I wonder why does my air fryer smell?

It’s all too common to fire up your air fryer and later realize that something is not quite right – there’s a strange, burnt plastic smell in the kitchen. I wonder why does my air fryer smell.

If your air fryer smells like it’s burning plastic, then you’re likely experiencing paper, grease, or food remnants stuck inside the air fryer basket. As you cook food in the air fryer, pieces of these materials may get burned on the heating element or other parts of the air fryer and release a pungent plastic smell.

To ensure that this doesn’t happen again, always make sure to check for and remove any bits of paper or grease from the basket before using your air fryer and wipe down all surfaces with warm water after each use. Doing so will help keep your air fryer free from any weird odors!

Many air fryer owners have noticed a strange plastic smell, lingering in the air after they cook food with their air fryer.

why does my air fryer smell
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The cause of this odor is usually due to the air fryer basket that comes into contact with the hot air inside the machine.

Over time, when the air fryer basket reaches high temperatures, chemicals in the plastic can leach out and give off an unpleasant smell. Fortunately, there are some simple tricks you can do to prevent air fryer smell like this issue from recurring.

To keep your air fryer smelling fresh at all times, make sure to clean it regularly with warm water and a few drops of dish soap.

Additionally, try not to let your food come into direct contact with the air fryer basket for extended periods of time. By following these steps, you’ll be able to enjoy cooking with your air fryer without having unpleasant hints of burned plastic affecting your meal!

I wonder why does my air fryer smell?
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New Air Fryer Owners

This holiday season, the lucky among us got a special treat – an air fryer! With this fantastic kitchen appliance, you can cook all sorts of delicious and indulgent treats without feeling guilty. Enjoy crispy fried food with hardly any oil required for guilt-free pleasure.

To combat any chemical odors emanating from your air fryer, a soft sponge and bowl of warm water can be used to effectively clean the appliance.

Most times this simple process will reveal that some small plastic piece got stuck in an inaccessible area. Remove it for a fresher-smelling kitchen!

I wonder why does my air fryer smell?
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Fixing an Air Fryer’s Burning Smell

If you’re noticing a burning smell coming from your Air Fryer, fear not – it’s something many people experience.

While the cause could be due to several possible factors, don’t worry! Solutions are out there; just keep reading this post for some surefire advice on getting that air fryer’s plastic smell back in action. We’ll take you step by step through common causes and help get your kitchen staple running like new again – no smoke signals necessary!

Everyone wants that fresh-out-of-the-box scent when using a new appliance, even air fryer recipes but sometimes it can emit an unpleasant odor.

If you’ve noticed some foul smells coming from your air fryer, don’t fret – there’s usually a logical explanation! Before reaching out to the manufacturer of your kitchen gadget, double-check for common causes like cooking at high temperatures or build-up on interior surfaces before panicking..

I wonder why does my air fryer smell?
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The major reason:

  1. When bringing your new air fryer home, be sure to give it a once-over before you get started with cooking.
  2. Check for any tiny bits of plastic that may have been left behind by the manufacturer – because if they’re not removed and end up near the heating element during use, prepare yourself for some nasty delicious burnt plastic fumes! Don’t forget: there are tons of removable parts within an air fryer; make sure those pieces all stay safe while in use.
  3. Before your air fryer arrives on your doorstep, a special coating is deftly applied inside to keep it in top condition for optimal use.
  4. At first, you may notice the aroma of this protective layer as you begin cooking with your new appliance – but don’t worry, that lovely scent will soon dissipate!
  5. Before you plug in your device, be sure to examine the power cord – if it appears frayed or otherwise damaged, don’t take any chances: return the product immediately. A faulty power cord can potentially cause a fire hazard and should not be used!
  6. Keep your air fryer looking and running like new with a few simple steps! After each use, give the basket a deep cleanse. Try mixing hot water, lemon juice, and dish soap to get even the most stubborn grime off – no special TikTok tricks necessary! For an extra sparkle on its inner walls make sure you wipe them down using warm soapy water or damp cloths for best results.
I wonder why does my air fryer smell?
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Why Your Air Fryer Smells Like Burnt Plastic

Is your air fryer filling the kitchen with an unappetizing burnt plastic stench? Don’t despair! This is a common issue for these appliances, and fortunately, there are some easy ways to get rid of unpleasant smells.

We’ll share simple steps on how you can keep your air fryer cool and fried food flavorful while keeping that nasty odor away. Plus helpful tips so this doesn’t happen again in the future – just like cooking oil splatters, bad aromas should never be part of life’s menu plan!

Small Pieces Of Plastic In Your Air Fryer

Your air fryer giving off a burnt plastic smell could mean you’re in for some trouble.

If you haven’t been properly caring for the non-stick coating or washing and cleaning your basket, it may have small pieces of material coming loose that are then heated up by the food inside the appliance – so be sure to take extra care if this happens!

Food Grade Oil

Make the most of your new air fryer with a little TLC before you dive in! Firstly, it’s coated with food-grade oil to protect from scratches and any chemical smell will usually dissipate after running the air fryer a couple of times.

