How to use kitchen mama can opener in (just 90 sec.)

Kitchen mamas are electric can opener is one of the best sellers and easy-to-use can openers among all… You just need to follow a few steps.

So without wasting time let’s know How to use kitchen mama can opener in 3 quick steps…

After reading this you will be able to open a can in seconds…

Preparation before start

Before using the kitchen mama electric can opener you have to do several things or preparation…

Incert battery in kitchen mama can opener
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  • Does kitchen mama’s electric can opener work by battery cell so, first insert batteries into the slot.
  • Then take a quick functionality check.

Just do those two steps, and now you are ready to learn the perfect way to use the kitchen mama electric can opener.

3 quick steps on How to use kitchen en mama electric can opener

Follow those steps…

1. Place the electric can opener in the right position:

How to use kitchen mama can opener
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  • After adding the batteries, now you have to place the electric can opener in the right place.
  • Place your electric can opener on the top of the can.
  • Remember, the cutting blade should be attached properly to the lid.

2. Now press the button:

How to use kitchen mama can opener
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  • After placing at right position as seem in the image you have to press the button.
  • The button is situated at the top of the kitchen mama electric can opener.
  • Press only one time. Then it will open the lid automatically.

3. Again press the button:

  • Now, to stop the electric can opener you have to press again that button.
  • now you can enjoy your food.

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Now view this kitchen mama electric can opener video and know the working function.

The working function of the kitchen mama auto electric can opener (video)

As I said this auto electric can opener is way way easier than another can opener, but are you going to stop reading? You are missing a lot!

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Read below

An important part of the kitchen is mama’s can opener

This can opener is more advanced than a normal can opener so it has some important and interesting parts which you have to know while using…

  1. Cutting blade: This blade is a little unique, you have to lubricate this from time to time otherwise it will be stuck and will not work properly.
  2. Motor: Kitchen mama’s inbuilt motor is the most important among all, it has enough power to cut tin cans without the help of your hand.
  3. Locking system: it has a locking system that creates a lock between the blade and can lid…this system helps open to hold the can properly.


u003cstrongu003eQ: How do I reset my kitchen mama can opener?u003c/strongu003e

Just below the battery slot, there is a reset button, you can easily reset your kitchen mama electric can opener with this.

u003cstrongu003eQ: How do you lubricate the u003c/strongu003ekitchen mama auto electric openeru003cstrongu003e?u003c/strongu003e

Don’t apply lubricant all over the can opener, just lubricate the blade and other functioning parts. You can use a small cloth or your hand for this work.

u003cstrongu003eQ: Can I use rechargeable batteries on the kitchen mama can opener?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, you can use rechargeable batteries instead of using and throwing batteries, you have to find the same power-giving batteries.

u003cstrongu003eQ: Can I get any typeu003c/strongu003e of replacement foru003cstrongu003e the u003c/strongu003ekitchen mama auto electricu003cstrongu003e opener?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, your kitchen mama gives you 1 year replacement warranty, which covers factory defects, internal problems, etc…

Q: Why is my kitchen mama can opener not working?

There could be several reasons why your Kitchen Mama can opener is not working:u003cbru003e1. Dull Blade: Over time, the blade on your can opener can become dull, which can make it difficult to cut through cans. If this is the case, you may need to sharpen or replace the blade.u003cbru003e2. Loose Blade: If the blade on your can opener is loose, it may not be able to grip the can properly, which can make it difficult to cut. Check to see if the blade is securely attached to the can opener.u003cbru003e3. Jammed Can: If you are having difficulty opening a can, it may be because the can is jammed or dented. Try using a different can opener or use a knife to pry open the can.u003cbru003e4. Batteries: If your Kitchen Mama can opener is electric, it may not be working because the batteries are dead. Try replacing the batteries and see if that fixes the issue.u003cbru003e5. Motor Issues: If your Kitchen Mama can opener is electric, there could be a problem with the motor. In this case, you may need to have the can opener repaired or replaced.u003cbru003eIf none of these solutions work, you may need to contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

Q: How do you use a can opener tool?

Here are the general steps to use a can opener tool:u003cbru003e1. Place the can opener on top of the can. The blade of the can opener should be positioned on top of the can, with the small circular blade touching the can and the large circular blade on the outside.u003cbru003e2. Secure the can opener to the can. Most can openers have two arms that fit onto the can. Squeeze these arms together until they are tightly secured to the can.u003cbru003e3. Start turning the can opener. Use the turning mechanism on the can opener to begin turning the blade. Keep turning until you have made a complete circle around the top of the can.u003cbru003e4. Lift the lid off. Once you have cut all the way around the top of the can, use the can opener’s lifting mechanism to remove the lid. Some can openers have a magnet that will hold onto the lid, while others have a small lever that will lift the lid off.u003cbru003e5. Dispose of the lid and enjoy your food! Once the lid is off, you can dispose of it and enjoy your canned food.u003cbru003eIt’s worth noting that different types of can openers may have slightly different steps, so it’s important to follow the instructions that come with your specific can opener tool.

Conclusion on How to use kitchen mama can opener

This can opener is very easy to use so small children, older people, or any abnormal person can easily use it.

You just news to place it properly then, press the button after this process, and the kitchen mama can opener will automatically open your can.

I think the Thai article solves your quarry on How to use a kitchen mama auto electric can opener if yes then tell us the on comments.

Have a nice day!!!

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