🤫(7 quick ways on)how to open a tight bottle cap

Are you struggling to open your bottle or jar cap? If yes, then don’t worry. Here I will tell you, how you can open a tight bottle cap? in a very simple way.

Not only bottles can you can also able to open any type of tight cap…

So let’s find out how to open a tight bottle cap.

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how to open a tight bottle cap easily

Apply these given tricks, you should be able to any type of tight lid or container.

Rubber Band Trick:

Open a tight bottle cap using rubber band

Use a rubber band that gives a better grip while opening the bottle or jar lid. This is only useful in medium or low tight bottles cap, following these steps to do this trick……

  • Take a rubber band and roll it around the bottle cap or lid.
  • place your fingers on this rubber band surface for better grip
  • And then just rotate the lid.

Use Cap opening gadget

🤫(7 quick ways on)how to open a tight bottle cap🤫(7 quick ways on)how to open a tight bottle cap

There are many cap opening gadgets which can make this work too easily also these are easily available in the market or you can also buy it from online….lets..see the steps

• Take that gadget.
• Adjust according to your bottle capsize
• Then lock it and hold it tightly
• then rotate this to open the tight bottle cap.

You can check out this video here I have provided the video usage of bottle cap opener….

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Rubber Gloves:

A person wearing blue rubber gloves for better grip and open a tight bottle cap

This is a simple and straight way to open a tight bottle cap, you just need a couple of things to use this method.

  • Take a rubber or any type of good 🧤 gloves.
  • put it in your hand and try to open the tight cap.


Use heating method to open a jar cap

This process nicely works with glass and stainless or metal cap., because these such things are expanding while receiving heat.
The process is too easy but you need have to wear 🔥 heatproof 🧤 gloves while doing this.

  • Take that right bottle and just heat the tight cap in low flames 🔥
  • just do 30 seconds and then try to open.
  • follow this step 2 to 4 times that will work.

Except, if your bottle cap is made with thick metal this process will not work…

Use a can opener:

A can opener can easily remove a tight bottle cap

This is also a very good idea to open a tight bottle cap because most of the can openers like 👉a butterfly can opener, pampered can opener etc. Have a hook to open the lid or cap.

  • Apply that hook in the corner side of the tight cap.
  • And apply that hook on every side of the bottle cap.
  • And then try to open it with your hand

Use a knife:

Knife can be used for removing right bottle cap

Using a knife is for opening a tight cap is a little dangerous, but you can do this. You have to protect your hand with gloves.

  • just tap the knife on the top of the tight cap that breaks the dust and attractions between the cap and bottle.
  • equally, tap the surface
  • then try to open the can with pushing technic

Smak the bottom:

Smack the bottom is a good technique, it uses air pressure inside the bottle but this trick goodly works in an empty jar.

  • just smak the bottle base
  • Do it three to four times
  • then use gloves to open the jar.
  • This trick does not work with all types of jars.

Use kitchen towels:

Towel or kitchen towel provide better grip so that it will easy to open a bottle cap

A kitchen towel is another good item, which you can use for opening a tight bottle cap.

  • just rotate the 👉kitchen towel around the bottle cap.
  • holds that towel properly
  • rotate and try to open the jar

How to make bottle cap smooth or easy to open

  • Here are a few ways to prevent the tightness of the bottle cap.
  • always open the cap every 1-2weeks that process can prevent tightness
  • don’t fill the full stuff of the bottle, always try to maintain some space.

These are a few ways………

A final thought on how to open a tight bottle cap

A tight bottle can consume your most of the time so you can follow these 7 tricks to open your tight cap.

Also, I think 💭 you got an answer on how to open a tight bottle ca if any tricks give you result then please tell us which one is working…

Or tell are going to combine all these methods to make open a tight stainless steel container or jar.

Comment down…
Thanks for coming
Have a nice day.


Q: How to open a tight soda bottle cap?

Bottle or soda bottle cap is compressed by very high pressure so it is hard to open without a bottle opener but you can easily do it by folding a hard 📓 paper.
• fold a long paper 5 to 6 times.
• similarly use this like bottle opener hook.

Q: How to open the glass bottle cap?

In the case of Glass bottles, we have a few tricks which you can use. Those are…
• use kitchen or any towel for better grip
• use gloves
These two methods are useful…

Q: How to open a bottle cap in the bare hand?

Use full palm ✋ and equally apply your hand rotation on the tight cap, which will work.
Also, you can use the thumb and other fingers and apply them force while rotating this……

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