(Verified trick) how to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables

As you know pesticides are not good for the human body but the sad truth is most dealers and farmers are apply pesticides over fruits and vegetables.

According to (FRONTIERS) You consume that fruit and vegetable that you are making many diseases in your body and sometimes it becomes very intense

So you have to make your vegetables and fruit pesticide-free if you don’t know how to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables

don’t worry I will inform you !!

Step by step…

What makes pesticides too dangerous

These are made of various organic and none organic properties, it is also called silent killer or slow killer because when you consume pesticides food that creates kidney and other dangerous disease.

Pesticides are used on fruit and vegetables to protect the fruit from insects, so you have to clean them first then eat them.

How to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables

1. Vinegar wash technic:

  • First, apply vinegar on the fruit and veggie and give some time to shock (1 minute )
  • Add a Small amount of water to the vinegar solution then welly mix them.
  • After the process, the pesticides are floating on the water surface
  • Then wash those fruit and veggies with normal water.

Vinegar is a very good material to remove pesticides from fruit and vegetables because vinegar contains acetic acid, and this is also removed pesticides gently.

2. Salt washing technic:

  • Take some water and then put your vegetables into this water.
  • Then add some salt to this and mix that water well
  • After absorbing the salty water slightly you can take out your vegetables, and wash them with normal water.

Salt is another best material that you can use in your solution, to remove pesticides. Because salt is goodly absorbed in water and that solution can remove pesticides.

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3. Cold water and wash technic:

  • You can just put your vegetables in cold water
  • This technic not only made the pesticide removal process easier but also it will kill bacteria.

So cold water pesticide removal process could be the first thing you can do and it is available everywhere…

4. Hot water washing technic:

You can apply the cold water washing technique to any vegetables but the hot water washing technique is different.

Because all vegetables are reacted differently with hot water and sometimes it will destroy vegetable tests. So use hot water with suitable vegetable

5. Skin removal technic:

Skin removal is an author great technic which is simple also,

  • Wash your fruit and vegetable with normal water.
  • Then take a peeler and remove the outer skin of vegetables

Note: skin removing techniques is not applicable to every vegetable because some veggies and fruit skins are hard to remove.

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How to detect pesticides on your vegetables

You can simply follow some verified and some local techniques to detect pesticides present on vegetables or not

  • Mostly pesticides applied fruit and vegetables are smalls differently.
  • Pesticides applied to food released different types of substances when you put them into the water.
  • Pesticides applied foods are good looking but inner parts of these vegetables are not good.

So these are some factors that you can consider while choosing veggie from the market.

How you can stay away from pesticide added food

You can do a couple of work to eat healthy food.

  • Or you can buy veggies, from your local trusted farmer

Problem of pesticides

There are lots of problem with pesticides so these are called silent killer, when time passes that a small amount of pesticide creates problem like…..

Final thought on remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables

Internal pesticides are very hard to remove but you can remove outer pesticide layer from fruit by some techniques which are given to you at the beginning of article.

Also, try to eat healthy food and if you are able to grow veggies in your garden so I would recommend you to do that…

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I think this article will help you!

If you get benefits from this article, so please give a comment and ask your question in the comments 🙂

Have a nice day and healthy life 🙂

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