[All Details on] how to descale breville espresso machine

Is your Breville espresso machine not working at its full potential? And you are facing issues with your Breville espresso machine?

Don’t worry, that’s because of calcium which is deposited in the inner part of espresso and to solve this you have to descale your espresso… And here I will tell you how to descale Breville espresso machine simply……

So let’s start……

Why do you need to descale your espresso?

As you know espresso is an water reliable product which needs too much water and that water deposits calcium and another element in the inner part of Breville espresso.

And that calcium just blocks the steam wand, and group head filter so to prevent this you have to descale your Breville espresso machine.

Product need for descaling (Table)

1.cold water
2.hot water
3.Descaling solution

You can also use other descaling liquid which is homemade and effective…..I will tell you about this…..follow the article…👇


how to descale Breville espresso machine

Follow the below steps to descale your Breville espresso…in a simple manner


  1. Take your espresso machine and remove the water filter ( in this process you don’t need a water filter)
  2. Now, remove the existing water from the espresso machine water container.


  1. You can use the descaler which is given by the company packet.
  2. Mix that descaler first in normal water and after the normal water process is done you have to mix descaler into hot water…

• you can use homemade descaler I will tell you about this…just follow the article.


  1. Now put the normal descaler into the espresso water container
  2. Then press the 2-shot and power button of Breville espresso at the same time, by doing this you can put your espresso into descaling mode…
  3. Now you can see the descaling light starts blinking, and when the light is steady or not blinking that means, the machine is ready to descale now
  4. Now, press the 1-shot\cup button to start descaling, now you can able to see the 1-shot\cup button is started blinking.

• this process usually takes 20 seconds to debacle the inner components, then press the 1shot\scale button again to stop the process.

__________the inner part descaling is compleat__________

Now we have to descale the steam wand and hot water components, which is very important components of espresso machine…

Follow these 4 steps…..

  1. To descale steam and hot water component we have to turn on the button manually.
  2. Put a container under the steam wand because it will release excess water.
  3. Now turn that stem dial to the left side it will descale the steam wand or other stem component ( it will take hardly 15 seconds)
  4. Now turn the dial to the right side to descale the hot water parts which take proximity 10secounds…

Now turn the dial to the vertical ↕️ position…

video tutorial


Note: now all descaling process is done but you have to repeat 🔃 this process with hot water and pure normal water……….All processes will be the same all you have to do is just change the descale liquid… if you want to clean outerpart of espresso you can check our article about few ways on cleaning brevill espresso machine

How to make homemade descaler for an espresso machine

Baking Soda:

Using baking soda for descaling espresso is a good option because it contains a good label of acidity, and is also cost-effective..all you need just

  • 1 Cup of baking soda
  • warm water

Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is very acidic and it can easily descale your espresso, but don’t worry it doesn’t disturb the test of coffee, all you have to do is just clean the espresso with normal water.

  • Filtered lemon juice
  • Water

Remember you need several lemons to implement this process so… read below for more.


Vinegar also works like another homemade descaler, you just need to collect

  • few cups of undiluted vinegar
  • water

Citric Acid:

It has lower acidic strength than vinegar so it will take few time to descale but the advantage is, that it can’t release any unusual smell in the espresso machine.

  • 1 Tablespoon of citric acid
  • litres of Water

So try these 4 common household products to make an effective and money-saving descaler

Which one is a good descaler…among them

If you take my opinion, then you should try the descaler which is easily available in the market but if you’re is not able to buy descaler for any reason then try out this product…

Check out the top descaler here– click here

Another way to descale your Breville espresso machine/ other product you can use


Q: Breville barista not entering descale mode?

First, try the method that I am given in this article then if anything does not happen then take your Breville to a specialist.

Q: Can you use vinegar to descale?

Yes, you can use vinegar to descale your espresso, vinegar also contains a good level of PH which is capable enough to descale.

Q: How often should you descale your espresso machine?

Normally, you have to descale 2-3 times your espresso every 1-month gap that will maintain the inner area clean from calcium.

Q: can you descale a coffee machine with the vinegar?

Yes, you can descale coffee machine with vinegar, and it is a good homemade alternative.

Q: When do I know my espresso machine needs descaling?

When your espresso is not working properly or create problem in the steam wand and other components, then is it the indication that your espresso need descaling

Conclusion on how to descale Breville espresso machine

Listen, descaling the Breville espresso machine is not hard all you have to do is just make descaling liquid and put espresso in the descaling mode…

So I think this article will solve your problem on how to descale the Breville espresso machine, and you probably successfully descale Despre

If you like it share it and comment your quarry in the comment box…

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Have a nice day😍

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