7 easy steps of how to clean kitchen tools and equipment

Now cleaning takes a great role in our daily life,
so in the household, we have to clean every item because it is our responsibility to protect our family members from different types of diseases.

Our food takes an important role in our health.

if you don’t clean your kitchens essential item, so it causes danger for you and your family.

how to clean kitchen tools and equipment

To prevent this situation you have to know how to clean kitchen tools and equipment.

So I will tell you the expert method of cleaning everything in step by step.
These points are very important that you have to know so check out all points.

In middle, I will tell you home kitchen essential cleaning tricks which can help you. And you get benefits of using kitchen tool

Can you want to know that tricks? So lest go.

Best of cleaning and sanitising trick for kitchen tool and equipment

• Clean your essential items by cloning liquid and water
• Store your equipment in a clean place.
• clean instantly otherwise it will hard to clean
• use tricks that I can provide you.

There are many necessary items in the kitchen which we need to clean such as metal, wood, plastic and others.

1.How to clean and sanitize metal kitchen item.

We use different types of metal like iron, stainless steel, aluminium, copper etc.

It needs cleaning after every use if you don’t clean so it can be damaged or look strange.

Metal usually did not take bacteria easily, but it can turn dirty if you don’t clean it.

I think these points give your some answer about how to clean kitchen tools and equipment
∆∆ so

Follow these steps of how to clean kitchen tools and equipment and protect your kitchen essentials.

• separate your different types of kitchen metal tools.
• boil heated water is a reasonable thing to clean
• Use cleaning shop, liquid and other cleaning items.
• Use metal cleaner for cleaning.
• you can also Drain in water so that you can able to clean your tool easily.
• always use a soft cotton cloth for cleaning
• after cleaning store your item in a clean place.

∆∆∆trick||| use some vinegar and lemon for easy cleaning it will help a lot.

2.How to clean Wooden kitchen utensils

Wood is a good material for cooking. Wood items give you a comfortable kitchen experience.

It is also good for hand because the heat didn’t enter through the wood.
The wood item gives a natural feeling of cooking.

How to clean Wooden kitchen utensils

But it is not easy to clean because after some time of cooking it will absorb oil, and another black dart

so ∆∆you can follow these steps for cleaning wood material.

• First you have to take some boiling water and salt
• then you have to press your wood tools into the hot water
• you can also use some oils for cleaning your wood item.
• After all these steps you have to store your kitchen items in a safe and clean place.

Trick– if you are suffering from kitchen sink cleaning, so it is usually happened for cleaning your dishes with extra food so
Advice- store your extra food before washing your dishes

3.how to clean plastic kitchen tools and equipment

Plastic is an important item of our kitchen it is easy to use and.

Plastic is used in our many kitchen essential items like cooking knives handle, vegetable peeler and cutter like other items.

Can you know if you don’t clean plastic item it will easily be called the home of bacteria,

∆∆so can you interested to know how to clean kitchen tools and equipment like plastic?

Follow these steps.

• you can use simple hope and other cleaning stuff for cleaning your plastic tools.
• you can also use cotton clothing for cleaning
• After wash put that tools in sunlight for a little moment.
• separately store these items.

Can you want to know about another cleaning hack? So lest see…

∆∆tips –

4.How to clean rusted items with simple tricks.

Rusted kitchen items are created big problems for every cook.

These are hard to clean, specifically iron tool,

so always avoid buy iron or some rust capable items for the kitchen.

∆∆Kitchen tools are always washed in water so buy some rust-resistant kitchen tools for your kitchen.

If you have any rusty item you can easily clean these by these steps.

• Add some vinegar or lemon juice to water.
• saturating that rusty tool in this vinegar added water for some minute.
• Take sandpaper to clean that rust.
• After cleaning store in a dry room.

∆∆Note– maybe it is not easy to clean it depends on your material quality and Rusty ness but it will help a lot.


5.How to clean burned kitchen tools.

If your cooking pan or pots have black spots so you can easily try these steps to clean that.

Usually, kitchen pans and pots are looking this type for long time usage.

So don’t worry follow these steps to do your work easily. You can also use these steps to clean burnt aluminium utensils.
Here are the steps–

• Take that burned pan or pot and put some water on it.
• Take some vinegar and add in water.
• boil that water for some time.
• After boiling keep that for cooling for some time.
• Then take out that water from the pot or pan
• Similarly clean that burned pot or pan by sandpaper.
• use some detergents for cleaning.
• I think now your pot is cleaned.


6.Clean after cooking

I know you already know about that but can you know what type of benefit it gives to you.

I respect the people who schedule their cleaning time, But it is not easy.

If you have a small number of dishes or cooking equipment so the scheduled time is very helpful for you

But if you have a large amount of kitchen equipment

And you dont know how to clean kitchen tools and equipment follow thes steps.

• Clean immediately when you use that item.
• store all item in a perfect place.
• organize your daily use items on the top of the rack.

• it will manage your time so that you can use that time for your family.
• you have no tension to clean your stuff.
• For this simple work you can easily organize your kitchen look.

7.Store your item in a clean place.

At fast I told you to store your every item in a right or clean place, that will reduce your extra cleaning work.

Because our air is full of dust, can you see an unused car or any other item is coated with a dust layer?

how to clean kitchen tools and equipment

So, the container sees how to store your items in a clean place.

• Always put your kitchen items in a dust or water-resistant container
• you can use plastic and steel contender.


• it will keep clean your kitchen essentials.
• your kitchen look well organized.
• it also protects your important kitchen items from small insects.

So these are the 7 easy steps of how to clean kitchen tools and equipment.
You can also use these commonly important asked questions to protect your kitchen.

1.Types of chemical for cleaning

There are different types of chemical for cleaning some are a little dangerous and some are not working.

But today you get the type of kitchen cleaning chemical which can help you.

List of cleaning chemical or liquid

• Some dish wash gel
• vegetable and fruit washer liquid
• Liquid detergents
• kitchen disinfectant spray
• and more.

2.Why is it important to sanitize kitchen tools and equipment

Yes, it is important to sanitize everything. Specially It can kill bacteria and protect your family.

Important of sanitizing

• For this step your family stay protected


Don’t worry, I think these 7 steps of how to clean kitchen tools and equipment are helping you very much.

And provide you with the simplest way of cleaning so if you enjoyed our information please share it with your WhatsApp group or with some special friend.

Who is suffering from this situation so
Share it and help your best friend.

And please tell me your best point of our cleaning information in the comment section.

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