6 Different Type Of Kitchen Cabinet Hinges (TAKE A LOOK)

There are several types of kitchen cabinet hinges around the market and they can be classified based on size, shape, usability etc…

But the poor thing is, most people don’t know about those hinges. So they aren’t able to decide which is the good hinge for the kitchen cupboard or cabinet.

So read this article carefully...

Type of kitchen cabinet hinges

1. European Hinges:

6 Different Type Of Kitchen Cabinet Hinges (TAKE A LOOK)
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Design: This hinge is mostly popular in Europe, it is a very good choice for medium size kitchen cabinets or doors.

Capability: Two mounting plates are present on this European hinge, so it can able to manage heavy doors.

Managing: It is easy to manage because there are very few removing parts also it catches less dust.

2. Full Crank Hinges:

Design: It has a bent arm, so if you install these hinges, your cabinet doors are fully inserted into the cabinet body, which is good. It will act as a barrier for small insects who try to enter your kitchen cabinet.

Capability: Full Crank Hinges need special attachments according to the door size. Also but it can use for lightweight doors.

Managing: It is easy to manage, the replacing process is quite easy, if you have a lightweight door and if you want an inserting door. You can go with this.

3. Full Overlay Hinges:

Design: It has a straight arm but looks perfect in every kitchen cabinet, most people love to install Overlays Hinges on kitchen cabinets.

Capability: It has an (adjustable part), so You can adjust the size of this hinge, and the Overlay Hinge is capable enough to hold the pressure of a medium-weight cabinet door.

Managing: As you know there are not too many moving parts also the design is simple so you can use it freely you can apply one-time lubricant on that (adjustable part.)

4. Surface Mount Hinges:

6 Different Type Of Kitchen Cabinet Hinges (TAKE A LOOK)
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Design: As the name says it is mounted on the surface of the cabinet and It has a very simple design there are two metal plates for mounting. You can fix it, inside or outside of the cabinet…which is an advantage.

Capability: It is capable enough to handle a heavy cupboard or cabinet door, you can also install some extra Surface Mount Hinges for extra support.

Managing: As you see in the picture, this surface-mounted hinge is made up of only a few metal prices so there are no problems to manage this.

5. Butt Hinges:

Design: The butt hinge works the same as the surface mount hinge but it is a little longer than the surface mounts hinge, so it will give better stability.

But it looks a little old style.

Capability: It has long mounted with 3 screw holes and two mountings are joined to the middle part of the hinge so it can very much capable.

Managing: It maybe creates a gap between the candidate door and the cabinet body so you have to maintain it, otherwise, it is a good hinge.

6. Strap Hinges:

Design: These are flat and thin shape hinges that are suitable for most of types of kitchen cabinets, also it is installed on the outer side of the cabinet.

Capability: These are very versatile hinges that can easily handle the opening and closing functions of cabinets.

Managing: As the design is very simple so it will be very easy to replace, maintain, and clean. You can use it.


Q: What are cabinet hinges?

It is a simple locking system which is usually made up of metal and stainless steel, they are not only used in the kitchen but also used in various places.

Q: Kitchen cabinet hinges are made of?

They are made of strong steel or iron metals also some cabinet hinges are covered by corrosion resistance solution.

Q: Benefit of painting cabinet hinges

Mostly you will get 2 main benefits if you paint cabinet hinges 1. Mountain the look of your cabinet 2. A protective layer which gives corrosion resistance.

Q: Can we change cabinet hinges?

Yes, you can change cabinet hinges easily, all you need is just a screwdriver and pliers…don’t use a machine screwdriver if you are a beginner

Final thoughts on the type of kitchen cabinet hinges

I think now you have a better idea of the types of kitchen cabinet hinges, so choose reasonable and reliable cabinet hinges that are not only suitable for your cabinets but also easy to assemble.

Also, from time to time, oiling makes carbonate hinges more smooth and reduce jamming problem…

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