How to reset garbage disposal? 2 Easy Steps

The easiest way to unjam garbage disposal is resetting the disposal, so if you want to know how to reset garbage disposal then read below.

Before we start, we have to wear safety equipment like gloves, and glasses.

When do you need to reset the garbage disposal?

There are several reasons for this topic, such as:

  • When your garbage disposal is not working properly at that time you need to reset it.
  • Sometimes disposal motor gets overheated so it needs to be reset.

These are the two most common indications for resetting garbage disposal.

How to reset garbage disposal

Step 1

Before jumping to the main point you need to know where is a disposal reset button so let’s start.

  • The reset button is present at the bottom of the garbage disposal. (But don’t press that button now, read out complete steps)
  • When garbage disposal stocks are overheated then the small button will pop out from the hole automatically.
  • Now press the reset button.
How to reset garbage disposal? 2 Easy Steps
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If nothing works, then do the below steps.

Step 2

If the reset button doesn’t work properly, that means your disposal is jammed by some food material… So now let’s see how you can fix the jamming problem.

  • There is a small hole at the base of the garbage disposal
  • Now Take a jamming wrench and put that inside the small hole.
  • Now rotate the wrench and try to unjam the disposal.
How to reset garbage disposal? 2 Easy Steps
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Note: all the processes should be done while electric power is turned off

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Reset the garbage disposal video

Tips: If you don’t put unusual food item into the disposal then your disposal hardly need to reset.

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Is resetting garbage disposal bad?

If your garbage disposal needs frequent resetting then it indicates, that your disposal internal parts are not working properly. Also, it needs to be changed.

Is the reset button available in all garbage disposal?

Most garbage disposal has a reset button and the color of the reset button is ‘u003cstrongu003eredu003c/strongu003e’, but some old disposal does not have a reset button.

What do I do if the garbage disposal reset button is not working?

If the reset button is not working then use a jamming wrench to unjam the garbage disposal also you can replace that part with a new one.

Can I use the garbage disposal immediately after resetting it?

After resetting, it’s recommended to wait a few minutes before using the garbage disposal again. This allows time for the motor to cool down and ensures that any jammed components are cleared.

What should I do if the reset button doesn’t stay in after pressing it?

If the reset button doesn’t stay in, it could indicate a persistent issue. Wait for a few minutes to allow the disposal to cool down, then check for any obstructions in the unit. If the problem persists, it may be a sign of a more significant issue, and professional assistance might be required.

Conclusion on how to reset the garbage disposal

Resetting garbage disposal is very simple, you just need to push that reset button and use a jammer wrench to free the blades…

Also, use proper safety equipment, like gloves to protect your hand from heat.

I think this article will clear your query on how to reset the garbage disposal, if you like that then share it and comment with us.

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