Give it an extra boost by wiping down both the basket and heating coil using warm water & either a paper towel or a damp sponge – genius! To ensure everything is ready for take-off, run the air fryer components one final dry cycle without any food present first. Now get frying!

Food Is Stuck In the Heating Element

To keep your air fryer in top condition and prevent unpleasant odors, it’s important to cleanse regularly and avoid overcrowding the basket cooking food. Frying fatty foods should also be avoided unless you’ve cleaned out the grease separator tray first!

Furthermore, make sure that when cooking with oil you use high-heat varieties such as olive or coconut oils for best results – regular vegetable oil just won’t cut it. With this simple upkeep regime, your air fryer will remain free of plastic smell for years to come.

No more plastic smell! Get tips for making the most out of your new air fryer – from breaking it to keeping up with maintenance. It’s all inside our easy-to-follow guide.


To ensure your air fryer is in tip-top shape, begin with a deep clean. Start by using strong dishwashing soap and scrub away any plastic particles, dirt, or oil that may be lingering on the basket and separator tray.

Avoid abrasive materials like the green side of your sponge pad: it can scratch off anti-stick coating – instead, opt for the gentler sponge side to prevent wear & tear you don’t want! Clean as thoroughly as possible because there’s no telling how much grime was left behind during manufacturing – when air fryer brands finished degreasing, let everything dry naturally in the open air before use.


Give your new air fryer smell all the royal treatment! Start by taking out its clean basket and separator tray, then give it a luxurious spa day. Set the temperature to 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit while you let it run – sans food – for 40 minutes.

Then takes some time off: cool down for 15 before repeating this process 3-4 times more until all that new plastic smell has been released from inside and outside of your appliance just like how one usually breathes in those wonderful aromas when entering their brand spanking new car!

Make sure to enjoy these fragrant moments outdoors with easy access to lots of fresh air around you so as not to contaminate any living space within the yo’ home sweet home.


To ensure the life of your air fryer’s coating, give it a special olive oil treatment. Grab some regular cooking oil on a paper towel and coat the basket and grease separator tray lightly with it; then set it to 350-400 degrees for 10 minutes before allowing it to cool off again. For extra protection against wear n’ tear, repeat this process once more wiping out any excess prior to washing in soapy water and letting dry naturally without aerosol products like Pam!


Give your air fryer a steam bath with distilled vinegar and lime juice! Get an oven-safe dish, mix together 1 tablespoon of each ingredient, and place it in the basket. Set your temperature to 350-400 degrees for 3 minutes before letting everything cool inside for 15 more minutes – this will coat the interior of metal-air fryers thoroughly so you can enjoy tasty food without any lingering plastic fumes or residue. Once complete, give the basket another wash then wipe down the inside of your appliance with a damp towel for spotless results.

Getting the most out of your air fryer means a little bit more than just pushing buttons and waiting for food. To ensure that each meal comes out smelling and tasting as fresh as possible, keep your air fryer regularly up with regular maintenance – like washing away excess grease after every use, wiping down flaky bits from the inside occasionally using a damp cloth, or giving it an occasional vinegar lime steam bath once in a while to maintain top quality results. Trust us – you won’t regret investing this extra effort into keeping things clean!


Cleaning your air fryer after each use is an easy way to keep you and your family safe. Not only will it help prevent the dreaded problem of baked-on grease build-up, but also minimize dangerous bacteria or mold growth caused by leftover grime inside the air fryer plastic smell in the basket. Although regular cleaning should do the trick, if that pesky gunk begins to accumulate we have a great guide on how to get rid of it!


Want your air fryer to last longer with minimal mess? Use aluminum foil! Just create a tray-like shape and place it at the base of the basket. Not only will this catch all the extra grease, melted cheese, and other food remnants – but you’ll also be able to lift out these trays easily thanks to the convenient handles on its sides.

Air fryers offer a neat and tidy cooking solution! The same protective coating of aluminum tray keeps your anti-stick coating safe from messes or damage caused by utensils. When you’re finished, all that’s left is to pour out any juices back onto the food before discarding the soiled aluminum – then simply wipe down the basket with a clean damp towel for effortless cleanup.


If you want restaurant-style results from your home kitchen, try preheating your air fryer! Preheat the appliance to the desired temperature and let it run for five minutes before adding chicken breasts or steaks. Our team found incredible success with our Uber Appliance Odorless Air Fryer – a plump juiciness sealed in by the hot air that gave fish, steak, and poultry an irresistible flavor. Give this cooking hack a shot; once you do, there’s no going back!

Air fryers provide a major convenience; they’re small but mighty and capable of cooking an incredible variety of recipes. With air frying, you can enjoy healthier indulgences by cooking fatty foods like oil-free fries or brownies without sacrificing flavor.

Plus, thanks to their modest size and versatility, the possibilities are virtually endless: from dorms to RVs to tailgate parties – anytime you have access to electricity (or even just with an inverter), your kitchen is ready for delicious treats like wings, onion rings or steak! To ensure it remains in optimal condition for as long as possible, however, proper maintenance should be practiced. In short – if treated right from the start – there’s no limit to what one little air fryer can do!

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