Safty rouls of vegetables slicer
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Check some important points, if you want to save your fingers from any type of injury and most injuries happen for sharp blades fixed in mandoline. So here are 5 points…..

  1. Don’t use a mandoline cutter when your hand is dried or slippery.
  2. Use hand globs while cutting vegetables on a mandolin.
  3. Follow all instructions which provide by the company
  4. Cover the mandoline Sharp blade after completing your cutting or slicing work.
  5. When you going to clean the mandoline Cover the blade with a protector which available on the market.

How to clean mandoline slicer in 3 steps

Cleaning kitchen tool
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I know cleaning a mandoline is a tricky job and you have to do it carefully so check the 3 points of cleaning your mandoline slicer

  1. Use a brush for cleaning the small piece of vegetables and dust inside the mandoline.
  2. Use running water or medium pressure water to clean it, without touching it.
  3. Use a thick kitchen towel for cleaning axes water on the mandolin.

Note: If you are using a thin towel for cleaning mandolin, so be careful with a sharp blade. Don’t wipe the sharp blade with a thin towel.

How does a mandolin slicer work

Mandoline slicers work in 3 basic principles or you can say the mandoline slicer has 3 basic functions which help mandoline to do perfect cut.

The three functions are…

  1. The mandolin design is a little vertical so the vegetables are slide top to bottom easily.
  2. The different types of mandoline blades especially the top lifted blades which get inside the vegetables and cut them properly.
  3. Here the sliced vegetables store in a container.

These are some basic functions, which help mandoline to cut or slice easily but another factor of mandoline slicer is design.

Design of mandoline slicer

Yes, like 3 major factors also the design help mandoline to cut vegetables perfectly so here is a little description about mandoline design.

Mandolines come in different shapes and sizes but the most common feature is they are a little bigger than normal slower, also mandoline has a unique blade design like v shape, lines and more so it helps people work speedily.

Also, some of the mandolins have stands that give them extra stability.

A final thought on What is mandolin kitchen tools

Mandolin is a good kitchen tool because it solves most of cooks problems and also its best design safe for hand so if you’ve desired to buy a slicer I recommend you to choose mandolin.

Here I am trying to clear dought about What is mandolin kitchen tools also I am trying to explain everything about mandoline in simple words.

So if you find this article helpful or it will give you good info so, please comment a lovely comment on the comment section, am waiting for your comment. (It is my request to you)

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Have a nice day!


Q: What mandoline do restaurant kitchens use?

usally, restaurant chef’s use big size and long mandoline, such as v shape mqndoline, so they are able to cut vegetables speedily also some restaurant use modified mandolins.

Q: Can I cut French fries with a mandolin slicer?

yes, in mandolins slicer you got different type of cutting options also you can adjust tha size and shape so it is very helpful for cutting potatos for French fries

Q: What does a mandolin slicer look like?

There are verious type of mandolins but most of mandolins are big and horizontal and you got different types of cutting blades on this.

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