4 Best kitchen chimney for your kitchen room

Do you know that cooking smoke is dangerous for your body and it can be because of several health problems ⚠️ like chest and lung problems according to (ScienceDirect )?

Also working in a smoky environment is very painful so, why you are taking risks?
Now we have some of the best kitchen chimneys in the market which is capable to throw out smoke from the kitchen room.

Please, don’t worry here I will explain about these kitchen chimneys.

Ok, let’s start

Are you really need a kitchen chimney?

If any of these incidents happened in your kitchen then you need a kitchen chimney.

  • During your cooking time if your room is filled with smoke and for a long time it can’t be drained out, so you have to purchase a chimney.
  • If your kitchen room is in a corner and the smoke disturbing your neighbors, so a kitchen chimney can help you.
  • If your kitchen room temperature increases while cooking due to smoke, so you need a kitchen chimney.

Here are some problems, if you also faced those problems. So I suggest you go for the kitchen chimney.

Best kitchen chimney for your kitchen

1. Faber Pyramid Kitchen Chimney

The best advantage of this chimney- It can remove smoke and gases very quickly no matter how big your kitchen is.

Also, it is affordable and gives a 1-year product warranty also12-year motor warranty so doesn’t worry about the motor.

This is a wall-mounted kitchen chimney so you have to mount it on the wall. Which make this small space consuming chimney.

It needs 220 volts of electricity for work, and it has some low power consuming L.E.D light.

It has 3-speed control buttons so you can easily increase and decrease the suction power, 1000 m3/h is its suction power.

It also has a noise ???? control button, I think this is the best chimney for your kitchen.


  • LED lights ???? which gives enough light to cook
  • Speed control button is available
  • 12-year motor warranty and 1-year chimney
  • 1000 m3/h suction power available


  • it has a noise control button but still, it produces little noise
  • used filter good but you have to clean it in every 2-3months

2.BLOWHOT 60 Cms Ariel Chimney

This is another baffle filter black colour kitchen chimney that is also pocket-friendly.

This chimney has 800 m3/h suction power so it will be perfect for medium size kitchen room, if you have big kitchen room you can go with the first “Faber Pyramid Kitchen Chimney

And do you know? this is an aerial chimney which is better than an exhaust chimney so it needs low maintenance.

But the only problem is less suction power, at this price range. You can check out this…


  • areal chimney and black finish
  • Shock proofs body structure
  • pocket-friendly \ affordable
  • LED lamp is present


  • 800 m3/h suction power which is not compatible for big kitchen room

3.Faber Autoclean Chimney with Filterless technology

First of all, this chimney design is very good and it comes with an auto-clean feature that is capable to clean oil and other dust particles from your kitchen chimney.

Also, this is a filterless technology so you don’t need to change the filter month by month, also this needs low maintenance.

6-way suction way and power full motor (1250 m3/hr) able to remove smoke and other particles within some time.

There are no buttons to operate the chimney, this chimney is completely accessible by a motion sensor.

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  • 1-year chimney warranty and 5year motor warranty
  • curve fibreglass make this chimney more stylish
  • Capacity of suction is 1200 m3/hr which can easily throw smokes from 100 to 200 sqft
  • Gesture control and LED light


  • noise is 58 dB which is a little high

4.Elica Filterless Auto Clean Chimney

This is another best auto clean chimney that comes with filterless technology and a motion sensor control

Elica chimney uses heat auto clean technology which heats the oil particle then the oil was collected by an oil collector.

An LED lamp is present which produce enough light, so you can see the control panel easily, also this chimney has a motion sensor so when you wave your hand You can access various features.


  • motion sensor and control panel which is easy to use
  • beautiful design
  • heat auto clean technology
  • oil collector


  • produce noise
  • heating in high flame according to buyers

A Buying guide to select the best kitchen chimney for your home

  1. Suction power: The kitchen chimney work with the help of suction so this is a very crucial factor. If your chimney suction power is high so that will remove dust and smoke faster than other chimneys so choose a suitable kitchen chimney.
  2. Chimney filters: There are different types of chimney filters in the market and those filters affect the suction power and also affect some functionality of kitchen chimneys so carefully choose the filters.
  3. Size of chimney: there are normally ????three to four types of kitchen chimney you can check out here, you can try a horizontal kitchen chimney in a small kitchen and for a big kitchen, you can choose middle or large size kitchen chimney.
  4. The noise of the chimney: The noise depends on the inbuilt chimney motor and its design, so make sure that the chimney top part is well designed and also check that early air is flowable or not.

Type of kitchen chimney filters

1.Baffle Filter:

It is a very useful filter because it needs less maintenance than other chimney filters. Also, it is removable so you can clean it yourself. For this reason, most companies use this filter in their kitchen chimneys.

2.Mesh Filter:

it has multiple layers of covers and it will be able to catch all dust and hard particles from smoke ????, but it needs maintenance. It has many layers of coating so, it captures all dust so the holes are blocked after some time.

3.Carbon Filter:

It is also a food filter that needs very low maintenance than the other two filters, also this filter can remove bad smells from your kitchen, so this is also a nice filter.

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Is auto clean chimney better or not?

In simple words, auto clean chimneys are better than another chimney because it has an auto-clean feature which saves your time, money so you can say this is better ????.

You have to put water inside the container and that water is used to clean that kitchen chimney, but manual chimneys need maintenance so auto clean the chimney better.

How to clean kitchen chimney?

Cleaning the kitchen chimney is necessary if you use the right tools and right chemicals that will make this work very easy.
So let’s know what are the right process of cleaning kitchen chimney…..

Follow these stapes

  • Take some boiling water and add some cleaning liquid into this
  • mix that liquid and give some time.
  • take a buffer of kitchen towel to clean the kitchen chimney.
  • you can also use water, vinegar, and soda for cleaning the rust and other dust

????Here is our detailed guide about how to clean rust and kitchen tools…..????

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Kitchen chimney price

Kitchen chimney price depends upon the brand and the future, but the normal prose of a kitchen chimney is a start-7000rs (93usd) to the max- 14,000 to 15,000(186-200usd)

You can choose it according to your need…..
The more money you invest the better product you get…

Top 10 kitchen chimney brands

i.Faber –

ii. Sunflame-

iii. Elica –

iv. Hindware 

v. Glen

vi. Prestige

A final thought on the Best kitchen chimney

Nowadays the modern Kitchen chimneys can maintain your kitchen air perfectly which save your body from various diseases.

So I highly recommend you to do purchase a suitable and best kitchen chimney for your home from the above bestseller chimney review…

I think this article will help you if this article help you so please share it with your family members,

If you have any questions, comments below…I am waiting for you.

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Have a nice day!


Q. How much electricity is consumed by a chimney?

This depends upon the motor of the chimney and the number of functions that work in that chimney but ideally, the power ???? consumed by a 250-watt motor.

Q.what is the CMH kitchen chimney?

CMH is cubic meters per hour, and that tells how much air sucked into the chimney in one hour and here some other factors work…

Q. What is the charge for fitting the kitchen chimney?

This depends on your kitchen and chimney duct but normally in India technicians change (500 Indian rupees to 1,500 Rs) so check but if you purchase chimneys from an online marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart some sellers provide free fixing.

Q.what called a good kitchen chimney?

A kitchen chimney is called to be good when it fulfils these criteria

•It produces low noise ???? and also have a suitable design and size.

•The suction power should be enough to take all gases and smoke from a big kitchen room
Low power efficiency

•Easy to clean and need low maintenance
And available in any place.

• These are the factors that make a kitchen chimney best and efficient.

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