[Honest ]3 types of Kitchen mama can opener review

Are you confused? And don’t know if kitchen mama can opener is good or not? So don’t worry here I will explain everything to you.

I will tell it is good or not, also I will tell you how to take care of that can opener.

So let’s start the kitchen mama can opener review…….

What is a kitchen mama can opener? (summery)

In short, kitchen mama is a well-established kitchen utensil brand which is especially known for its electric can openers…..which are also best sellers.

The product of this brand is easily accessible for everyone but does it really provide value or help. Read below to know…

Review of kitchen mama can opener

Here I will review mainly three types of can openers which are available by kitchen mama,

Note: and I wrote this review after analysing several customers’ reviews……so trust me I will give an honest review.

  1. Automatic can opener
  2. One-touch can opener
  3. Mini can opener

1.Kitchen Mama Automatic Can Opener

This is the most compact and nice-looking can opener which provides a better holding experience.

It opens the can automatically, by pressing a single button of this kitchen mama automatic can opener so you don’t need to do anything…, it saves your time.

I have a question for you, do you fear the sharp edges of the can? If yes, then don’t worry because this can opener cut the lid from the sidewise so there are no sharp edges.

You need 4 AAA batteries to start it, you can also use rechargeable AAA batteries👇


  • Good design and build quality
  • Easy to use or one-touch use
  • No sharp edges
  • Quickly open the can


  • According to many customers while you try to open a very hard metallic can, then it will not work properly, maybe it creates sharp edges and metallic dust.

2.Kitchen Mama One Touch Can Opener

It is the smaller version of the kitchen mama automatic can opener, but it has some extra features…

Due to its size, you can easily carry it everywhere also it has auto-off features which automatically turn off and then can open after a complete 360° turn.

Like an automatic can opener, it also needs 4 AAA batteries. The gear and the blade are hooked with the rim of the can and then cut it quickly.

So it is also a great choice.


  • Small size | easy to carry
  • Auto-off feature.
  • good for elders
  • No sharp edges


  • stuck in hard can

3.Kitchen Mama mini can opener

If you need a small and portable electric can opener then, I would recommend this…also it is kitchen Mama’s smallest can opener…

It needs only 2 AA batteries, so it produces less power than the first two can openers ( automatic, One Touch)

Also, it works by the same principle as kitchen mamas another can opener. But I would recommend the first two can openers I stare at this…

But this is also a great can opener for travellers, campers etc.


  • No sharp edges
  • you can put this can opener in your pocket
  • Lightweight


  • Don’t have too much power.

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How kitchen mama different from others (normal vs kitchen mama)

Normal can opener:

  • little complex to use
  • you need to use your hand
  • hard to clean and maintain
  • some normal can openers create sharp edges
  • these can openers shapes are not good.

Kitchen mama can opener:

  • you can use it ba y single click
  • fully automatic
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • it doesn’t create any sharp edges.
  • Good looking and easy to carry

Read this for the long life of your can opener

There are several ways to give your can opener long life, you can apply these tricks in both normal and electric can openers.

Read below

  1. Apply a few amounts of lubricant to the moving part of the can opener
  2. Don’t do overuse, because it causes blade sharpness damage
  3. Keep it away from water
  4. If your can open metal affected by corrosion then you can read tricks of removing corrosion here 👈

So these are some 4 to 5 tips that you can follow for the long life of your can opener.


Q: how much time it will work after putting in new batteries?

Ans: it is totally depends upon your usage, but normally it will easily handle 25+ can opening.

Q: is kitchen mama can opener best for elders?

Ans: yes, as I told you, this can opener automatically opens the can with a single button press so it is the best can opener for elders.

Q: Can I a use rechargeable battery?

Ans: yes, you can use a rechargeable battery, but always check the output power of battery then use that.

Conclusion on Kitchen mama can opener review

Finally, the review is over here I have discussed several aspects of the kitchen mama can opener like: how it can help you, its features, and how it is different from a normal can opener.

So after my all research and comparison, I would tell you, that this can opener is amusing because it is giving easy-to-use powerful and automatic can opener…

So I think, this article on kitchen mama can opener review cleared your doubt, if yes then make a comment!

Have a nice day🥰

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