best mixer grinder for dosa batter

In Indian cuisine, there are lots of different types of great dishes and dosa is one of them.

If you are a true Indian food lover so you definitely know about dosa but the problem is making dosa batter.

Yes, Dosa batter is a little tricky to make but if you have the best mixer grinder for dosa batter so you can easily make this.????

Don’t worry here I will show you that mixer grinder which helps you to make dosa batter.

Are you ready..?

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Buying guide of best mixer grinder for dosa batter

Before you purchase any mixer grinder you have to check some features and requirements, to choose a better grinder.


Power is an essential thing and it directly affects the dosa batter quality also it affects your time so choosing a capable mixture grinder is very important.

Ideally, 400-500 Watts power is best for normal use but when you going to make dosa batter, the 500+ Watts mixer grinder is perfect.

Because the speed of the blade breaks down the compound and make a smooth batter and smooth batter make the best dosa.


Capacity means the ingredients storage capacity. It is also an important factor because big mixing containers make your work fast.

Also, dosa better need more water so a big container gives the ability to add more water to the batter also.


The mixture grinders are very high-speed kitchen accessories so maybe they will cause unusual accidents.

So our no1 priority of any mixture grinder is safety, locking technology and airtight caps, strong handle, electric shock-free, descent waterproof

These are the common safety measures that are compulsory for every mixer grinder

so before your purchasing check some of these criteria.

These are some common points which you have to take in your mind before purchasing.

5 best mixer grinder for dosa batter

Are you excited to know about the best mixer grinder so let’s start…….

1.Philips 750W Mixer Grinder

Philips 750W Mixer Grinder is a multi-functionality less product that is nicely capable to make dosa and idly batter.

Philips 750W Mixer Grinder has a unique air ventilation facility so it can stay cool for a long time and also it can reduce overheating.

it is a perfect choice for yours because it has food-grade high-quality jars and blades which is capable of making dosa batter.

Airtight and watertight containers are controlled water spreading and make your batter smooth.


  • Controle vibration make this mixer body dust and water-free
  • 3 jars for multiple mixing work
  • advance heat-releasing technic


  • it produces noises

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Note: during the first and second use this mixer may be small burning for varnish coating on the motor but don’t worry it will be a shootout after some 3 to 4 usage.

2.Butterfly Smart Mixer

Just like another mixer grinder, this Butterfly Smart Mixer grinder has 3-4 storing and mixing containers.

You can use it for my other grinding work like spices making, powder making, better and juice making, yes you got a juice making container on this.

Also, the metallic and abs plastic body make this mixer more durable,

the blades are made in sharp stainless steel so it can easily make power or batter for your cooking work.

3 stage power control button gives full-speed access.


  • controller button
  • 750 watts motor
  • Led light which indicates the power supply
  • juice making jar.


  • little noisy
  • them airtight rubber is losing after few months of use.

3.Bosch TrueMixx Pro Mixer Grinder

This is a really pro mixer grinder because it also has many features which are not in another grinder.

Do you know the pro factor of this grinder?… The pro factors are……

It has a locking mechanism to lock the cap of the mixer grinder and it has a big shape container so it can mix large amounts of batter.

Also, the 3 different types of blades are capable to make power, thick batter and also capable to mix liquid, so it benefits you!

The jars(containers) are made with high-grade stainless steel and the outer layer is coated with a chrome finish which gives a glossy look and prevents it from rust.


  • cap locking mechanism
  • 750 watts grinder
  • glossy interior
  • product warranty 2 years


  • little expensive

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4.Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder

This mixer grinder Is very stable and it is also ear-friendly because it is not too noisy.

This butterfly mixer grinder is capable of up to 2 litres and the mixing drum is made of stainless steel which is perfect for multiple usages.

You will be amazed that the Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder mixing blades are specially designed for making the batter.

The blade has two rounded wheels which make it easy to rotate the blade and it also has an additional blade that makes dosa and if the batter smooth.

So it will be a great choice for you…


  • large container
  • made of ABS plastic
  • unique blades
  • come with extra coconut grater


  • if you going to grind liquid or any hard item it may not work properly

5.Havells CAPTURE 500 Watt Mixer Grinder

The colour combination of this mixer grinder is pretty good and this mixer grinder contains 3 containers which make your work easy.

The main jar is capable of at least 1liter, so you can easily make dosa batter on this, also you got a speed control button on this.

It has a 21000 RPM motor with air ventilation which make this product cool. But this grinder has the only problem that is a top airtight rubber cap.

Which will be loose after some months…


  • 5-year warranty
  • 2 type of blade is used
  • one litter+ holding capacity


  • rubber airtight sill

Few rules you have to follow while making the batter.

If you don’t follow these rules so maybe your batter making process will be gonna wrong so just check out some points

Also, these points enhance your skills in the batter making so you can make a better batter.

  • Don’t overload the mixer container always put half of the ingredients and then start the mixer.
  • Don’t add water while the mixer is in working conditions because it may be spread out all batter.
  • Try to make the batter in medium rotation speed, which will give smoothness to your batter.
  • sealed the mixer cap goodly it protect batter from spreading
  • Don’t touch the container when it is working…

Is dosa really benefits you?

In simple words yes, dosa benefits you because it is made of a mixer of various types of daal, rice and other good ingredients so dosa is good.

Also, it is very lite and easy to make so it also is the best breakfast, don’t worry dosa is good food.

A final thought on the best mixer grinder for dosa batter

Obviously, dosa is a very tasty food but the common problem every beginner faced in making dosa batter.

Believe me, it is easy to make but you need perfect tools and accessories to make the batter,

And I think this article will help you to find the best mixer grinder for dosa batter,

If you have any single question related to this topic you can interact with me with comments.

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Have a nice day!

Thanks for coming dear!


Q.which blades are used to make dosa batter?

Specially mixer blades are made of stainless steel and those blades are small and have a little curve,
so it can easily rotate and it can easily make a pest of raw ingredients, rounded small, sharp, curved blade make dosa batter perfect.

Q.can I make idli better in dosa making grinder?

Yes, you can make idli batter in dosa making grinder, because these grinders work in the same principle. much power need to make dosa better?

Ideally, 700+ watts grinder is most useful for making dosa batter, but you can also use a 1200watt mixer grinder.
But high watts mixer grinder produce high noise so in my choice 750 – 900 watts, mixer grinder is enough to make dosa batter anything.

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