3 ways on how to fix a broken tile without replacing it

Floor or wall tile cracking is a normal phenomenon but it destroys the looks of your floor and wall after cracking…

So you have to learn how to fix a broken tile, I will give simple tricks, which you can use to fix your broken tiles.

Everyone can replace that broken tile with a new one, but here I will tell you how you can fix a broken tile without replacing it….or without spending much money…

how to fix a broken tile without replacing it

follow these steps and you can fix your broken tiles.

1. Fix broken tile with epoxy:

For this DIY, you need an epoxy tube which is easily available on the market, here is the procedure…

• Take epoxy according to the crack size on the tile
• Mix the epoxy properly with a stick or any other tool
• Apply epoxy on the corner of the cracked tiles
• And then arrange them properly
• After arranging the broken tile pieces, apply epoxy all over the cracked area.

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Q: What is epoxy?

Epoxy is a type of glue, used for fixing hard surfaces and also epoxy is used for waterproofing.

2. Use Cement:

Cement powder mixture used solve the problem ofhow to fix a broken tile without replacing it
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You can use cement for fixing broken tiles…don’t worry you only need a few amounts of cement.

• Take a few amounts of cement and add some water
• Mix it properly, and make it like a pest
• Apply those cement pests on the cracked area
• Give rest for 7-8 hours for drying the cement
• you can apply colours for hiding the cracked area.

3. Nail Polish:

3 Nail Polish in different colours with names
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Nail Polish can fix your tile temporarily, here is the procedure for fixing broken tile with nail polish.

• Here you need both nail polish and epoxy
• Apply epoxy on the broken tile and then fix it.
• Take nail polish and add a few amounts of epoxy ( nail polish colour according to tile colour)
• Rub that nail polish on the surface of the crack, it will hide the tile crack and give it straight.

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Create art on that crack.

You can apply any of these three methods to fix your broken tile, but if you want to turn that broken tile into a beautiful design.

You have to make a design for the broken tile and fix them with cement or epoxy that will give an extraordinary look.

The problems of broken tile

Here are some problems, you will probably face when your tile breaks.

• Broken tiles have destroyed the looks of your house
• After breaking the tiles have sharp edges which may harm someone.
• A single broken tile maybe lose the other tile grip

How to stop tile brocking?

• First if your tiles are not placed properly, it should create problems in the long-term cause of damage.
• Avoid dropping heavy items of metals on the tile.

These are a few causes and advice to protect your tiles…

Conclusion on how to fix a broken tile without replacing it

We use tiles for making our house beautiful but when the tiles Broke that will affect your house look, and also create sharp edges which may be hurting you.

So try out the given tips, it will fix a broken tile without replacing it and you can also do various artwork with those tile pieces…

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Q: How much time it will take to finish?

Every process needs 10-15 minutes but you have to give the rest of 2 hours after every process. In between the 2 hours, the tile will be set perfectly.

Q: Do epoxy strong enough to fix the time properly?

Yes, epoxy is capable enough to join two heavy rods, so it can fix tiles easily.

Q: What are tiles made of up?

Tiles are made of up ceramic, in the making process they put on extreme heat which makes the surface hard and glowing.

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