Is stainless steel cookware safe to use or not?

Every household purchases cookware and the most famous and used cookwares are nonstick, aluminium, ceramic and stainless steel cookware.

But when you use those stainless steel cookwares some questions are come to our mind like, is stainless steel cookware safe? What are the benefits of stainless steel cookware and how to take care of them?

So don’t worry here I will try to answer your all type of questions… Are you ready? Let’s start.

What are stainless steel cookware and its property?

Stainless steel is a combination of some metal which is also called an alloy and those metals are iron, nickel and chromium so stainless steel made cookwares are very strong and spread equally heat to different parts.

So I think you probably get an idea, what type of material is used for making stainless steel cookware…

is stainless steel cookware safe or not?

Is stainless steel cookware safe to use or not?
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Every new type of cookware is checked by the government authorities like (FDA) and then those cookwares are allowed to shell in the market and this is FDA approved metal so stainless steel cookware is safe to use.

But in some cases, if your stainless steel cookware is poor in quality so you might face some problems because poor quality stainless steel cookwares release a little amount of chromium into food, but they are not harmfully negligible, But if you have any allergy to chromium so I recommend you skip this cookware.

This question is very common but important around people, I think, now you know “is stainless steel cookware is safe or not?”

Pros and cons of stainless steel cookware

If you are a stainless steel cookware user or a person who wants to buy stainless steel cookware so before you buy you have to check out the pros and cons of stainless steel cookware first.


  • Stainless steel cookware is made of different metals like iron, nickel and chromium so this cookware is very strong.
  • The chromium makes this cookware rust ( corrosion) resistant so your cookware will be long-lasting and shiny.
  • Also, the stainless steel cookware spread heat equally so your food will cook perfectly.
  • As you know stainless steel cookwares are made of iron so our body gets a little amount of iron from this, you can say this is the health benefit of stainless steel cookware.
  • Also, these cookwares are easy to clean and wash with hot water, cold water also with soapy water.
  • Also, these are very affordable cookware and easily available in the market so everyone can buy this.


  • If you cook acidic and strong food for a long time maybe there will be a chance of leaking chromium from cookware.
  • The stainless steel cookwares are not non-sticky.

Note: You can take the second point as prose and cons because some people like to cook with nonstick cookware

For those people this point is cons

Note: But some people like to cook without nonstick coating because they know nonstick coated cookware, release harmful chemicals like Teflon.

For these people, this is prose

Ceramic cookware is also super safe to use you can know more about ceramic cookware here.

Different types of food-grade stainless steel

There are types of stainless steel in the market some of them are used to make heavy machines and some of those are used to make home appliances, so maybe you have a question what is food-grade stainless steel, and what are different types of food-grade stainless steel…

What is food-grade stainless steel

Food grade stainless steel is called type 304 and this is safer than normal industrial stainless steel, it has a limited amount of Nickel and chromium layer so these are good for health and also strong…

3 Different types of food-grade stainless steel

Here is some food-grade stainless steel which is mostly used to make different types of kitchen products…

  1. 200 series stainless steel: This series of stainless steel is a little cheap, in this series nickel is use very low so it has low corrosion resistance, so these are used only in a few places. ** it is not highly food grade**
  2. 300 series stainless steel: 300 series stainless steel is food-grade stainless steel and these series contain 304, 316 series, this stainless steel is good for health and is usually used in cookware, spoons, and other product. this is food grade
  3. 400 series stainless steel: This level of stainless steel is also very strong and has high carbon added stainless steel so it usually uses for making kitchen knife and other products…it is also food grade but not like 300 series

So these are the Different types of stainless steel some of them are food grade and some are less food-grade so

A final thought on is stainless steel cookware safe.

Stainless steel is a very good material for cooking because it is strong and rust resentment also it is safe to use cookware, so you can use this.

But if you have any problem or allergy to nickel so I would recommend you to choose another cookware…

I think you probably know “is stainless steel cookware is safe or not?” also, I think you will not face any problems while choosing stainless steel cookware…

If you get good knowledge from this post so please give your opinion in the comment box, I will wait for your comment.

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Q: Can stainless steel be rust?

Good quality stainless steel can’t be rust because a nickel layer is added on stainless steel cookware which protects cookware from rust and other scratches.

Q: Is stainless steel non stick?

In simple words “no” pure stainless steel cookware does not have any nonstick layer but the surface of the cookware is very smooth so you can easily cook food.

Q: Is stainless steel cookware dish washer safe?

Yes, probably most stainless steel is dishwasher safe but if you always wash stainless steel cookware in the dishwasher so maybe the cookware surface will damage.

Q: What does it mean when stainless steel cookware becomes discoloured?

Stainless steel cookware discoloured mean that cookware lose the shiny surface and look like yellow and a little black, this type of thing happen for over heating so take care your cookwares.

Q: What is most dangerous cookware?

If you heated any cookware no matter that is stainless steel, iron, nonstick or other that will release harmful chemicals but the most dangerous cookware among them is nonstick because it releases more harmful chemicals.

Q: Is 18/10 stainless steel safe

Yes, this is a food grade stainless steel and that steel made of 18% chromium and 10% nickel which is good for our health.

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