5 Disadvantages and advantages of kitchen chimney

Are you going to purchase a kitchen chimney?
And want to know about the what are the disadvantages and advantages of kitchen chimney?

So don’t worry here I will discuss every pros and cons about the kitchen chimney which reduces your confusion…

Are you ready to know…what are the advantages and disadvantages…

Advantages and Disadvantages of kitchen chimney

There is nothing like a perfect product in the market, every product has some good and problem-solving quality and bad quality.

If you know the bad and good quality then you will be to find your best product.

Advantages of the chimney in kitchen

  1. Make the kitchen environment constant

A Housewife spent most of that time in the kitchen so she needs a peaceful and well-maintained environment to cook properly

And the kitchen chimney is very good at this because it can reduce the smoke and other gases from the kitchen room which is the advantage of the kitchen chimney.

  1. Remove the unusual smell

Sometimes our kitchen was full of bad small which makes it uncomfortable to stand out there but if you have a kitchen chimney, it can be to reduce the bad smell.

Also, there are some special filters like a carbon filter which absorb the bad gases and is small from your kitchen room…

  1. Protect your kitchen wall

High smoke and high temperature badly damaged your kitchen wall paint and design and after some time, the wall looks dusky and cheap but if you have a kitchen chimney so this type of thing will not happen to you!

  1. Increase your kitchen glance

Now the kitchen chimneys are very well finished and well designed which give a high-tech look to your kitchen so this is another, advantage or prose of kitchen chimney.

  1. Reduce the chance of diseases?

Do you know? the smokey environment creates many lounges and another very painful disease
But the good thing is if you have a kitchen chimney in your kitchen that will reduce all smoke, reduce bad small and also maintain your kitchen room air conditioning.

So having a kitchen chimney is a plus point for your comfort.

Disadvantages of the chimney in kitchen

  1. Produce noise

This is the actual problem, sometimes the noise goes increasing which reduces our focus on work. The noise is created from the in-build motors but now many companies give noise reduction features and also change their design.
But still, it is a problem.

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  1. Hard to clean the filter

There are a few types of kitchen chimney filters and the filters give some advantages and disadvantages, but the worrying part is- it is hard to clean after a few months.

Sometimes the filter holes are covered by dust so they don’t work properly. So you have to clean it.

Although filterless kitchen chimneys are available in the market they are a little costly.

  1. Little costly

Kitchen chimneys come with many components and parts and they need manual fixing so they are a little costly.

Also if you going to buy an individual part of the kitchen chimney the seller gives it at a high price.

  1. Need maintenance

The kitchen chimney has many parts so it needs maintenance also sometimes it needs a special technician for maintenance.

The filter and the motor is the most maintenance needed part so if you purchase a kitchen chimney, you need to clean and maintain it every 2 to 3 months.

  1. Power consumption

Whenever you start your kitchen chimney the motor will start working and that motor needs a bunch of electricity.

And similarly, the auto-clean chimney needs more electricity because it has auto clean feature…

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A final thought on Disadvantages and advantages of kitchen chimney

5 Disadvantages and advantages of kitchen chimney
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As you know every product has some pros and cons, similarly, kitchen chimneys also have some pros and cons.

Now it’s your responsibility to read those 5 prose and 5 cons carefully from this article and ask yourself, is it really beneficial for me or my kitchen?

If you are interested you can check out our best kitchen chimney review here.

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