7 Types of kitchen knives and their uses in simple word

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Types of kitchen knives and their uses

Before I start I will love to tell you that a knife has many parameters to perform well.

So there are different different types of knives but now we only talk about the kitchen knife and its usage. So let’s start…..

The best chef’s knives

best chef's knives
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Yes, this is the chef most usable knife so this called this name. This is a medium-size knife that is approx 6-13 inches long so most of the chefs preferred this.

Usage: As you know from the name, it is the most useful and reliable tool which is comparable for slicing, chopping, cutting a big piece of vegetables and herbs.

The Utility knife

Types of kitchen knives and their uses
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So utility is controllable and simple to use a knife whose size is closely 4-6 inches. It is also called a mini chefs knife. Not only this there are several different designs of utility knives in the market.

Some of them are protected by a plastic case which saves us from the Sharp age of the knife.

Usage: It can help you to cut smaller cooking items such as been and other stuff but the most reliable part of this knife is easily carryable. It is also used by a cut small slice of chicken and meats, fruit.

The Boning knife

Types of kitchen knives and their uses
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This knife is around 6 inch and this has a very sharp tip mostly the sharp tip is used while cutting bone.

Another advantage, this is very flexible so you can cut meat or chicken from the bone easily. The handle of the knife is similar to a chef knife, so the controls while using this is good.

Usage: The boning knife is specifically designed for cut out bones from Chicken, and meats. You can cut the skin of the chicken by the sharp tip and the flexible body help you to cut around bones.

I think you’re getting a bunch of knowledge about different types of kitchen knives and their uses. But this Is not complete here… So let’s know about some other knives.

Butcher knife

Types of kitchen knives and their uses
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Butcherknife is popularly called a cleaver knife for its rectangular shape. this is the biggest and strongest knife on our list.

Weight is it’s an important quality. So this is a good choice who want to chop their food items.

Usage: This is a little heavy knife so it is good for cutting items like meat, chicken and some other. It can chop the hard bones… So most of the chicken shops and other non-vadges shops are using this.

My opinion: If you have no hard cutting item or food so don’t purchase this, and also this is not mandatory in the kitchen.

Bread knife

Types of kitchen knives and their uses
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This is a very long knife which size is 7 to 10 inches. This knife blade is not too sharp but it is similar to zigzag.

And it is very long so it can cut long bread.

Usage: It is specifically used for cut bread or another soft item but you can also cut cake, pancake. This knife has a zigzag shape edge so it can cut bread very smoothly.

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Paring knife

Types of kitchen knives and their uses
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Paring knives are small but effective, this knife design is friendly for everyone. The small knife gives you the freedom of holding it.


There are usually used for removing skin from fruit or vegetable also it is very effective for wiping out the seeds from the fruit. You can do other rework with this but most of the cooks prefer it for peeling and wiping out.

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Fillet knife

Types of kitchen knives and their uses
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This is quite similar to a boning knife, this is also the same structure but the purpose of this knife is a little different. You can tell this as a family member of a boning knife, so this is approx 4-9 inch and the thickness of this is close to 3.5mm.

Usage: This is specifically made for fish cutting and as you see the thickness is good for a cut thin piece of fish.

So, I think you got some idea about different types of kitchen knives and their uses but it is not complete here. If you buy a knife but you don’t know have to use it safely so it can be dangerous for you.

If you want how you can make your knife safer in a few steps so…

Let’s start…

How to make kitchen knife safe in simple steps

You can simply do this by using some plastic protector, and some other techniques to better control your knife. These techniques are simple but you have to know them properly.

Commonly people who purchase a new knife they are don’t know how to use this properly. According to this so they get injuries.

“Follow these steps to beat this mistake

Steps for this:

• Find a perfect size knife for your hand because hand take an important role in cutting without a perfect size knife you can’t cut properly.
• Keep your knife normal-sharp because a normal sharp knife cut vegetables and other stuff not only effectively but also it little safe for your hand.
• Always hold the knife strongly from the handle and keep your thumb if the top of the knife.
• When you cut anything fruit or food you have to stand it by your nails. it prevents you from finger injuries.
• Use a cutting board, it can help you to cut your stuff easily.

“So these are some points which you can consider while cutting your vegetable or ingredients.

Which knife is good for cooking?

We can tell a knife good if that knife works properly and if it fulfils our need so we can tell as a good knife.

So in my opinion, the knife which helps in your best kitchen work but yes, you can consider chefs knives these knives are perfect for every type of kitchen work.

Final statement

Most people have some common questions and query about kitchen knife I think I answered you most of the points about types of kitchen knives and their uses with pres.

My advice to you, use a separate knife for different work, it can help you to finish your work speedy.

These is my points if you want to tell me how this article can help you…so I am very glad to see that.

Please comment with your query or questions regarding this topic, I will wait for your comments.

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Q: Which kitchen knife is a must-have in any kitchen?

There is various kind of knife but you need a multi trackable knife, which improves your cooking method.

Yes, you can go with the chef knife and cleaver knife.

Q: What kind of kitchen knife should I use to slice tomatoes?

You should take a small and thin knife for this work, the small knife can give you better results you can consider it for slice tomatoes and other vegetables -A serrated knife

Q: How do you improve your kitchen knife skills?

You can improve your kitchen knife skills by practice as you know ” practice makes a man\woman perfect”

Before your tactic, you can watch some videos from YouTube, also you can read blogposts like here.

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