[4+3 ways] on how to clean breville espresso machine

I know cleaning of Breville espresso machine is time taking also boring work, but do you know? Without proper maintenance, your espresso machine will not work properly…

So you have to learn how to clean Breville espresso machine, don’t worry here I will describe all ways which you can use to clean your Breville espresso machine properly…

So stay with us…

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Before I get started, you just need some basic equipment / product which is available easily…

The product that you can use to clean espresso


• A brush
A kitchen towel/ cloth

These 2 basic pieces of equipment you need to clean a Breville espresso machine, now just collect these items which are given below…and believe me, that will work like a pro..!

Cleaning tablets: These are easily available in the market, as well as the espresso machine companies, gave those tablets with packets..you can use those. (You can use it for cleaning the inner area)

Vinegar: Vinegar is a good substance for removing rust, spots, and other things from your espresso(you can use it for cleaning outer areas)

Baking Soda: This is another product that creates bubbles and takes out dust particles from the Breville espresso machine surface. (you can use it for cleaning the outer area)

Commercial product: you can use other commercial products for cleaning your espresso.

So you have to choose 1-2 as examples: (suppose I take, cleaning tablets and baking soda For cleaning my espresso )

You have to choose according to your need and then follow the below method of cleaning the Breville espresso machine in different parts…

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How to clean espresso machine step by step

Just follow the below steps which make your work easier.


  1. Fill the Breville espresso machine tank with normal water and make sure your machine is turned off at this point.
  2. Take a silicon filter and place that into the Portafilter and then take the cleaning tablet and put that in the middle place.
  3. Then lock the Portafilter and then press the single-shot \ double-shot button ???? It will take hardly 4-5 minutes
  4. Make sure that tablets were dissolved totally, if the cleaning table is not dissolved then repeat that process.


  1. You can use baking soda vinegar and other household items for cleaning the outer part of the Breville espresso machine
  2. Just add those items into the water and clean them with???? kitchen towels ????
  3. This process removes rust and other particles from the surface

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Follow these steps for cleaning your Breville espresso machine, and also comment on whether these steps work for you or not.

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Q: How long do the Breville espresso machines last?

It will depend on your usage and how much time you spend on maintenance, so if you maintain it properly it will work 5-6years minimum

Q: Can the Breville espresso machine be repaired?

Yes, espresso machines are easily repairable and the parts are also easily available in the market and online store…but if you want to repair them yourself then I don’t recommend you.

Q: Why does the cleaning light of the Breville espresso machine not turn off?

It may happen due to some internal technical problem, you can contact the brand or near hardware store.

Q: Which is a better brand DeLonghi or Breville?

Both Delonghi delonghi is cheaper than Breville and makes also make good espresso but if you need full-featured espresso you Breville brevill…

Q: Is Breville made in China?

This is designed by Australia but due to some geographical factors, these are assembled in China.

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Conclusion on how to clean Breville espresso machine

As like every espresso machine Breville espresso machine also needs time to Maintains and clean but the bad thing is the process is time taking and quite tricky…

So I think our guide about how to clean the Breville espresso machine would help you out with your problem,

If yes, then please comment on this article that helped me, or if you have any questions ask us in the comments.

Thanks for coming!!!!

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