How to use butterfly can opener in 3 easy steps

Hello dear! If you don’t know how to use butterfly can opener, you are in the right place!

Here I will tell you the easiest methods and some tricks which can help you.
As a wise person, you know that work without knowledge is dangerous, so in my opinion, don’t touch it if you don’t know how to use can opener properly.

Sometimes It will be dangerous for your hand. Follow these simple steps which can help you to understand how to use small can opener!

How to use a butterfly can opener in these easy steps

How to use butterfly can opener in 3 easy steps
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This is not rocket science but if you don’t read it carefully so it will little difficult for you.
I give the image for All important steps which can help you to understand.

1. Stand that can opener blade on the can


how to use butterfly can opener
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Fast, stand that butterfly can opener small cutting blade on the corner of that can or teen.

You can stand it everywhere in the corner and then the second step.

2. Hold that can opener


how to use butterfly can opener
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Hold that can opener strongly like this

Yes, you have to hold that can opener very strongly because it will help you with strong cutting.
You can simply hold strongly that opener from the handle and then pass it.
For your pressing that can have a small hole, so let’s see what can you do in the next step.

3. Roll that butterfly key


how to use butterfly can opener
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Roll that butterfly can opener like this

In the third point, you have to rotate that butterfly key while holding strongly that butterfly can holder.

When you start rotating that butterfly key then the small cutter is automatically cutting that can by the side

4. What happens next

 After opening the can, you can simply throughout that cut tin piece.

 Here are some tips for using a manual can opener.

  • If you going to open your teen or can with a knife or something else so it will risky so always use a specific opener tool.
  • If you hold that cutter hard then you can use can open that only one rotation. If you want to know how to open a can with a knife properly so you can see this.
  • Always choose a strong opener that you can use for a long time.
  • Clean and adjust your can opener which can give you better results.

Also, there are different varieties of can openers that can help you. 

If you want to take care of your can or teen opener tool and want to use this for a long time. So read these next tips:

Some other techniques which actually can benefit you

1. Always clean it after use

Yes, when you use it for a lot of time, it will be dirty. For this, your tool does not work properly.
Sometimes your opener could be hard to open and in some cases, their tool looks like Rusty.
So always clean the tools moving parts after using. You can also use hard paper for cleaning it.

2. Always care about moving part

You can use here some lubricant that protects your tool and also lose that moving portion that helps you to use it simply.

But never use too much lubricant because when you use it for opening can or teen it will release lubricant on that.

Type of can opener

How to use butterfly can opener in 3 easy steps
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 There are different types of can openers like:

  • Electric
  • Single Wheel Opener
  • Key Opener
  • Church Key Opener, etc…

What is an electric can opener?

The electric can openers are super easy to use. With a simple one-click, you will be able to use it.
There are special magnets that hold your can and cut a perfect cut. But it is a little expensive and if it will get defects, it hard to repair by yourself.

So in my opinion, if you open many cans in a day so it will help you.
But if you going to buy for only your family, maybe you can go with a manual opener.

What is Single Wheel Opener?

The single wheel can opener easy to use tool. This tool opens can by its combined part.
So it is safe to use and you don’t need a hard grip to remove the can top.
But sometimes it can’t work properly on different types of can

What is Key Opener?

 Key opener tool similar to key or bottle opener. At this opener, you got a sharp and pointed cutter which you can use for making a hole and cutting the top of the can.
You can store it everywhere because its size is small.

What is Church Key Opener?

You can also tell if it is an old fashion can opener because it was invented in the 18s
But it is also easy to use and simple.

It looks like a small metal piece but it is quite effective. Usually, travelers and campers mostly use this.


There are types of can opening tools in the market but I suggest you choose that which you need.

And also I think Your request about how to use butterfly can opener is now solved and also I think our information will help you.
If yes so, please comment with you’re small opinions and suggestions and share them with us to help us.

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Q: How do you open a can without a can opener?

I recommend it if you have the skill or if you are a strong person so you can try to follow the next steps, however, I must warn you that sometimes it will not work properly, or you can hurt yourself, so let’s start:
• you can use a big spoon for opening the can
• you can also use a knife but still it dangerous
• you can also open it by some edged thing
Here are some suggestions but I recommend you to open your can with a can opener.

Q: Are can opener safe to use?

Yes, most of the can openers are safe, but it also depends on your use.

Q: How can opener works?

Most of the can manual openers work in the same techniques but if you use an electric opener so it is a little different.
• They can cut the teen surface with a sharp cutter
• Some gear helps to roll that can.
• Also some can opener has magnets.

Q: How to use small can opener?

You can use it in the same way as a regular butterfly can opener.
1. Place the can on a stable surface like a countertop or table.
2. If your small can opener has arms or handles, open them up to create a ‘V’ shape. Some small can openers have a rotating cutting wheel that you need to expose for it to work correctly.
3. Position the cutting wheel of the can opener on the edge of the can’s lid. The small serrated wheel should be on the outside edge of the can’s rim.
4. Press down on the can opener’s arms or handles to puncture the lid of the can with the cutting wheel. Apply a little pressure and begin rotating the can opener handle or knob. The cutting wheel will move along the can’s edge, separating the lid from the can as you turn.
5. Keep turning the handle or knob until you’ve made a complete rotation around the can.
6. Once you’ve gone all the way around the can, the lid should be mostly separated. Carefully lift the lid to avoid any sharp edges. Some can openers have a small built-in mechanism that allows you to lift the lid without touching it directly.
7. After use, clean the small can opener with warm, soapy water to remove any food residue.

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