How to use kitchen towel with secret tricks

Can you know? There are lot many kitchen towel manufacturers worldwide according to businesswire. They produce different types of kitchen towels, but have you know How to use kitchen towels perfectly? Don’t worry I will solve your most of problems here just start reading without wasting any time…!

Lest see first

What is a kitchen towel and how it is different from others?

Kitchen towels are specially made for kitchen work and they are designed for cleaning, dusting work in the kitchen.

And other towels like- body cleaning, car washing are specifically made for a clean smooth surface. But kitchen towels are multitasking because they can clean kitchen dishes, clean kitchen wastes and many more… So this is the difference between a normal towel and a kitchen towel.

Before knowing how to use kitchen towel you have to know about types of kitchen towels because it can help you to use them more efficiently.

Type of kitchen towels in the market

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are lots of kitchen towel maker and they are making many types of material so you have to know the important type of towels.

Dish Cleaning Towel:

I think you got an idea about this towel from the name. Yes, This towel use for cleaning dish and another smooth surface.

These towels are very smooth and made with a thin layer so it makes the dish cleaning process easier.

Chefs towel:

Chef towels are quite different because it usually carried by chefs and professional cook, these come with different colours but mostly it is white and grey. It is very helpful to clean quickly anything and also these are very good at quality.

Hand towels:

These towels are very beneficial because when we do some work like mixing, our hand will get dirty, so these towels are made to clean your hand properly. You can avoid these things by using some important mixing tools.

Tea towels:

The tea towels are used for decorating purpose. Most of the restaurant and hotels give a towel on the plate, that is the tea towel.

I sure you get an idea about a different type of kitchen towels but can you know? How to use kitchen towel properly?

Let’s go

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How to use kitchen towel for different purpose perfectly

How to use a kitchen towel for different purpose perfectly
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We use kitchen towels for different types of kitchen work such as cleaning, washing, dusting, disinfecting and more so least discuss how to use kitchen towels properly.

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Cleaning surface: I recommend you use multi-layer or rough towels for this work because the rough towel is able to clean your dust easily.

Clean dust: Dust is also a big problem in the kitchen corner and also it is hard to clean but you able to clean that dist easily by following this step.

• If your kitchen corner full of dust so you can use water sprays. Yes, water spray bound all dust particles, then you can use rough kitchen towels to clean those don’t properly.

Clean oil: if you spread oil or some other liquid in your kitchen by chance, you can use a kitchen towel to clean it.

yes, just take the towel and just spread the towel over the oil and when it will observe all oil or liquid perfectly then take out this. And clean the rest oil in tissue paper.

Catch heat items: heat is a very common thing in the kitchen so some people harm their hand or palm during cooking.

Do you know? kitchen towel can save your hand from the heat? Simply you can carry any hot pot or pan with a thick kitchen towel, your hand will be safe.

Trick: clean kitchen dusty surface in a dry cloth or towel because just are easily stick on the towel.

Washing: As you know washing is also important in a kitchen so you have to wash properly your all kitchen item.

So you can use microfiber kitchen cloth in your kitchen and you also use another cleaning tools.

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Reduce oil from food: we mostly eat fried food daily but the axis oil of food is not good for our health so you can use a clean and soft cloth or towel for this work.
It will able to absorb oil from food.

Ok, I think you know the all-important usage of kitchen towels but can you know which type of material is best for your you and your hand.
Let’s know…

How many types of material used in a kitchen towel

material used for kitchen towel
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There are some types of materials used to build kitchen towels, such as

Cotton: Cotton is the best material for your kitchen work because it is soft, hand-friendly, easily cleanable and also a good absorber of water and oil.
You can use it for cleaning dish or washing anything so also it is the best fabric for a dish towel and also you can say this is the best material for kitchen towel.

Linen: This is the best material for cleaning soft product, my advice to you- Don’t use this linen towel for heavy work like cleaning, washing because these are too soft, so it is only good for decoration and clean soft products .

Microfiber: These towels come with fibre so it is a very good material for cleaning dust or the surface of your kitchen but it is not very durable.
You can buy a double layer of microfiber kitchen towel for good strength.

How to wash kitchen towel

We do lots of work with our kitchen towel so the towel will get dirty in some time. And that is not good for our health so you have to clean it properly.

Here is some steps to clean properly.

  • Use washing sope or detergent to clean it properly.
  • After use the detergent, stay it for few minutes.
  • And then wash it in water.

After cleaning you have to disinfect them

How to disinfect kitchen towel

You can do it in some simple steps.

  • Don’t use exes sanitiser for cleaning this because it can harm your hand and skin.
  • Use a few amounts of sanitiser and then clean it.
  • Use hot water for a clean towel because it can kill bacteria

How to dry kitchen towel quickly

How to dry kitchen towel quickly
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It is the next step after cleaning and you can follow those steps for better and quick drying.

  • You can dry towels in the sunlight.
  • Note: but if you dry your towel in sunlight for a long time,
  • It will not good for your fabric because sunlight breaks the colour and also reduce the strength of the fabric.
  • So don’t keep your towel for a long time in sunlight.
  • You can keep dry your towel in your house in front of a fan, the fan can reduce water particle from a kitchen towel.
  • If you have any hairdryer so you can use it for quick-drying, believe me, you able to dry your kitchen towel in few minutes.

What you have to stop doing now

You have to stop doing this now!!

Don’t use washing or cleaning kitchen towel to clean your hand because those towels have many bacteria on the surface. So if you’re doing this, stop doing it now!!

Also don’t use the same towel for different kitchen uses

Avoid babies to touch the towel

If you have any baby in your family so keep distance him/her from these kitchen towels because as you know these towels may because of his health issue.

So these are some points which you have to care about while using the kitchen towel.

Here is some most asked questions


Q: What are kitchen towels used for?

Kitchen towels are mostly used for cleaning kitchen equipment but also it is used for cleaning hand.

Q: How many kitchen towels do you need?

It is not fixed but you can buy at last list 4 kitchen towel, I suggest you use those towels for different types of kitchen work like
• Cleaning
• Washing
• Hand cleaning
• and an extra towel

Q: Should kitchen towels be washed every day?

Washing kitchen towel every day is a good habit because when you wash every day you have no fear of bacterias.

Q: What makes kitchen towel absorbent?

The material makes kitchen towel more absorbent like cotton is a very good material for this work. But Also there is some material which will not be absorbed liquid easily

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Final word

These are some important points which I discuss in this post and I also try to give you information about How to use kitchen towel and also some other things.

Maybe it will helpful for you if you got any good information from this post so please write a lovely comment in the comment box!!

Also, read the article about the best garbage disposal cleaner.

I will wait for you!

Have a nice day.

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