6 steps: how to use an espresso machine (like a pro)

An Espresso machine makes the coffee-making process much much easier nowadays, but it has some technicality to use its full potential…

So you have to learn first, how to use an espresso machine and what is the basic functions. Don’t worry I will help you to make an excellent espresso on your espresso machine…

So let’s start. And read all sections of the articles.

Basic parts of espresso machine

Different espresso companies( manual and automatic) give many facilities on their espresso machine, here I only tell you the major and most common parts of an espresso machine….for better understanding. So read this small section.

working animation of espresso machine:

Important 5 Parts of Espresso.

  1. Portafilter: It is small and has a handle attached to part of an espresso machine and it has a place to put powdered coffee…in it.
  2. Steam Wand: This is a metal pipe that contains steam, created by boiling water.
  3. Group head: Portafilter attached to the group head also the group head contains a filter
  4. Navigating buttons: Navigation is the most precious part of the espresso machine if you understand it properly then you should also make a good espresso
  5. Hot water spigot: Through this spigot, coffee powder gets hot boiled water…

6 steps on how to use an espresso machine

1. Fill water storage compartment:

  • First, fill the water storage compartment, but only that amount of water that you need. Filter water also helps to make a good espresso, most espresso machine now comes with an inbuilt filter…

2. Fill the shot basket:

How to fill espresso machine shot basket:
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  • Now you have to grind the coffee beans finely, then you have to remove the Portafilter and fill that powder coffee equally, there are different types of Portafilter given in different machines so you can adjust according to your need…
  • Tip: The amount of coffee powder you fill varies on which amount of short you want to make…like single-shot espresso needs- half fill shot basket to know more.

3. Tamper them:

How to use espresso machine
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  • Then you just need to tamper with the coffee that creates layers and makes espresso more favorable. Here you can use your hand or a small tool to create strong pressure.

4. Lock the filter:

How to lock shot basket in the espresso machine
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  • Then put the filter to the group head and turn it in the right direction for locking properly, remember when you perfectly lock the filter you will be able to hear a knocking sound which you can use as a conformational sound.

5. Steam wand:

Steaming milk in steam wand
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Put hot milk into the Steam Wand that will add extra flavour, also if your espresso machine doesn’t have a steam wand then you can use normal hot milk.

6. Extra.

Now all is done, you just need to put the cup under the espresso and start the button to make an espresso.

This is a very simple process, you just need 1-2 times practice to be good at this…


Q: Is the espresso machine used the same as the coffee maker?

The basics of working are the same but it has some different working functions like the espresso machine are dealing with high pressure but coffee machines are very simple. Etc…

Q: Can you use regular coffee for espresso?

Yes, you can use regular coffee for making espresso…but the test may be different.

Q: Will an espresso machine save money?

If you are a regular coffee drinker then I will recommend you purchase an espresso because it will save lots of money…also you will feel satisfaction while making your own coffee…

Conclusion on how to use an espresso machine

It is all about timing and the practicing in the right way then you would able to make a good espresso…also I recommend you to read the manual of your espresso machine

Probably I think this article would solve your query on how to use an espresso machine, if you have any other questions please tell us in a comment we will love to answer them…

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