5 tested method: how to clean ninja blender

Ninja Blender is quite a complex machine, it has several moving parts so it needs to be clean every day.

I use a special method of cleaning for blenders, so here I will give a proper step-by-step guide on how to clean ninja blender without damaging any part.

This cleaning method can able to improve the ninja blender life cycle…

So read it fully 🥰

Requirements need to clean ninja blender

These are the requirements…, just take available items it is not mandatory to collect all items, just collect important items like ( water, detergent, cleaning brush, vinegar or belong soda..)

  • Normal water
  • Soapy water
  • Lemon juice
  • Detergent
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Cleaning brush or kitchen towels

Must clean this blender parts

Clean Blender Outer Part: for cleaning the blender outer part you can use detergent because it is an Alkaline material.

And alkaline material can remove dust and another bad element quickly and make a ninja mixer grinder surface shinny.

Clean Blender Jar: Don’t use detergent or soap water here, instead of this you can use lemon or baking soda…

I am telling this because when you clean that blender jar with detergent and sope, few amounts of material will stick with the surface

and that may go into your food so use lemon and baking soda for cleaning the inner part or jar.

Clean Blender Blade: use a brush for cleaning the blender blade, here you can also use baking soda or vinegar or lemon juice.

I think you got a better idea of which material you can use for which type of parts… So now read below.

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How to clean ninja blender 5 working tips

1.Clean ninja blender using Soapy water

how to clean ninja blender using soap water


  • Brush
  • Shopy water


  • As I said before, only use soap water for cleaning the outer layer or part of the ninja blender.
  • First dip a brush or cleaning towel into the soap water, and give a few moments for shocking the water.
  • Then use that brush or towel for cleaning the outer part
  • Also carefully apply that brush to the ventilation hole, but remember your brush should be dry at that time.

2.Clean ninja blender using vinegar

Clean ninja blender using vinegar


  • Few amount of vinegar
  • warm water


  • As I said before you can use vinegar for cleaning inner parts or a jar of ninja blender.
  • put a few amounts of vinegar into the blender jar, then add 2-3 cups of warm water.
  • Then, close the lid and start the blender.
  • This process not only helps you to clean the blender jar but also it will clean the sharp blade.

But after this process, maybe your blender jar is small bad but you can clean and avoid this by cleaning it with normal water.

3.Clean ninja blender using lemon

how to clean ninja blender using lemon


  • few lemons/ lemon juice
  • water


  • lemon juice is the best alternative to vinegar, if you don’t have vinegar then you can use this.
  • As I said before you can use this for cleaning both outer and inner parts.
  • Take lemon jus and use a brush or booth to rub around the surface of the ninja blender also put that lemon juice into the blending jar.
  • After this make sure to start the blender it will clean the inner part automatically.
  • Use a brush to clean the outer part… Then clean it with normal water.

4.Clean ninja blender using the baking soda

how to clean ninja blender using baking soda


  • baking soda
  • water / warm water


  • first make a mixture of 2 to 3 spoons of soda with half a cup of water.
  • then use a brush or cleaning towel for applying around the outer side of the blender.
  • you can also use a brush for cleaning inner parts like a blade.
  • baking soda can able to remove dust easily also it will remove corrosion ( rust)
  • after this don’t forget to clean with normal water.

5.Clean ninja blender using a brush

Cleaning brush for cleaning blender , kitchen items etc..


  • brush
  • water


  • if you don’t have any of these items( vinegar, soap, baking soda or lemon) then you can try this.
  • First, take a cloth and dip it into water.
  • Then apply that cloth all around the blender.
  • Then normally use a brush for cleaning.

Use this ninja blender cleaning brush

Why cleaning is necessary for this blender

There are several problems you will face, if you avoid cleaning of ninja blender..those are.

  • Rusting, due to dust and water contact, the blender parts will be get affected by rust which is not good!
  • especially the rotating bade part needs more cleaning, sometimes the food materials stuck there and make blade jam. And affect rotating speed.
  • also if you don’t clean the outer part of the blender, then it will be the best place for bacteria and other microorganisms which are not good for your health.

So follow those steps of cleaning and avoid these types of problems.

Ninja blender cleaning video:


Q: how many times, do I have to clean with a blender in a month?

Ans: I would recommend, cleaning the blender after use. And deep clean your blender in a 1-month gap.

Q: how to clean the ninja blender top?

Ans: use soap or vinegar or baking soda for cleaning the ninja blender top, use a towel or brush for better results.

Q: how do I remove the ninja blender blade smell?

Ans: it is happening due to the presence of West food or bacteria, you can easily remove it by applying lemon juice and baking soda at a time.

Q: what happened, if I don’t clean the ninja blender?

Ans: if you don’t clean the ninja blender for a long time, then you should face problems like heating, blade jamming etc…so follow our method and clean it properly.

Conclusion on how to clean ninja blender

Don’t be confused, just use a brush and some alkaline for cleaning the blender. But remember to use detergent for the outer layer

and use soda or lemon juice or vinegar for cleaning inner parts like a jar, blade etc…

Also, check the wire connection of the blender from time to time, for this you can identify loose wire and fix that.

So this is the whole summery, if you like it then let us know in the comment box also ask your Question, I am ready to answer.

Have a nice day🥰

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