7 most useful and best dough maker in india

Can you agree? that making the perfect and fluffy dough for chapati(roti), cookies or any other er food is a little time consuming and also boring.

As I say I also try to learn from my mom but I’m not able to do…

But can you know? You can make the dough without any skill of dough making and it is easier than manual handwork.

Yes, you can make the dough(atta) for your food with the help of the best dough maker in India,

And can you know these kitchen tools are helping many students and housewives so you can say these dough makers are time-saving and easy to use?

So let’s know some important thing about before you buy.

The points you should consider before purchasing

Have multiple gears(speed): Why am telling this because if you choose multiple gears dough makers it can make your dough making progress easier are comfortable.

You can change the speed of your dough maker by this type of feature.
Manly the electric tools have the built-in feature of the speed controller. But in the manual data maker tool, you have to manually adjust the speed

So always take this point if you going to buy a manual or electrical dough maker.

Easy to use: I saw many tools which are come with next-generation features but they have many completions. In simple word up can’t use those properly.

So my suggestion to you if you are purchase something not only to see the features but also see the easiness of product.
And asked yourself can I use this property?

So you can get your answer.

Good size of storage capacity: I don’t know what is your family size but you can choose e dough maker according to your family member size.

This is an important thing because if you choose the wrong size item, maybe it will not suitable for your family.

So find a good size atta maker so you able to fulfil your family food need in few times.

Less cleanable: Everyone tries to make their house or kitchen equipment clean and beautiful so we spent lots of time doing the cleaning work.

Believe me, if you purchase a product which needs cleaning every day so at last, your 5-10 minutes will run for this work.

you can simply save your time, by choosing a low menace product.

Strong: most of the dough maker makers are strong, but recheck their build material before buying.

The strong plastic and steel electric dough maker are probably strong. You can easily go with them.

price: The price is another factor because. The company give build quality, body structure, power, and warranty according to price,

If you buy an expensive product so definitely got a good build quality, speed, structure and more advantages

But you also get good quality in midrange products.

In my opinion, the best Atta dough maker price in India is starting from 400 – and the best expensive best dough maker in India price is 2000-3000.
You can do multiple works with these expensive products.

Which Type of dough maker perfect for you

If you search for the best dough maker in India so you get many Verity of good tools!!

But my point is, you have to find out dough maker which perfects for you.

Manly in the market, there are 2 common types of dough maker and that are…


Don’t worry, I will give you complete guidance, what is good and what is bad in a manual or electric dough maker so you can easily choose what to buy or what is good for you.


The electric tool also works in the same principles as the manual dough making tool.

• It is easy to use and also easy to work with it
• You don’t need hand power, it can quickly make your dough (atta)
• Give you good and soft dough which is good for cooking
• Strong body and some come with a warranty.
• Good for a big amount of mixing.
• and you can mix different types of stuff in this

Problems: also it has some little problem
• Consume electricity and the power consumption depends on the electric motor
• It needs cleaning after use and also it needed care.

So these are some minor problem, most of the electric dough maker comes with good build quality so it will helpful for you!!


A manual dough maker is a hand-operated tool that is also good for making dough for chapati, cookie ???? or other.

• It does not need electricity to work.
• these tools are also easy to use and clean.
• I can’t need more maintenance or cleaning
• These are easily carryable to every place

• These are not compatible with the massive amount of mixing or dough making.
• And some other minor problem of handle

Also, this dough maker has some advantages and problem,

Now, it’s your choice to decide which dough making tool is perfect for you and your family.

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Best dough maker in India which are suitable

I think you know some important things before buying or purchasing something so let’s see products and find out your best

1.Solimo Plastic Atta/Dough Maker

7 most useful and best dough maker in india
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7 most useful and best dough maker in india
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The limo atta maker belongs to the manual tool, and come with a strong body which gives you a good cooking experience for a long time.

Also not only that, there are three types of blades in different size so you can easily make the dough or other mixture in this Solimo atta maker.

Also, the company give you measuring cups in different size which help you to measure your quantity of atta.

• Mainly this is dishwasher friendly so you can wash it in the dishwasher without any problems.
• multiple measuring cups
• three types of blade

• this is transparent so maybe it will look yellow after some month

2.Rico multi-tasking Atta processor

7 most useful and best dough maker in india
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7 most useful and best dough maker in india
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As you see in the title this is a multi-tasking atta maker and believe me it will reduce your many kitchen works.

Can you know, it is an electric tool so you don’t need any efforts to do dough making.

This is not only an atta maker it is also a mixer, slicer and also it works as a veritable chopper,

And here is a speed controller which gives full freedom of cutting or dough making.

So my strong suggestion to you- This is the best dough maker which can help you to chop veggies, slice fruits, and meant more.

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• Different types of cutting, detachable slicing blades
• Come with 400 watts powerful motor
• Speed controller
• Come with to lock feature

• If you don’t lock the dough maker properly so it can’t start so do proper locking.

3.Food Processor – Atta Maker, Chopper, Blender. 

