how to remove a garbage disposal from a sink in just 5 steps

If your garbage disposal is getting old or not working properly then the best thing you can do that, remove that old garbage disposal from the sink.

But while removing the garbage disposal you have to look around certain things.

also you need a few tools and equipment…without these tools, you may face lots of problems.

So here is will tell, step by step process on how to remove a garbage disposal from a sink…..

Tools needed

Tools needed to remove garbage disposal

Before we jump into the garbage disposal removal process You need to collect a few basic things.

  • Screwdriver
  • Tongue-and-groove Pliers
  • bucket
  • Channel-type Pliers


Before removing the garbage disposer from the sink you have to turn off the power button. Also, plug out the disposal wire from the electric board.

After this, you will be safe from electric shock.

how to remove a garbage disposal from a sink

1.Cut Off The Disposal From Electricity

  • First, cut off the disposal of electricity.
  • Also remove the garbage disposal electric plug from the electric board
  • Also you can check whether the electricity is disconnected or not with the help of a current detector pen
  • After this process you will be safe enough to proceed to the next step…

2.Remove the drain pipe

How to remove drain pipe from garbage disposal
  • Before removing the garbage disposal from the sink you have to remove the drain pipe which is attached to the disposal’s left or right side ( according to model and design)
  • placed a bucket under the drain pipe, because there are few amounts of water present inside the drain pipe, so you need to place a bucket.
  • Now take a (tongue-and-groove pliers) and then rotate that joint pipe to the left or counter-clockwise direction.
  • Now 50% of work is almost done.

3.Remove the Dishwasher pipe

How to remove dishwasher pipe from garbage disposal
  • important: if you have any dishwasher which is connected to garbage disposal remove that with the help of a (channel-type pliers) or you can us your hand.
  • in case your dishwasher is not connected to garbage disposal then you don’t need to follow this step.😇(skip it)

• you can also read how you can use kitchen garbage or waste for gardening.

4.Remove the garbage disposal from the sink

How to remove garbage disposal from sink
  • Now, the garbage disposal and kitchen sink are connected by a (metal loop ) or a joint.
  • You can easily disconnect this with the help of a screwdriver.
  • All you need to do is just, put the screwdriver into the (hole of the metal loop) and rotate it to the left of the counter-clockwise direction.
  • now you will be able to remove the garbage disposal from the kitchen sink.
  • 90% of work is complete now…

5.Disconnect the power wire

How to remove power connection from garbage disposal
  • Now, disconnect the electric wire, which is connected to the garbage disposal.
  • You can remove it with the help of a normal screwdriver.
  • Complete 100%

Now your garbage disposal is successfully removed from the sink but now you have to place a (new garbage disposer or repair it.)

You can follow the same things in reverse order to replace a garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposal video walkthrough


6 signs that indicate: garbage disposal needs to be replaced

how to remove a garbage disposal from a sink
  • Garbage disposal giving water leaking problem.
  • Garbage disposal overheating problem, which causes severe electric damage.
  • Garbage disposal every time blocked by food material.
  • wiring getting lose
  • etc…

These are the 3-to 4 common factor which indicates your garbage disposal needs replacement or maintenance.

See which type of common problems you see , if you don’t replace or maintain it

Why removing garbage disposal is important

Read the following points to know why it is important to remove garbage disposal…

  • Garbage disposal turn food particles into small pieces, after a long time those pieces may be sucking the you need to remove and clean them.
  • There are two rotating bars present inside the garbage disposer and it needs Maintainance so you need to remove the garbage disposal for Maintainance.
  • Or there are many more reasons why to change garbage disposal from sink…..


Q: How much did it cost me?

Ans: it will cost around 50- 100$ if you fully replaced the old garbage disposal tow the new one.

Q: Do I need fully trained to remove garbage disposal from the sink?

Ans: Garbage disposer looks like a complex machine but trusts me, it is very easy to remove a bigger can easily remove garbage disposal from the sink.

Q: How long does it take to replace a garbage disposal?

Ans: It takes around 15-20 minutes if you read our article properly on how to remove garbage disposal from the ink.

Q:Do all garbage disposals fit all sinks?

Ans: No, all garbage disposals do not fit all sinks, there are specific sizes of disposal you have to buy according to your kitchen sink size.

Q:how to unjam a garbage disposal

ans: here i just give one quick way..(i.e) off the power button then press the resate button. Also you can use a key which Is given by company..

Final thoughts on how to remove a garbage disposal from a sink

Removing a garbage disposal machine is quite easy, you just need a few types of equipment and some knowledge. Which you can easily get from this article.

I know you can easily remove garbage disposal from your sink after reading this post…now, if you have any questions related to how to remove a garbage disposal from a sink you can comment us…

Have a nice day 🥰

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