how to clean a pasta machine

If you have pasta mashing, then pasta making will be easy for you, because it has various cutting blades that make it quick and effective.

but…do you know? without proper care, pasta mashing will be useless, So you have to learn the proper way how to clean a pasta machine.

There are a few ways which can help you to clean pasta meshing……

how to clean a pasta machine

1.polymer clay:

Clean pasta machine by polymer Clay, different colours polymer clay

The dust or small pasta pieces stuck inside the small holes can easily be removable by Polymer clay.. you just need to follow this…

  • Purchase a polymer clay from market
  • Perfectly squeeze and mixed that
  • Then just apply over the surface of pasta meshing
  • Also put that polymer clay inside the pasta meshing, it will also clean the inner part.

Q: what is polymer clay?

Polymer clay is a natural synthetic substance that is mostly used by a teenager, and they play with this
But you can use it for cleaning

2.De attaching parts:

You can also de attach the outer parts of the pasta machine and clean that part.. but this technique is only applicable in manual pasta makers. electric pasta maker may be difficult to open.

  • Read the user manual and know the working function of the pasta meshing component.
  • Simply de attach the parts.
  • Wash it, or clean it.

3.Clean with compressed air:

Small and big air compressor comparison

The compressed air technique is most reliable and effective because you don’t need to de attach parts, you don’t need to wash the pasta meshing following steps…

  • arrange an air pressure machine
  • And clean all parts of the last mashing
  • Attention: airflow should be medium.

If you don’t have air pressure mashing, you can simply try other methods which are given below…

4.Clean with a kitchen towel:

Orange colour Kitchen towel cleaning pasta mashine

Kitchen towels are designed to clean dust and surfaces smoothly so you can use kitchen towels for cleaning and pasta machine

  • Take a kitchen towel
  • Spread a few glasses of water on it
  • Then clean the surfaces and inner parts of the pasta machine

I’d you looking for good quality and beautiful looking kitchen towel👈 (then click here)

5.Clean with brush:

you can also use a brush for cleaning the inner parts of the pasta maker, the thin brush can go inside the corners and able to clean it effectively.

  • Take a brush
  • Simply apply it to the corners of the pasta machine

6.Clean with Dishwasher:

First read the manual your pasta maker is dishwasher safe or not, if it is safe then you can put it in the dishwasher…

🚷 Rules to be followed

Few rules to be followed while cleaning the pasta machine…

For electric pasta machine

  • Make sure your electric pasta machine 🔌 plugin is out from bord.
  • read the user manual carefully before doing anything.
  • Do not be attached the electric components.
  • don’t wash electric pasta machine with water.

For manual pasta machine

  • read, a manual pasta machine is dishwasher friendly or not from the user guide

What are the important component of pasta meshing?


  1. Cutter blade
  • mainly pasta machine important part is the pasta cutter which gives shape to the pasta
  1. Handle
  • with the help of a handle you can operate the pasta machine, give a few amounts of lubricant to it.
  1. Base
  • Base give support and stability, also base decides your pasta machine will be strong or not.


  1. Motor
  • Motor help to rotate the cutting blade and you have to check it within 2-4 months
  1. Blade
  • Electric blade is also similar to the manual blade.

Conclusion on how to clean a pasta machine

The cleaning pasta machine is a little difficult thing because it has sharp blades and corners at the inner part of the body.

So I think this guide about how to clean a pasta machine will help you to clean pasta machine effectively.

If this article helps you, then please share it and ask questions about this topic in the comment box.

Have a nice day.


Q: can I wash my pasta machine?

you can only wash your manual pasta machine but an electric or automatic pasta maker can’t provide waterproofing so I don’t recommend it for an automatic pasta machine.

Q: how do I clean rusty pasta maker?

you can use baking soda, coca-cola and other techniques for cleaning your rusty pasta maker you can also read our article about( how to remove rust from kitchen tools)

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