how to use kitchen waste for gardening

Every kitchen has at least one similar problem that is kitchen waste. wastewater if you are coming here to know how to use kitchen waste?

So you are in right place

Here not only I answer you how to use those waste but also I will tell you how to use kitchen waste for gardening work.

Because this is the coolest and simplest method which you can use to get a beautiful garden also we can save our environment for doing this.

If you are ready to know all these things so… Let’s start

kitchen waste you can use for gardening in simple

how to use kitchen waste for gardening
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As you know most of our kitchen garbage is fruit, vegetable waste but can you know some of the garbage and like a gold mine?

Yes, gold mine!! because you can use it to grow your garden plants very speedily.

Don’t worry there is not rocket science to do this, but believe me, I will tell you all the method step by step.

So here we use the kitchen waste in two different ways.



So let’s know…

How to use Biodegradable kitchen waste

let’s see how you can use it..

Fruits and vegetable wastes

Fruits and vegetable for gardening
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As you know the truth and vegetable compost are good for our soil, it can give a good amount of minerals to your garden soil.

But here is one trick to make it perfect if you don’t follow these steps so maybe you can’t make it properly so…follow this…

• First take any type of veritable or fruit wastes, that maybe potato waste or maybe tomatoes wast.

• Drop those wastes in a plastic or clay jar or pot. If you have a clay pot so I recommend you that use it.

• After dropping those waste you just add some dry clay and then add some wastes like these images… Below.

• After layering properly you have to add some water to this and every morning you have to add some amount of water to it.

• After some days(10-15 days) you got a good amount of compost which is not only nature friendly but also good for your plant.

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how to use kitchen waste for gardening
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Eggshells are made with calcium and a small amount of strontium, fluoride, magnesium so you can take them as a good thing for your garden.

Many people through that like a waste but this is a great material, you can use it by this simple 3 steps

• Take eggshells and grind them with heavy metal, don’t make it like powder dust makes it small pieces.

• Directly add it under the garden tree roots and then spread some soil on it.

• Add water every morning

For this method, the minerals of the eggshell will observe in the soil and give you better results.

Coffee or tea pack

I think you should also drink tea or coffee but can you know you can turn this waste as best.

Yes, Believe it is real because the tea and coffee pack or wastes are contained a good percentage of tannic acids and other nutrients

So it can good thing for your flower plants like a rose…so lets me know how to use it.

• Simply take tea waste and wash them properly.
• Then let it dry for one day in proper heat
• Then applying those in trees and plants.

Tips: It will more efficient if you use some eggshell or some iron tablet because eggshell give calcium and iron tablets give iron minerals.

Note: don’t use it every day!

You can use it for the 14-day gap. So it will able to maintain (right PH) of soil.
Which help to grow high ph plants like a rose.

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Cooking water

Most of the food wastewater waste-water the waste-water contain a heavy amount of minerals which are come from that food of vegetables.

So you can use that wastewater as a fertiliser, There is no complex method to use it, it is very simple and easy.

• Just take those water and let it cool at room temperature
• Just apply every 2-3 day gap.

Tissue papers or other

Tissue paper and other paper item that you are using in the kitchen is a nice biodegradable items.

I think you know how to use it! If you don’ follow these two steps only:

• Cut the paper or tissue and add some water to it.
• Simply apply on plants.

Tips: you can also use the cooking water

I think you got an idea about how to use kitchen waste for gardening.
But there is another part that is non-biodegradable items. Can you want to know the usage of those items?

How to use non-Biodegradable kitchen waste for gardening

Old kitchen storage jars

Old kitchen storage jars
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Yes, old kitchen storage jars make your gardening work more simple with no cost.


If you are using plastic jars so it can solve your garden watering can problem.

For these simple steps, you make two good works, that is

1st you make your plastic jar reusable so it helps our environment.

2nd you save your money to but unless items for the garden.

Simply you can make a hole on the top of the jar and add some water and spray water every day to your plants.

Plastic bags or polythene.

Can you know plastic bags create a big problem now these days, it not only affects our water but also our soil and air

This is the best way to reuse it for gardening purposes.

Follow these steps:

• You can use that polythene to create new plants by grafted technique.
• Also you can make small bags to grow small seeds and plants.
• Make it as a protective layer on the fruit but create some holes for air flowing

Pans or any iron item

how to use kitchen waste for gardening
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Old pans or iron idem is very strong so you can use it for digging soil and also you can use it for storing gardening items like seeds, compost, earthworms and more. You can use these methods to get beautiful results in your garden. And also I think you know most of the information about kitchen waste management at home.

But it is not finished here there are some important factors and information which you have to know while using kitchen waste directly into the garden.

Which is the best compost for garden flower and other fruits.

Which is the best compost for garden flower and other fruits.
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This is a small question but contains but it takes a big role in gardening because if you don’t know how to use compost or fertiliser in your garden, so you are missing a lot.

Note: Different different trees and plants need different nutrition so you follow these tables.

  1. You can use naturally made organic compost for every plant if you use kitchen waste to make compost so it gives a great advantage to you.
  2. Use a small amount of human-made fertiliser because it can harm your garden soil.
  3. Use tea waste for rose plants
  4. Use organic compost made with cows dumb and kitchen wastes.
  5. Also, you can use some iron, calcium, and other capsules which is easily available in the market.

Final word

Making kitchen compost is easy, beneficial, and also very effective because these composers are can’t harm our soil and water.

• It is also helpful to create a dominant plant that gives you high-quality food

If you know how to use kitchen waste for gardening so it gives you lots of healthy foods and flowers.

It’s your turn!

I think this information will help you in your garden. if it will help you or you get some benefit from this, so please write a lovely comment in the comment section, I will be glad to see my work is helping you!!

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