7 most useful and best dough maker in india
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7 most useful and best dough maker in india
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This is also a manual but muti purpose kitchen tool, it comes with various cutters and some replaceable
Other tools for slicing, cutting.

This is similar to Rico multi-tasking Atta maker but the Rico is an electric and powerful atta maker and this is manual.

The good thing about this tool is – all cutting, slicing, reading and easily fix in one body,

so it will save your kitchen space and also you can use it for multiple purposes.

• you got many accessories
• This is manual so you don’t need electricity
• Strong body and structure

• maybe This is not dishwasher friendly but you can wash it properly manually.

4.Kent Atta and Bread Maker

This dough maker is different from others because it comes with a 500-watt powerful motor that gives you perfect and fine dough.

Not only that it is also fully automatic so there is a build feature of the 19 program menu

What is the program menu in kent

This is a 19 type of built-in program which you can use for making a perfect dough for sticky rice, dessert, jam, cake, bakes etc…

As you know chapati dough and cookie dough are not the same, the two different types of dough need different types of process to make it.

So the 19 types of the built-in program help you to make various types of dough with easy steps.

• user-friendly interface and design
• very powerful
• 19 programs which is the best thing in this product

• no

5.Home plus dough maker

7 most useful and best dough maker in india
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7 most useful and best dough maker in india
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It is a simple dough maker which similarly looks like the mixer grinder
And also its functions are very similar to a mixer grinder so I think it will easy to handle.

Speed controllable is also a good feature for this tool. And like other mixer or dough maker, it also has a good quality plastic body.

Note:- This Food processor comes with a built-in locking mechanism so Without proper locking, the food processor will not start.

So lock it properly and then start this.

• 350 watts of power which give you good performance.
• User-friendly design
• you can add 2kg flour

• very noisy
• maybe it will generate smoke after some months

6.Automatic Electric Dough Kneader

7 most useful and best dough maker in india
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7 most useful and best dough maker in india
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It is a very fascinating product, I sure you ell that you love this dough maker because this comes with 650 watts of power.

In this power, you can easily make chapati dough, pizza dough and any other mixer.

Also, this is very simple to use just steps.
• plug in the cable to your electric bord
• Add four attain the container
• And then start the dough maker
• add some water while mixing

In only 1-2 minutes you will get your dough.

• 650 watts of power
• Nonstick voted bowl so your dough will not stick to the bowl
• 3 measuring cup
• built-in timer
• 12-month warranty

• little costly

7. 7 Speed mixer and dough maker

7 most useful and best dough maker in india
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7 most useful and best dough maker in india
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Especially this is an electric mixing tool which can be easily used for different purposes like mixing ingredients, making dough for the cake and chapati

And also it mostly used in mixing liquid items, so it will also a good choice for you.

•  7-speed controller
• you can use it for a mixer, blender and cream maker
• 1-year warranty


I think you probably know about the best dough maker but wait!! Can you know about the benefits of dough maker,

Here Are the benefits which blow your mind…

Benefits of dough maker

Benefits of dough maker
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Here are some important and some small benefits which blew your mind.
So let’s see those benefits.

Make your hand clean: This is the great advantage you got if you’re using a dough maker, and also some tools are electric so you can mix lots of things without a problem.

Multi usage: Can you know? most of the dough making tool in this list are multitasking,
you not only make the difference type of dough but also you able to cut vegetables, chop the veritable and other mixing work like screaming.

Make the perfect dough: Now at this time dough makers are designed very cleverly so all dough making tools produce good consistency and soft.

Quick work: Also another big benefit you got is time. You can finish your work quickly and the saved time you can use in other work or your family.

You know the benefits but can you know the perfect steps of using it…

How to use dough maker perfectly in 5 easy steps

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There are different types of dough making tool but there is a similar concept so you can use those steps in every type of tool.

best dough maker in india
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  1. Every tool need power like a hand mixer need hand power and electric tools need electricity so apply power in your dough maker.
  2. Add flour in the container and equally spread them
  3. Then start rolling the manual mixer or start (on the button) in electric.
  4. Add water while rolling the dough maker
  5. Then it will ready within 2-3 minutes
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Q. Is kent atta maker useful or not?

Ans: The simple answer to this is yes, the kent atta maker is very useful because it gives many automated facilities which make your kitchen work easier you can read the article for better information.

Q. What is a disadvantage of atta maker?

Ans: can you know the disadvantages of atta maker?Here•It reduces your cooking skills• you slowly depend on it and that is not good for you• some atta maker are complicated and hard to use but not every atta maker like this.

Q. Is there any electric atta maker which makes chapati automatically?

Yes, there is some automatic chapati maker and you can make chapati using your hand but they are too expensive and complex which not easy to use.

Final word

I think you probably decide which is best for you and also you learn about some other information,

Here I try to mention all the best dough maker in India and also their usage now it your choice to find what good for you!!

Now Your turn

I hope it will help you if any information helpful for you so give nice comments that Will encourage me.. Am waiting for your comments

Have a nice day ????

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