how to use a pasta maker

Do you know? Most people wasted their created pasta because they don’t know how to use a pasta maker perfectly.

If you also feel difficulty while making pasta on a pasta maker then don’t worry here I will tell you…how you can use a pasta maker……

How to use a pasta maker…?

There are mainly two types ( manual, automatic) of pasta makers and their usage is also different so I will explain them separately.

How to use a manual pasta maker?

  1. Collect ingredients: you just need 3 to 4 things those are.
  • all-purpose flour
  • Eggs
  • oil and salt
  • Mix these incidents properly and make a dough, apply some oil to it and give a few minutes for better pasta.
  1. after making pasta dough, cut that dough into equal pieces and stretch those pieces and also fold them many times…it creates layers…
  2. After stretching the dough, put the handle in the pasta maker and attach all components you can do this with the help of the product guide…
  3. Then put that stretch pasta in the pasta maker and start rotating the handle which creates a pasta dough surface with more smooth.
  4. After this process put pasta dough on the pasta cutting side, and then rotate the handle again, it cut pasta perfectly…
  5. You can apply a few amounts of flour to it. For not getting bind with each other.

How to use an automatic pasta maker?

An automatic pasta maker makes this process easier you don’t need to make pasta dough… So here is the process.

  1. Put flour water, salt and egg whites in the given pasta maker bucket.
  2. Then start the button, different types of beds are present in the bucket which is capable enough to make pasta dough.
  3. When your pasta dough is ready, then you just need to push the button and then the automatic pasta maker will automatically make pasta for you.

So these are the steps which you can follow to use a pasta maker…..

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Problems you face while using…

•Moving components:

Sometimes the moving components create problems due to low maintenance, so try to wash the pasta maker after use and also drop some amount of oil on movable parts.


You have to clean your, pasta maker, properly because when soft pasta is stuck inside the pasta maker it creates difficulty while using.

Read our article on ( cleaning pasta maker properly)????


Q: do I use a pasta maker for other work?

Yes, you can use a pasta maker for other work, some electric pasta makers give features to make juices,???? like the emeril pasta maker ????

Q: when is pasta dough ready?

Minimum a pasta dough needs 10-15 minutes for being ready. Also the additional 5-10 minutes rest for better dough…

Q: how many types of pasta do I make with a pasta maker?

You can make various types of pasta like spaghetti, penne, linguine, tagliatelle…..etc…, There are premade blades and shapes which you can use to make different types of pasta.

Q: do I able to make pasta without eggs?

You can still be to make pasta without pasta eggs ????, but eggs make pasta more delicious and also bind all ingredients….so I recommend you to use eggs…

Q: which electric pasta maker is easy to use?

In my opinion, Emeril Lagasse pasta maker is best for every type of usage because it can do most of your work, it has inbuilt juicer maker so read our review about ????Emeril Lagasse pasta maker.????

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Conclusion on how to use a pasta maker

I love homemade pasta and I think you are also like me…also I think this guide about how to use a pasta maker will solve your problem. Regarding this topic.

And I wish, you will make better and testy pasta in your pasta maker…

If you have any questions please comment below and click the share buttons and spread this info. Among your friends…

Thanks for coming!

Have a nice day????

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