(New)5 best prestige granite cookware reviews

Prestige is a very well established and promising brand ™️ that providing quality products since 1955 so I believe that prestige granite cookware will be perfect for your kitchen.

So here I will do prestige granite cookware reviews that granite cookwares can able reduce your cooking related problems.

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What is granite cookware?

Granite is one type of nonstick cookware that is made of the stone layer and the best thing about this cookware is it needs low oil to cook.

Also, this type of cookware is easy to clean, easy to maintain and long-lasting, So most people and master chefs are use granite cookware for cooking their food.

A brief description of prestige brand

Prestige is a very well established and quality product surfing company which is also famous for it cookwares, and pressure cooker.

This company was established on October 22, 1955, and this company archive many awards 🏆 like –

  • Thought Leaders International Award
  • Master Brand Award
  • Readers Digest Trusted Brand Award
  • Most Preferred Kitchenware Brand Award

So I strongly believe prestige granite cookwares can reduce your problem in cooking.

Here are the 5 best prestige granite cookware reviews

Here I mentioned 7 different types of granite cookware of prestige and those cookwares are followed all buying guide rules so don’t worry.

1.combo Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite cookware

It is the 5-layered non-stick cookware series of prestige and also it comes with 3 different types of pans so you can cook food easily on this.

PTFE coating makes this cookware shinier and attractive and also the layers make the cleaning process easier.

Prestige company conform that the 2 layers (Spatter coat) make this cookware set spoon or metal proof, so there will be no scratches on this.

And other 2 granite cookware layers are spread heat equally, which means you will be able to cook food faster on this granite cookware.


  • glass lead is given by the company
  • 5 layer different types of coating
  • easy to use
  • value for money
  • *2-year warranty


  • the middle surface of this granite cookware is a little high.

2.Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite cookware

This cookware also has 5 layers of granite coating and 2 layers of metal coating on the bottom of this granite cookware.

So it will be to circulate heat properly And this cookware is dishwasher safe which means you can clean this easily.

Also, the glass lid can maintain the cookware inner gas pressure, so you can cook a thick or hard food item speedy.

Also, it has a nonstick coating and a super finish design but it is not oven safe so keep it in your mind.!


  • 5 layer coating
  • Easy to clean
  • strong aluminium base
  • 3.25 litres capacity


  • not oven safe.

3.Carote Granite Frying Pan

This 28 cm long cookware is easy to use and also PFOA Free which means, there are no harmful chemicals used while making cookware.

Also, it has a long and strong body so you can cook a large amount of food on this, also it is compatible with gas stove, induction cooker, ceramic stove etc…

So it gives much veracity of cooking options but the little problem on this granite cookware, it is not dishwasher safe.

On the other hand, it has no stick coating and is of good quality handle for holding cookware comfortably.


  • beautiful wooden design handle
  • big size body
  • PFOA Free
  • Low oil needed while cooking


  • not the dishwasher is safe.

4.Omega Deluxe Aluminium Granite Fry Pan

Omega deluxe granite fry pan is another 5 layer coating 2 layer is metal and other are scratch-free layer and granite layer.

So it is a long-lasting product, come with a 2-year manufacturing warranty and it has a rounded shape so it can be easy to use.

It is also dishwasher safe, so you can clean it very easily, this granite cookware height is decent but the length is a little small.

If you want big size cookware so the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prestige granite cookware is best for you.


  • Dishwasher safe


5.4-Pieces Granite Aluminium Kitchen Set

prestige give 4 different types of granite cookware in one pack at an affordable price.

In this pack, prestige include

  • Omni Tawa
  • Fry Pan
  • cookware with Glass Lid
  • Milk Pan with Glass Lid

And the best thing is, all of them come with extra protection and a heat resistance handle, holding the spots.

Some cookware has a problem of metal scratching but in prestige, there are 2 layers of protection so it is best for you.



Buying guide of prestige granite cookware


Thickness affects food making speed ⏩ and also it affects temperature circulation so it is an important factor to check before choosing any granite cookware.

Dubbel or triple layer granite coating or layer is best for cooking. It circulates heat goodly and makes the surface more nonstick.

More layer granite coating increases the strongness of your cookware so make sure your cookware is durable or not.


There are different types of design like rounded, square but the most productive design is rounded cookware.

You can do multiple cooking work with this, not only that, you have to check some other factors in the design segment.

Those are…

  • Handle: Choose a handle that has an efficient grip, which makes your holding work more simple and also chooses a handle that gives better grips in a watery or oily hand.
  • Surface: granite surface is slippery and they come with a different pattern (pure black, pure white, some artistic pattern) so choose a pattern that you like…
  • Side edges: side edges are causes of hand injuries so make sure your granite cookware is well finished.

Don’t worry if your granite cookware, have some sharp edges so you can fix it with sandpaper.


Safety is no 1 priority, in the cookware case, the biggest problem is high heat 🔥

so you need protective cookware that can able to survive that heat and also you need a handle that can survive the amount of heat.

A final thought on prestige granite cookware reviews

Granite cookware is the best alternative for toxic cookware, it is easy to clean and also easy to make food on this.

So I think this prestige granite cookware review will help you to determine the best granite cookware among them.

If you find anything informative or if this article is about your problem so, please give a nice comment and ask your question in the comment section.

I will be waiting for your comment.

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Q.how safe is granite cookware?

Granite cookware can replace all types of Teflon coated nonstick cookware and the good thing is granite cookware is PFOS, PFOA harmful chemical fee and also certified by FDA, SGS, MA, CNAS.
So it is clear that granite cookware is safe for any type of cooking.

Q.is 5 layer granite cookware is best or not?

Yes, 5 layer granite cookware is best because they give a better nonstick coating and also 5 layer protection give more strongness.

Also, 5 layer protection have many more advantages as it can make your cookware scratch proof, and it gives better heat spreading

Q. What is the difference between granite cookware and ceramic cookware?

Ceramic cookware is made of clay or this type of material also ceramic cookware is 100% non-toxic.

But this cookware needs care, and most of the ceramic cookware is damaged by metal spoon.
Granite cookware is very strong and most of the cookers are scratch-proof,

Q.is prestige granite cookware safe for health?

Yes, granite cookwares are 100 % safe for health, granite cookware is well tested by various organisations like FDA, SGS, MA, CNAS.

So it is safe for all types of usage but I recommend you to check the safety guideline of granite cookware

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