[Learn] how to use mixer grinder in 7 steps

If your click on this article so probably you have lots of confusion about how to use a mixer grinder juicer or how to use mixer grinder. If you learn how to use mixer grinder properly so you will be able to mix more efficiently and faster.

So are you ready to know how to use a mixer grinder? Let’s start.

How to use mixer grinder?

Here is good news for you! Do you know most of the mixer grinder working principle is the same so you can easily learn them?

[Learn] how to use mixer grinder in 7 steps
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  1. Set up: Place the mixer grinder on a stable surface and ensure it is connected to a power source with the appropriate voltage.

  2. Assemble the jar: Attach the appropriate jar or container to the base of the mixer grinder. Examples of mixing containers:
    Juice making jars (containers)
    Dry ingredient mixer
    Wet grinding jars
    Batter making jars
    Different jars are suitable for various purposes such as grinding spices, making chutneys, or blending liquids.

  3. Add ingredients: Add the ingredients you want to grind, blend, or mix into the jar. Make sure not to overload the jar to avoid straining the motor.
  1. Secure the lid: Place the lid firmly on the jar, ensuring it is locked securely. Most mixer grinders have safety features that prevent them from operating without the lid being properly closed.
Don't worry below the article I will tell you which type of blade is perfect for your ingredients for mixing
  1. Select speed settings: Many mixer grinders come with multiple speed options. Choose the appropriate speed setting for your desired task, such as low for grinding dry ingredients or high for blending liquids.

  2. Start the mixer grinder: Switch on the power button to start the mixer grinder. It may have a separate switch for the motor and another for the speed control. Follow the specific instructions provided with your appliance.
  1. Monitor and adjust: While the mixer grinder is running, monitor the consistency and texture of the ingredients. You can stop and scrape down the sides of the jar if needed. Adjust the speed settings as necessary to achieve the desired results.
Remember to follow any additional instructions provided by the manufacturer for your specific mixer grinder model.

So these are the normal process of how to use a mixer grinder, if you follow all steps carefully, you will be able to use a mixer grinder.

Which type of mixing blade perfect according to your ingredients

There are types of mixing blades that are provided by a company here we only discuss the major 3 types of blades

Mixer grinder mixing blades for ingredients
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  1. Small: small blades are good for making batters and other sticky things because small blades create a low fraction so they will be able to mix or make the batter.
  2. Medium: medium size blades are made for grinding heart ingredients so you can use them for grinding hard items.
  3. Long: Longboards are very useful for mixing or grinding small dry ingredients and long blades able to make small prices quickly. But don’t use long blads for making batter or sticky things like dosa and idly batter. Because it will not rotate perfectly.

Which type of mixing container am I according to your ingredients

Mixer grinder mixing jar
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  1. Dry ingredients: when you grind dry ingredients they will convert into powder condition. and in powder condition, the small container is perfect for this so use a small container or mixing jar.
  2. Thick ingredients: As you know thick ingredients are a little heavy and the grinding that the ick ingredient will become heavier, so it needs a big container or (mixing jar) to make a perfect mix.
  3. hard ingredients: you can also use small containers for grinding hard ingredients but if you use a middle size container that will be much better.

The problem of mixer grinder

Here are a few problems which may be you face while using a mixer grinder:

  • After long usage, the Mixer grinder motor is in a very heated condition so maybe it can’t work properly.

Tip: So when your mixer grinder is overheated give it some time to cool

  • Most of the mixer grinders manufacture use rubber to make airtight mixing jars, but do you know after some time that rubber will lose its grip.
  • Some mixer grinder mixing jars are not well designed so they mix bottom ⬇️ ingredients but they are not able to mix upper
  • So find a little curve and ” v ” shape mixing jar and use a small blade that mixes all ingredients perfectly.

Why do you use a mixer grinder?

A mixer grinder is a revolutionary gadget that makes mixing and grinding very simple and quick. Also, it is useful for other works.

If you use traditional methods to grind anything that will be time-consuming also skill the full work but in order mixer grinder you will be able to make a perfect size of an ingredient.

So I strongly recommend you use a mixer grinder and if you face any trouble so you can again read our guide about how to use a mixer grinder.

A final thought on how to use a mixer grinder

Mixer grinder is no doubt a very useful gadget and it makes our work easy but it has some basic principles and guidance which you have to follow.

I think I cover all related topics about how to use a mixer grinder, if you know something new from our article so please share It with your best friend.

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Q: How does the mixer grinder work?

A mixer grinder works by combining the functions of a mixer and a grinder. It typically consists of a motor that drives the rotating blades or discs inside the jars. When the motor is switched on, the blades spin rapidly, grinding or blending the ingredients placed in the jar, depending on the selected function and speed setting. The jars, equipped with sharp blades, effectively pulverize and mix the ingredients, creating smooth pastes, powders, or liquids for various culinary purposes.

Q: How long you can operate the mixer grinder in one go?

The operating time of a mixer grinder can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer’s instructions. In general, it is recommended to use a mixer grinder for short bursts, typically ranging from 1 to 3 minutes at a time. It allows the motor to cool down and prevents overheating. It is always best to refer to the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer for the specific operating guidelines for your mixer grinder model.

Q: Can I reduce the noise of a mixer grinder?

Yes, you can reduce the noise of a mixer grinder by placing a rubber or silicone pad underneath the appliance to absorb vibrations and minimize noise. Additionally, using the mixer grinder at lower speeds or opting for models with noise-reduction features can help reduce the overall noise level during operation.

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