How to remove pesticides from apple?

Now dealers are applying wax and a few types of pesticides on the surface of the apples to make apples shiny and attractive.

But those wax and pesticides will create problems for your body, I know you have lots of questions like how to remove pesticides from apple and how to remove wax from apple.

Don’t worry I will tell you all the tips to remove pesticides from Apple.

Few tips to remove pesticides from Apple

  1. After purchasing the apple your no one propriety should be, wash those apples in freshwater.
  • However, this process is not enough to remove pesticides and wax.
  1. You can peel the apple skin because in peeling most of the surface pesticides were gone then you can eat that apple without hesitation.
  2. If you don’t want to peel the skin, you should put that apple with a mixture of water and baking soda, which will remove most of the bad things from Apple.
  3. Apply some lemons juice and some salt on this that will slowly remove the pesticides, but this process is not recommended by me.

So these are the few tips to remove pesticides from apple surface

But here you can details, on how to wash apples with baking soda and what would be the process.

Detailed information few other things to remove pesticides from vegetables

How to wash apples with baking soda

  • Take some water and mix some amount of baking soda into this
  • Then mix up properly
  • Then put the Apples into this and wait 13 to 15 minutes
  • Then rub the apple skin or surface with gloves.

Now you can eat those apples.

How to wash apples to remove wax

How to remove pesticides from apple?
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Wax is one type of aquatic item that is used for preventing apples but don’t consume those wax, which should be dangerous.

  • Wash in water then just scrub with gloves.
  • Take some hot water and then just dip this apple and take it out and clean that apple with a clean cloth.
  • Apply some lemon juice on the apple surface

These three types of tricks can help you to remove wax from Apple and the boiling technic is most recommended by me!

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Are apple pesticides really bad for you?

Not only apple pesticides, but any type of pesticide can also harm your body. It has a very strong chemical composition that can able to stay in your body for a long time.

For staying a long time in your body it creates various problems..!

A final thought on how to remove pesticides from Apple?

How to remove pesticides from apple?
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When you purchase apples from the supermarket, don’t forget to wash them properly and follow all steps from which am given, I believe that will 99% remove pesticides and wax from the apple surface.

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Washing apples with soap is good?

Clearly, it is not recommended to wash apples with soap because soap – is heavenly salty which can destroy your apple test also it is not healthy for your body so use the given methods in the article

Does peeling apples remove all pesticides?

Yes, it works peeling apples removes most of the outer pesticides but not completely, so you have to clean those apples with water after peeling.

Does boiling apples remove pesticides?

Boiling apples can remove “wax” from the outer layer but it can’t remove pesticides clearly also it damages the inner apple, so this may not be recommended.

Do organic apples have fewer pesticides?

Yes, if you growing apples in your frame it may be organic, but if you going to purchase from a supermarket or directly from farmers, most probably that will be covered with pesticides.

Because most farmers use pesticides to protect their apples.

Why organic apples are expensive?

100% organic apples need more care than ordinary apples so these are expensive.

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