Do you know What is a kitchen chimney?

Are you confused? And want to know more about kitchen chimney, if yes so here you are in the right place. I will tell you what is kitchen chimney. What is the usage of the kitchen chimney and are they helpful or not?

So let’s start.

What is a kitchen chimney?

What is kitchen chimney
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The kitchen chimneys are used to remove smoke and other bad gases from the kitchen room, and it neutralizes the air quality of the kitchen room so it is called a kitchen chimney.

Usually, these chimneys are fixed on the rooftop of the kitchen room.

Type of kitchen chimney in market

What is a kitchen chimney
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There are mainly three to four different types of kitchen chimneys and these are:

  1. Downdraft Chimneys
  2. Wall-mounted chimney
  3. Island Chimneys
  4. Auto clean chimney
  5. Straight line chimney

Here is some important key factor of this chimney.

  1. Downdraft Chimneys: Downdraft chimneys are installed behind the cooktop or in the kitchen counter. They operate by retracting and rising when needed, extracting smoke and odors from the cooking surface.
  2. Wall-mounted chimney: Yes, this kitchen chimney is mounted on the kitchen wall and it can effectively be removed smoke from your kitchen, it has a suction fan and filter which make it a good chimney.
  3. Island Chimneys: These chimneys are not mounted on the wall, these are fixed on the side of your cooking table, it is also good chimney for your kitchen.
  4. Auto-clean chimney: Auto clean chimney also works like other chimneys but it is more advance and easy to use because it has an auto-cleaning feature.
  5. Straight line chimney: Straight-line chimneys are usually, most used in a small kitchen because these are small and vertical in size so it is easier to maintain.

I think you are probably, goodly familiar with the kitchen chimney but do you know how the kitchen chimney work?

How Kitchen chimney work? Check animation video

Mainly the modern chimneys are well designed so they can easily catch the smoke

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Here are the basic working concepts

  • The kitchen chimney has small rotate fans which create suction and that suction catches all the bad gases, which makes your kitchen cool and fresh.
  • It has different types of filters which reduce the dust particles
  • After all these processes the smoke throughout the kitchen room by chimney tunnel or pipeline.

So these are the basic working principle of a kitchen chimney, the working principle may differ according to brand. And features.

A final thought on What is a kitchen chimney

Do you know What is a kitchen chimney?
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In simple words, a kitchen chimney is a gadget specifically designed to remove smoke, fumes, and odors that are produced during cooking. It serves as an exhaust system for the kitchen, effectively capturing and expelling airborne particles to maintain a clean and fresh cooking environment.

Kitchen chimneys come in various models and designs, offering different functionalities based on their price range. Higher-end models often feature advanced technologies such as multiple suction levels, auto-clean functions, touch controls, and energy-efficient operations. These advanced features enhance the performance and convenience of the kitchen chimney, providing efficient smoke extraction and minimizing maintenance requirements.

If you have any questions regarding this topic, ask me in the comments, I will help you!

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Q: What is the ideal size of a kitchen chimney?

Ideally, kitchen chimneys are made for every type and size of the kitchen, so normally the size of a kitchen chimney is 60-90 c.m which is sufficient to throw out the smoke.

Q: What is the smoke sensor in a kitchen chimney?

A smoke sensor is a device that uses to trace the amount of smoke produced by your kitchen, and also when it detects smoke, At that time it starts the kitchen chimney motor to throw out the smoke.

Q: What is the easiest way to clean the kitchen chimney?

For automatic cleaning, there are auto clean chimneys available but you can do it manually with hot water, cloth, and some cleaning chemical.

• Take hot water.
Put the cloth into the water and add some cleaning liquid.
• Then you will be able to clean it, with the help of that cloth.

Q: What is difference between vertical and horizontal kitchen chimneys?

There is nothing big difference between these two chimneys but they have small differences those are…

Vertical ↕️: these are suitable for every type of kitchen, especially for small kitchens but horizontal ↔️ chimneys are good for medium size kitchens…

Q: What is filterless technology in the kitchen chimney?

Flyer chimney is the upgraded version of the auto clean chimney and these chimneys have very powerful suction and the motor position and design make it more efficient than others.

Q: Which type of chemical use to clean a kitchen chimney?

Caustic soda is the best cleaning agent but you have to carefully use it because it can harm your skin, also some chimney cleaner liquids are best for cleaning chimneys.

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