How to organize kitchen tools like a pro [WITHIN 10M]

Do you know? un-organized kitchen tools can destroy your kitchen look so it is important to know how to organize kitchen tools perfectly?

Sometimes we don’t get the perfect equipment or tool in an un-organised kitchen so you have to organize your kitchen tools.

Don’t worry I will help you to do this.

And give your amusing tricks step by step.

let’s dive…

first I will tell you how to organize the kitchen tools without a drawer.

How to organize kitchen tools in a drawer

If you don’t have sufficient drawer and you want to know some quick idea to organize your kitchen tools so follow that most effective idea which you can apply in your kitchen and able to store your kitchen items properly. 8 different ideas


Hang kitchen tools on wall

Do you know hanging is the best and infective way of organizing your kitchen tools but here is some tricks which you have to follow, hanging techniques will help you to utilise the extra space of your kitchen room.

It is very simple to make you can make it in just 3 steps…

  • Take medium size iron nails(pins) you easily buy this from your local market also these are very cheap.
  • After taking iron nails then strike(hit) that nail on your kitchen wall
  • Fix those nails strongly than after fixing that you able to hang kitchen tools like a knife, cookware, and other things

Note– my suggestion to you, don’t hang heavy items.

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2.simple pockets:

How to organize kitchen tools

Also this is a great way to arrange and organize your kitchen tools. This is very simple to make and also it enhances your kitchen looks.

Believe me, it will help you a lot and this is 100% homemade and simple.

You can store small thing like kitchen towel, spoons, scissor and other small tools.

Just follow some simple steps to make this.

  • Take any type of (wood or plank) or you can also take thick cardboard for doing this.
  • Then take a piece of cloth you can also take a designer cloth or kitchen towel for this work.
  • After collecting wood plank and cloth you have to stitch them and try to make them like pockets.

Now your 100% homemade pocket is ready

Note- you can also use glue for stitching them.

3.use magnets:

How to organize kitchen tools

Using magnets is a very innovative idea that looks pretty good and super easy to make in your home.

Most of the kitchen products are made with iron or Attractive to the magnet so this trick work perfectly in your kitchen.

It is very simple to make, you can make it in 3 easy steps…

  • Take medium powerful magnets, you can take those magnets from your old speakers or you can purchase them from the market.
  • Then take a piece of wood board and make some holes according to your magnet size.
  • After making holes put those magnets into the hole and set those magnets by super glue

Now you able to organize metal kitchen tools on it.

4.use racks:

How to organize kitchen tools

Homemade kitchen racks are good for storing and organizing big kitchen tool. Not only tools you also can store other things like pot, kitchen spices and many more…

So if you have big size kitchen utensils, I recommend you to make a medium size kitchen rack. also, it is helpful for a small kitchen room.

Few steps for making this…

  • Take wood (planks) or take stainless steel sheets for making this
  • find a place in your kitchen room wall to make this.
  • after finding a place use nails or clamps 🗜️ to fit this strongly on your wall.

Then you can arrange big kitchen tools on this.

you can also check out best kitchen organisation tools which solve your most your problem

5.Big jars:

How to organize kitchen tools

This is the most common item in our house, but you just have to neutralise it. You can store kitchen small items on it.

You just need to find a perfect size jar to store your essential items and then you also organize your kitchen tools on it.

6.use table under space:

we all use tables in our kitchen but do you notice that how much space does the kitchen table grab?

Yes, a lot of space.

But you can use those space in different ways.

  • Use table under space for storing big kitchen equipment like electric mixing machine, dough making machine.
  • use those free space for storing vegetables
  • you also can store bowels and kitchen dustbin 🗑
  • it does not end here you can anything store here.

7.trays and boxes:

How to organize kitchen tools

Like big jars, trays are also easily available in our house. Sometimes we throw those trays or boxes 📦.

Trays and boxes are very nice stuff for storing your kitchen tools because if you store your kitchen items in this, your kitchen items will safe from dust.

these are some simple tricks of how to organise kitchen which you can easily make in your home.

If you already have a drawer and want to know how to organize kitchen tools in a drawer, read below I will ago you how to do this work quickly

How to organize kitchen utensils in a drawer quickly.

Most of the cook’s problem is, messy kitchen tools so let’s see 1st how to organize kitchen utensils in a drawer?

How to organize kitchen utensils in a drawer quickly?

How to organize kitchen tools

If you have many tools in your kitchen, maybe you face a common problem that is ( not getting the perfect tool for the cooking work) so you have to separate every tool and organ

So let’s see how to separate them into 2 simple steps…

Step1: if you have a large number of tools then you can spread them on a table.

Step2: choose 1-2 tools and separate them with your 2 hands.

Examples – if you have many small cutting tolls like some small knives, scissors and they are mixed. so you can separate 2 types of the tool into one time.

organize kitchen utensils in a drawer in 3 quick way

  1. After separating those tools create a bundle for a different type of tool.
  • For example- if you separate small knives and scissors to create a bundle of a small knife also create another bundle of scissors. It helps you to store them properly.
  1. After creating bundles your next task is to arrange them properly, this is an important step because if you don’t arrange the tools properly maybe you face problems when you bring them out.
  2. So my suggestion is – first arrange not essential kitchen tools or equipment and then arrange most important or daily use tools. This step helps you a lot!

How to organise cutting kitchen tool safely

I know that cutting tools are very beneficial for us but without proper organizing, it can be dangerous for us.

if you have kids in your house then it can be even more dangerous so that’s why you should first le learn how to organize kitchen tools safely.

Here are 2 tips to organize your cutting tools safely.

  1. If you have very sharp cutting tools, my suggestion is to cover the sharp blade with a cloth.
  2. You can store it in the drawers.

How to organise basic kitchen tool

We use some basic or daily use tools for cooking. Some of them are big and some of them are small but the main problem is organising them properly in right ordered.

which save our time and also enhance our kitchen look

so let’s see some quick tips which help you to organise your basic kitchen item perfectly.

  1. First define your daily use kitchen tool example: cutting knives, cooking pots or pans, measuring cups like this
  2. After defining your kitchen tool you have to choose a place for your tool. In my opinion, take a big tray or container for storing your important kitchen tool
  3. You can also purchase a box for organizing your basic tools, for this you got 2 types of advantage
  • You can quickly access those tools
  • it saves your kitchen tools from dust.


Q. How to organize kitchen cabinets?

Q. How to organize kitchen cabinets?
If you buy premade Kitchen cabinets, you got locking hooks on them you can easily fix them with those locking system. And always fix your kitchen cabinets fight side of your hand.

Q. How to store spices in the kitchen?

You can purchase a specific container for storing various types of spices. Also, you can put spices into a plastic container.

Ultimate statement

No matter what type of tool do you use in your kitchen. But as a cook you’re the first task is to organize them properly.

An organized kitchen looks beautiful, save your time to find specific tools for cooking work, create a cooking environment so, in my opinion, every cook has to know how to organise kitchen tool.

Your turn

First I want to thank you for reading till the end and I have a request for you.

If you learn anything from this article, please send a lovely comment in the comment box.

I will wait for your response!!

Have a nice day😍

Have a nice cooking journey.

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