Make Testy and Homemade quick pizza dough in 7 steps

Are you a beginner in pizza making? And want to know how to make homemade pizza dough, to make happy your family, and children?

Don’t worry here I will give proper guidance, on how you can make a soft pizza dough quickly.

Make Testy and Homemade quick pizza dough in 7 steps
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Ingredients for making pizza dough

  1. Yeast: You can take regular yeast or pizza yeast both are good but check that yeast must be in good condition.
  2. Flour: Flour is the main ingredient in making pizza dough, this is taken as the base of our pizza so choosing quality flour is very important to make a pizza tasty, 2-3 cups of flour is good for making a 12-inch pizza base.
  3. Oil: Oil needs to bind all the ingredients with each other also, your pizza dough quality depends upon the amount of oil and water you use. So read the full article
  4. Water: You need a small amount of water to make a fluffy pizza dough. Using hot water also gives good results so use hot water.
  5. Salt: Salt depends upon, the number of ingredients, flour, and yeast you used so keep it in your mind.
  6. Yeast: 1 tablespoon of yeast is needed to make fluffy pizza dough
  7. Some other ingredients: This is not necessary but you can use this small herb of powder to make a dough tester.
Ingredients for making pizza dough
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Steps to make Homemade quick pizza dough

Follow these simple processes to make pizza dough quickly

  1. Take all ingredients and mix them properly with your hand you can also use a dough maker, which can easily make your pizza dough in a simple process. Here is the best dough maker to make pizza dough
  2. At the time of mixing add a few amounts of hot water and then mix them properly, you have to continue this process for 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. After proper mixing, take a slippery base and mix that dough with your hand making layer folding techniques for better dough making.
  4. After proper folding gives rest for 70 to 80 minutes and after this process brushes oil on the dough (1 Tablespoon of oil will be used) and makes a round ⚪ ball.
  5. After 70-80m. You can check your dough is a little fluffy, then split that dough and fold the corners.
  6. Make holes in the dough surface with forks.
Steps to make Homemade quick pizza dough
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Now your pizza dough is complete, now you just need to add your favorite toppings and cheese on this and bake it under high flame.

Tip: when you bake that pizza your temperature should be 400-450°c

A final thought on Homemade quick pizza dough

You have to follow these steps sincerely to make homemade quick pizza dough, when you’re going to bake that pizza dough or pizza you have to focus on the temperature of baking.

If you will find the right temperature that will make the pizza crust testier.

I think this article help you to make homemade pizza dough if you like this information please share your thoughts in the comments.

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Can you use a regular floor for pizza dough?

Yes, you can but this is not recommended because pizza regularly use floor contains low protein and also it could not bind probably with each other. So don’t use regular flour for making pizza dough because sometimes it decreases the pizza test.

What makes pizza dough softer?

Simply an oil layer or egg yolks can make a thick layer around the pizza dough which makes pizza dough softer.

How to make pizza crunchy?

If you want to make pizza crust crunchy, you can increase the backing temperature which will make it crunchy. Also, use a thin layer of aluminum foil under the pizza dough that will make the pizza crust perfectly crunchy.

Is readymade pizza dough good?

Yes, the readymade pizza dough is good instead you check the ingredients and manufacturing date. It is very easy to use and you can make pizza quickly with the help of this readymade pizza dough.

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