How to make soft ice: 8 working and easy methods

How to make soft ice? Many restaurants started putting soft ice cubes in their drinks. There are plenty of reasons such as being chewable and the ability to absorb the beverage’s flavor.

Utilizing carbonated water to make soft ice cubes is a common practice. Yet, it isn’t available in every household and can be more expensive compared to tap water. Thus, let’s explore alternative techniques for creating soft ice cubes.

How to make soft ice: 8 working and easy methods
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Soft ice and its qualities

Even though their compositions are identical, many qualities of soft or nugget ice distinguish it from typical solid cubes.

Along with being exceptionally chewable, it is comparably smaller in size and less thick. The less-dense areas occur due to air bubbles. It occurs when water begins freezing and ice starts to form. At this time, air bubbles are stuck in the center leading to the formation of chewable ice cubes.

These parts of ice are less thick compared to the solid area around them, which makes soft ice a great alternative to clear ice.

How to make soft ice: 8 working and easy methods
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Possible ways of making soft ice

There are plenty of commonly known techniques for making soft ice. While some of them might be straightforward and not time-consuming, some might require effort from the maker.

Utilizing carbonated water

This is the most well-known and commonly utilized technique to create soft ice. The chemical composition is the same but here water is carbonated. This means that you shouldn’t worry about the flavor of the soft ice.

To undertake this procedure, you must buy a new carbonated water bottle. You ought to fill the ice cube tray halfway with carbonated water. Here it is important not to fill it all as it can nullify the effect of CO2 water.

Once you put it inside the freezer, the carbon dioxide gas escapes and result in the formation of what is known as nugget ice. The freezing period shouldn’t be less than six hours.

If six hours have passed and the ice is cracking once you push the tray back, put it back inside the freezer and anticipate longer.

How to make soft ice: 8 working and easy methods
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Purchasing a nugget ice machine

In case you have serious intentions to make soft ice, the nugget ice maker is a perfect choice for accomplishing your goals. It allows you to spend less amount of time making the desired amount of soft ice cubes. Additionally, it doesn’t require any effort.

The main principle behind this process is the pumping of water into a cylinder at freezing temperature. Thus, water starts freezing and turning into flaked ice. Only after these, the nugget ice maker compresses them into small chunks of ice.

As these cubes are made from compressed flaked ice, there are plenty of bubbles, making them exceptionally chewable and soft.

Due to the excellent qualities of the nugget ice machine, its price is also comparably high. Although some believe that it is worth the price and work correspondingly, others claim that nugget ice isn’t worth such an expensive appliance.

How to make soft ice: 8 working and easy methods
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Utilizing a water bottle

This is also a pretty straightforward process to create soft ice, however, there are a couple of details, which shouldn’t be overlooked. If you do everything correctly according to the instructions, you eventually possess a great addition to the refreshing summer drinks.

It is recommended to use distilled water. Once you fill the bottle, you ought to put it inside the freezer for 1.5 to 3 hours. Don’t forget to take it out before ice crystals form.

Thus, now you have supercooled water, which is cold but not frozen yet. You have to slightly hit the bottom of it. The next thing you see should be the instant formation of ice.

Some people say that it can be a fantastic addition to snow cones.

How to make soft ice: 8 working and easy methods
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Putting some sugar in the water

Sugar can be added to the water, which is used to make ice cubes. It is a good idea to put sugar in warm or hot water to ensure its full dissipation and mix it well. Once the temperature of the water decreases, you should place it inside the freezer.

The process behind this technique is the ability of sugar crystals to prevent the formation of stable bonds between water molecules. This occurrence lowers the temperature of ice, creating desired nugget ice pieces. Thus, sugar crystals are the main contributors to this process.

Although it can result in sweet ice cubes, some people might go for this option due to its straightforwardness.

How to make soft ice: 8 working and easy methods
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Utilizing smaller ice cube trays

A small nugget ice tray is a good option if you desire to make soft ice. The comparably small size of cubes in the tray makes them less dense and more chewable than larger soft ice cubes. Thus, the eventual outcome is softer ice.

Although the cubes do not be as excellent as the ones made by using a nugget ice machine, you achieve desired results without extra money spending and putting tiny effort.

You have to purchase a small ice cube tray and pour some water. Then, place it in the freezer and keep it there for some hours. Despite the extended waiting period, the results are pleasing.

How to make soft ice: 8 working and easy methods
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Attaining a benchtop soft ice maker

It is feasible to make soft ice utilizing benchtop soft ice makers. Depending on the preferred settings, they can make smaller or larger ice cubes. As mentioned previously, small ice cubes are softer and more chewable compared to large ones.

Additionally, this ice maker is more inexpensive for lovers of snow cones and soft ice. As their expense is lower than that of a nugget ice maker, individuals tend to purchase it.

Benchtop soft ice maker is a good alternative for its lower price with various settings and a short period of making soft ice.

How to make soft ice: 8 working and easy methods
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Utilizing soda

It is a plausible decision to utilize soda to make soft ice with a sweet flavor. The procedure isn’t challenging and requires the person to fill the ice cube tray halfway with the soda.

These ice cubes expand comparably more than the ordinary ones, so you ought to ensure that you didn’t fill the ice tray completely.

Once you are done making soft ice with the help of soda, feel free to put it in drinks. Additionally, it can be a good snack later if stored correctly.

Crushing the ice

Although this technique demands some energy and strength from the maker, it is one of the easiest ways of getting your hands on soft crushed ice. Nowadays it has become a common practice to cover ice with a tea towel and crush it with a hammer.

It is crucial not to apply excessive force as it can create too tiny cubes, which melt rapidly, or cause them to stick to the tea towel.

Also, there are specially designed ice bags available in online shops, which come with a mallet. You can create crushed ice utilizing these things. These tools can definitely alleviate your task and help you to accomplish your goals.

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How to make soft ice: 8 working and easy methods
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Frequently asked questions

I will show you the frequently asked questions in this part of the article and try to answer them in as much detail as possible.

How do you make soft ice like snow?

As mentioned previously, there are diverse available ways for making soft ice. One of the commonly utilized practices is using carbonated water.

It can be done by filling the ice cube trays halfway with the carbonated water and storing them in the freezer for at least 6 hours.

Alternative ways are purchasing special devices, including benchtop soft ice or nugget ice makers, utilizing soda, adding sugar to the water, and utilizing water bottles or small ice cube trays.

All of these approaches give you the preferred results. However, there might be deviations in the anticipation period and the texture of the ice. Therefore, feel free to try some of them and find the most suitable one.

What makes ice hard or soft?

The main difference between soft and hard ice is the presence of bubbles, which aerate the ice making it softer than the regular one.

Thus, the area of ice with bubbles is comparably less thick and easier to chew. So, the number of bubbles is directly proportional to the higher softness of the ice.

How do machines make soft ice?

The process behind the outstanding performance of machines is the pumping of water into cylindrical freezers. Thus, water freezes rapidly and gets scraped off the walls. Then, this ice gets compressed and turns into soft ice.

Another machine that undertakes the process of making soft ice is a benchtop soft ice maker. It has different available settings such as the size of the cubes. Due to its affordable price, it has become a popular product among soft ice lovers.


In case you are wondering how to make soft ice, you can choose the suitable one from widely available techniques. Although all of them lead you to the desirable outcomes, there are differences in the waiting duration and the quality of soft ice.

How to make soft ice: 8 working and easy methods
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Also, the cost might differ because sometimes you might have to purchase special machines or tools. Despite being costly, they work excellently and alleviate your task. You can attempt the previously explained methods and find the best one for you!

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