4 fastest way: how to cut a mango like a pro chef

We all love to eat mango, mango has antioxidants, and vitamins that give a huge health advantage to us.

But the sad thing is l, we waste most of the vitamins and other helpful elements while cutting it so you have to learn how to cut a mango.

I will give 3-4 different ways to cut mango cleanly, now you just have to read the article carefully…

Let’s start…

Equipment you need.

Before we start you have to know, what product you need to cut a mango. you can use any of the equipment which I am given below.

knife• Several cutting tools
• vegetable cutter• mango
• spoon• mango cutter

See, before cutting mango you have to choose an ideal mango, so read below.

How to choose a perfect mango

Just Check the below point to verify whether your mango is in good condition or not.

  • Don’t judge a mango by its color, because sometimes good looking mangoes and bad in test and quality.
  • Cros check the overall surface, ensuring there are no holes in the surface.
  • Just gently press the skin, remember if the mango is very easy to press then that would not be a good sign.
  • over the period you will be goodly understand how to choose a perfectly ripe mango.

So now let’s discuss our main topic.

4 Ways how to cut mango

Cutting a mango professionally is quite tricky, but if you follow my steps, you can cut the mango in different styles so just look at the steps…

1. How Cut mango using a knife:

how to cut a mango using knife
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  • First, you need to take a mango and stand it vertically, remember the middle point of a mango is a pit which is had to be cut, and on either side of the pit are mango chicks resent, you can cut it easily.
  • Then take a knife and then cut the mango from both sides (chicks)
  • Then cut the mango which is attached to the mango pit.
  • Then eat it.

Want to Cut the mango chicks into dice form? Then Watch this video


2. How to cut mango using a slicer/peeler:

how to cut a mango using vegetable peeler
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  • First, take the slicer and then peel the skin of the mango.
  • Then take a knife and start making slides from one side of the mango.
  • You can cut that mango in any size.

3. How to cut mango using a mango cutter:

How to use mango cutter to cut mango
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  • Using a mango cutter is the most reliable and fastest way to cut a mango.
  • Take a mango cutter and stand it vertically.
  • Then take a mango slicer and placed it in the middle of the mango pit.
  • Then press that mango cutter downward that will extract the hard pit and sift mango chicks.
  • Now you successfully cut a mango.

Watch this video to know how mango slicer work

4. How to cut mango using a veggie cutter:

how to cut a mango using vegetable cutter
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This is not recommended but you can still try it.

  • First, remove the pit from the mango using a knife or mango cutter.
  • Then take the mango pieces and put them in veritable slices.
  • Now cut the mango using a vegetable slicer.
  • That will create a nice shape with mango skin attached.

If you don’t have any equipment to cut mango then you can try these ways to cut mango without having a peeler.

How to cut a mango without a peeler

If you don’t have a peeler then you can use the following methods.

  • Cut mango using a knife
  • You can also use a big spoon to scoop out the mango from the skin.

These two methods you can use to peel mango without having a peeler.

The product you can use for cutting a mango

Mango peeler.
Vegetable cutter.


Q: What is the fastest way to cut a mango?

There are two fast ways to cut mango fastly 1. using a mango peeler and the second one using a knife, I would recommend the first way because this is the safe and fastest way of all.

Q: How to cut Mexican mango?

Like another mango, you can cut it with a knife, mango peeler, or any other cutter…

Q: What is the best way to cut mango using only a knife?

First, cut both side mango chicks and then remove the pit. It is the simplest method you can use in knife..

Q: Can I eat the skin of mango?

Yes, you can eat the skin of mango even, I have eaten mango peels many times there is no harm..but before you eat clean that mango properly.

Q: Can I cut mangoes with a knife for making a smoothie?

Yes, you can cut mangoes with a knife for making smoothies, but cut the mango into a dice shape, because the mixer grinder blade can grind it properly.

Conclusion on how to cut mango

I know you can easily cut a mango like a professional chef, just all you have to do: is follow my methods and use various types of mango cutting equipment which is easily available in different online markets.

Before cutting any mango, do check the quality of that mango, also it may contain pesticide coating do clean that fruit properly (using fruit and vegetables washine machine click here to know )

I think this article solves your query on how to cut a mango if you like this content then tell us in the comment… I would love to answer you.

Have a nice day!

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