10 new Types Of Can opener you have to know [image]

Many of us are confused while purchasing a can opener. Many questions arise in our minds like: Which can the opener be best? Which can opner specifically be used for which work? etc…

So, here I will tell about different types of can opner and their uses in simple words.

Note:- I researched for 3 days to find out which can opner are people using now and their uses…..So read out our article completely🥰

Different Types of can openers with (image and uses)

Mainly there are two types of can opner those are… Manual and electric, but here I will tell you randomly, and at last I will give a summary of which can openers belong to (electric) and which are (manual)

So start…

1.Church Key Opener:

Church Key Opener | Types Of Can opener

The good thing about this can opener is it is made of single metal which gives the strong body strength. It has a flat surface and a sharp-pointed head which helps to open can easily.

Uses: you can use it for both opening can and beer or sora bottle caps because it has a shart edge and flat surface, so most travellers’ first choice is a crunch key can opener.

2.Butterfly can opener:

Butterfly can opener

It is also a most famous can opener, when you rotate the knob of this can opener its blade will cut the top lid easily.

Also, a new type of butterfly can opener comes with some extra features, so this will be a nice choice.

If you want to know how you can use a butterfly can opener read our 3 step process.👈 CLICK

3.Electric Can Opener:

Electric Can Opener

As the name indicates, these are automatic can openers which use electricity to open the can, it has a specific motor and a cutting blade.

When you press the power switch, it will work automatically there are several brands in this field like (OSTER, Hamilton Beach, Darice)

The only drawback is, that you need electricity for this.

4.Key Opener:

The key opener looks like a key and the head part of this can opener is look like a bottle opener, it has a very simple Design

but it needs your skill and hand power for this work if you’re finding a simple and easy-to-use can opene then I will suggest you skip this can opener. It has small size so you can carry it easily.

5.Side Can Opener:

Side Can Opener

Unlike another can opener, this can opener cuts the rim of the can side wisely which gives better penetrating power.

For this side-wise cutting design, it gives better grip and proper cutting, so overall it is a good tool.

6.Smooth edge can opener:

Smooth edge can opener

Smooth edge can openers now dominate the market because these can openers remove the lid from the can without any sharp edges.

So you can reuse those cans for storing different types of stuff, also now these can openers come with advanced technology, for this uniqueness people love to purchase smooth edge can opene…

Some examples of a smooth edge can opener:- an oxo can opener, and the pampered chef can opener.👈

7.Countertop Opener:

Countertop Opener

These are specially designed for kitchen cabinets, most restaurants and even households use this can opener.

You can easily open a big can using this can opener, it uses a vacuumed-based technique for opening the can.

8.Nogent can opener:

10 new Types Of Can opener you have to know [image]10 new Types Of Can opener you have to know [image]

It is a special type of can opener which looks different from another traditional can opener. It is too small and a rotating knob present on the right side of the can.

Also, it perfectly cut the can lid, and it doesn’t produce any sharp edges so check out this

9.Japanese (P-38 and P-51 ) Can Opener:

10 new Types Of Can opener you have to know [image]10 new Types Of Can opener you have to know [image]

This can opener only works with 2 basic parts and those are…

  1. Handle
  2. Blade

The blade is sharp and bigger than a normal can opener, you need to apply pressure to make a hole on the can surface then you have to cut the surface manually…

The only drawback of this can opener is, It hard to open the hard metal can.

10.Single-wheel can opener:

Single-wheel can opener

It works like a smooth edge that can be owned, it has a holding element like a (magnet) and that magnet helps the can opener to cut the can lid perfectly.

3 Best can opener among them

After comparing can openers several criteria like…( how many people purchase them daily, how easy to use they are and maintenance time…… I have found 3-4 best can openers among them

And those are.

  1. Butterfly can opener
  2. Nogent can opener
  3. Smooth edge can opener


Q: Do all can opener blades are same?

Ans: no there are several types of cutting blades used in can openers some are sharp edges with big lengths, and some are small.

Q: How much does an average can opener cost?

Ans: a normal can opener average cost is _ but if your looking for high features can opener then it will cost around_

Conclusion on Types Of Can Opener

There are several types of can openers present but most of them are useless…here I have mentioned only the most useful and trustable can openers.

But now it’s your turn to choose which one is best for you or which one is suitable for your can…

Now, I have a small request, if you get value from our post then, please comment to us…

Or if you have any questions ask us in the comment box.

have a nice day🥰

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