manual vs automatic espresso machine(who will win)

If you are a coffee lover then you probably know about the Espresso machines and they are mainly 2 types. (manual, automatic)

But do you know which one is good and what are the differences between manual and automatic espresso machines?

To find who is best we are doing a manual vs automatic espresso machine comparison.., Are you interested?

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What is an espresso machine?

There is no perfect definition of an espresso machine but in simple words an espresso machine that contains high pressurised hot water and when you start the machine that makes concentrated coffee.

Manual espresso machine

Manual espresso machines usually contain 1 or 2 pistons and those are worked by your hand power, it has handles and some gears ⚙️ to control movement.

With this manual espresso machine, you have full control of espresso-making…

Good Quality

• These are simple single-piston containing machines, so it is easy to maintain.

• Doesn’t need electricity and is very compact so you can take it on your trip and small picnic.

• these are long-lasting, in comparison to the automatic espresso machine


• Thia is manual so you have to use your hand…and sometimes it may be difficult.

• you have to manage all things so it takes time to make espresso with a manual espresso machine.

Automatic espresso machine

As the name indicated that it can automate the espresso-making process it will grind the coffee, boil water and use pressurized water to make perfect coffee

Good Quality

• It makes it very easy to make perfect coffee

• need no hand power to operate this.

• capable of making large amounts of coffee


• You can’t carry it everywhere, because it is a little complex machine and needed electricity.

• You have to maintain it from time to time…

But the automatic espresso machine is divided into three types based on its work and features…

Type of automatic espresso machine

  1. semi-automatic espresso machine

-It doesn’t need manual power to pump hot water but you have to grind the coffee bean before use. So it is called a semi-automatic espresso machine.

  1. automatic espresso machine

It is just an advanced version of the semi-automatic espresso machine. It can drive perfect consistent coffee and the software know how much amount of needed to make a coffee, but you still have to grind coffee been In 👉mixer grinder.

  1. Super-automatic espresso machine

As the name, this semi-automatic espresso machine grind coffee beens, and make pressurised hot water also this machine gives some other functions.

(Table of comparison)

manual espresso automatic espresso
• Low maintenance needed• Time to time mentanance needed
• needed hand power • it will do all work for you
• easy to carry • indoor use only
• maybe coffee test varies • make perfect concentration coffee


Q: is the espresso machine and coffee machine is same?

They both do the same thing but espresso machines make coffee with pressurised water with an equal amount of coffee, but coffee machines use a simple mechanism that is cheaper than espresso machines.

Q: does the espresso machine use steam and water to make espresso?

Espresso machines use water that contains few amounts of steam so the test of coffee increases.

Q: can we make espresso without espresso machines?

Yes, you can make espresso without having an espresso machine but it takes time…

Conclusion on manual vs automatic espresso machine

In this comparison of manual vs automatic espresso machines, we found that no one is perfect, but yes we got an idea of which one is more helpful and which one is not.

I provide all information, and now you have to find which one is perfect for you and which one solves the problem.

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Thank you…

Have a nice day🥰

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