6 ways on How to remove pesticides from potatoes

We eat potatoes in various ways like frying them, making potato smashes, and other dishes but do you know those potatoes which you eat, are very dangerous, because it contains synthetic pesticides.

They are covered with pesticides and other harmful elements according to (the NCBI report), and most of the farmers use this.

So you have to know how to remove pesticides from potatoes, I will explain it simply in a few steps so stay with us…

How to remove the pesticides from potatoes

Though the best way which is also the easiest one put your potato in running water, which removes pesticides from the potato surface and makes it safe to consume. There are also other ways for removing pesticides such as:

1- Use vinegar and soak it for a while. When the potato soaks properly with the vinegar you can wash potatoes with water, this process takes 15 min. So do it before using potatoes in your dishes.

2- My mom’s favorite way that can be a good way to remove pesticide residue, to soak your potato in water, and rub the surface with gloves. Rubbing produce will work if you don’t have vinegar.

3- Baking Soda is another way that you should try, baking soda contains molecules that easily remove pesticides from any type of fruit and vegetables or any organic produce, use baking soda in slightly hot water and put potatoes into it. It will remove pesticide residue. You can do the same with fresh fruits.

4- When you peeled off the potato skin that will solve your problem directly. But before doing that you have to boil potatoes with water.

5- Also salt + boiling water can easily remove pesticides from potatoes. You can also use all steps at the same time which gives better results.

6- A cold water bath has been effective too. Make sure you try all steps if you want to remove pesticides.

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The harmful effect of consuming pesticides potatoes

When you consume pesticides continuously, your body parts may be damaged over time, resulting in all kinds of problems.

The problems which appear when you consume pesticide food are: Stinging eyes, Rashes, blisters, skin irritation, nausea, diarrhea, etc have been seen as acute health effects.

Unfortunately, the presence of pesticides in potatoes is not the only problem you may encounter. After all, it can also be genetically modified organisms.

How you can avoid pesticide coated potato

It is sometimes difficult to consume 100% none pesticides food, but you can try some ways which are quite better than eating pesticide food.

  • you can buy your veggie from local stores or local farmers directly, it allows you to buy fresh organic produce and also at a low price.
  • Grow your veggies like potatoes, cucumbers, etc. In your garden or alone which makes your garden beautiful and you have control to grow non-pesticide veggies.
  • Follow our given steps which closely remove pesticide residues from potato and veggies surfaces.

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Conclusion on How to remove pesticides from potatoes

Removing pesticide residue is not an easy task in today’s world but we can reduce the amount of pesticides we consume, and also we can make our bodies clean by exercise.

So if you want to be healthy, you have to eat good food and live in a peaceful environment which allows you a long healthy life.

I think our information about how to remove pesticides from potatoes, benefit you. If you like please share our work.

And do comment what your question is in the comment box, I love to reply to you.

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Q: How much minimum time does the process take to remove pesticides?

Normally 10-15 minutes is the average time because in between this time, the pesticide is easily removable from the potato surface.

Q: Does sope can remove pesticides from potatoes?

This is not recommended, sope washing creates more problems ⚠️ than before, and also sope is a washing element, so it is very dangerous when it goes into your body. Don’t wash with sope

Q: How can I confirm potato cover with pesticides?

Put that potato in normal water or warm water, if you saw any oily material which footing on the surface water. Then that is the sign of those potatoes are covered with pesticides.

Q: Do pesticides affect potatoes test?

No, not too much but slightly it affects the test, also in some cases, the potatoes smell disgusting.

Q: How do you clean pesticides off potatoes?

Baking soda is an effective way to remove pesticides from the surface of fruits and vegetables because it helps to break down and remove chemical residues. Scrubbing the potatoes with a vegetable brush can also help to remove any dirt or debris that may be stuck to the surface of the potatoes.

Q: Does washing potatoes remove pesticides?

Washing potatoes can help to remove some of the surface pesticide residues, but it may not remove all of the pesticides that have been absorbed into the potato. Most pesticides used in potato farming are applied to the soil before planting, and some of these pesticides can be absorbed by the roots and translocated to other parts of the plant, including the tubers.

Q: Does baking soda remove pesticides from potatoes?

Baking soda is not proven to be an effective method for removing pesticides from potatoes.
While baking soda can be used for cleaning and removing some types of residue from fruits and vegetables, there is no scientific evidence that it can effectively remove pesticides from produce. Pesticides are designed to be difficult to remove, and some can penetrate the surface of the fruit or vegetable, making it difficult to remove them with surface cleaning methods.

Q: Are potatoes high in pesticides?

Potatoes are one of the vegetables that are most likely to be treated with pesticides. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), potatoes have consistently ranked in the top 12 fruits and vegetables on the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) “Dirty Dozen” list of produce with the highest levels of pesticide residues. However, it’s important to note that the levels of pesticide residues on potatoes and other products are generally within safe limits established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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