Are silicone kitchen tools safe|Every thinks about silicone

Iron, stainless steel, and wood kitchen tools are familiar kitchen tools in the market but now silicon kitchen tools are gaining popularity, due to their build quality.

Are silicone kitchen tools safe? But I know you have many questions like: Are silicone kitchen tools safe to use? Or are silicone kitchen tools better than plastic or wood tools?

So Don’t worry here I will try to answer all types of questions simply.
Are you ready for that? So let’s start.

What is silicone?

Silicone image
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Silicon Is a manmade material, and it is also called polysiloxane. Silicone is use for making various items like kitchen utensils, and electrical product surfaces and silicone made products can handle up to 260°C–350°C(500F–662F) temperature.

Also, It is a very affordable and flexible material so most people and companies love to use this.

But do you know the silicone material or any silicone made product is safe or not?
Let’s see if silicone is safe or not…..

Are silicone kitchen tools safe?

There is not too much research on this but some research is made and those research tell silicones are safe to use, also, the quality control verifies that silicone products-(silicone kitchen tools and other electric products) are safe to use.

NCBI research published that tells silicone is not harmful to our immune system so you can use it freely.

So the conclusion is: silicone kitchen tools are safe.

But they have some conditions which you have to follow.

What do you have to check while using silicone utensils?

As u tell me silicone made products are safe but they have some important points which you have to know while using silicone kitchen tools.

Remember these…

  • Silicone can handle (260°C–350°C) if you put silicone tools above 350°C that can release bad chemicals so be aware of this.
  • There are lots of cheap silicon kitchen tools in the market and those cheap tools can release harmful chemicals so find 100% silicone tools.
  • Don’t store your silicone spoons and other silicone cooking equipment in a hot place, because it reduces your silicone kitchen tool life span.
  • I know silicone is probably heatproof but still Don’t throw it on fire because it releases harmful gases like other normal plastics.
  • Do proper washing before using silicone kitchen tools.
  • Here you can check 7proper washing and cleaning trick for kitchen tools.

I think you are probably aware of the silicone but do you know the benefits or advantages of silicone kitchen tools.

Advantages of Silicon utensils

Silicone is a very useful material, not only for scientific research but also a good material for making useful tools and equipment so let’s know the Advantages of Silicon utensils.


  • The silicone kitchen tools are flexible so they can’t break under medium pressure.
  • The other spoons are destroyed the nonstick cookware outer layer of but the silicone spoons are comfortable for use on nonstick cookware.
  • The silicone made tools are strong are good for long periods of use.
  • The silicone tools can’t fade colors so they look new for a long time.
  • The body surface of these tools is very smooth so you can clean these tools very easily.
  • Silicone tools are rust-free so they can use in extremely watery places.

Silicone kitchen utensils disadvantages

Also like advantages Silicone kitchen utensils have some disadvantages which you have to know before judgment…


  • Silicone tools are resistant (260°C–350°C) but they can’t survive 350° up the temperature which is a little bad.
  • it may release harmful chemicals in 350°+ state.
  • These are not good for our environment ♻️ and soil.
  • You have to care for that tool because if you by chance damaged the outer layer so maybe the silicone particle will falling from the silicone tool.

Note: These advantages and disadvantages of silicone tools are not applicable for all types of silicone tools, because some good quality silicone tools give quality products.

You probably know about the advantages and disadvantages of silicone utensils but do you know which material is good for your kitchen?

Silicone vs plastic kitchen utensils

Silicone vs plastic kitchen utensils
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here we will do comparisons between plastic utensils and silicone utensils so are you ready to know how is best?

We compare them me some important factor which is provided below also we give them some points to decide the best.


  1. Material straight(5)
  2. Efficient Utilizing(5)
  3. Reaction at high temperature(5)
  4. Environmental effect(5)

Note: we give points between 1-5 and the full points are 20, also this is my point of view, you can also do it in your studies.

Silicone kitchen utensils

1. Material straight: silicone utensils tools are very flexible and also strong and lightweight so it is a very good material.

2. Efficient Utilising: yes, silicone made products are not only strong also these tools are easily manageable, the surface of silicone is smooth so it made the cleaning process easier. The silicone product outer colour is durable.

3. Reaction at high temperature: it is an important factor because we use most or silicone utensils in the kitchen and other high-temperature places. Most of the silicone tools utensils start reacting at 260°C temperature they release certain harmful chemicals but in low quantities

4. Environmental effect: like other manmade materials like plastic, polymer silicone also creates an environmental problem because these are not 100% recyclable and it releases harmful gases if you burn them.

Total points silicone get- (12.5)

plastic kitchen utensils

1. Material straight: plastic material is good in strength but little poor in flexibility still it is also a good and strong material and it uses for making the handle and other stuff.

2. Efficient Utilizing: Plastic made products are strong but they fade out colours after few months and sometimes the old plastics pieces are falling from the body so it looks a little odd.

3. Reaction at high temperature: The biggest disadvantage of plastic is us8ng it at high temperatures because the plastic can survive only 70-80°C then that plastic will start realising harmful gases so you can’t use plastic in hot places.

4. Environmental effect: plastic also affects the environment like silicone plastic is non-biodegradable material and some of them are recyclable, some are not so both silicone and plastic create a bad effect on the environment.

Total points (9.5)

As you see silicone is better than plastic because silicone is strong, flexible, and high-temperature suitable but also plastic is a good material.

Are silicone safe for small babies?

Are silicone kitchen tool safe for small babies
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The silicone is approved by FDA, and they said the 100% food-grade silicone will not harm anyone also some study tells that the food-grade silicone has no problem use.

After this treatment, most of the companies lunch their silicone made baby bottles also now we are using silicone made foldable bottles, so the conclusion- silicone is safe for small babies.

Are silicone safe to use in high temperature?

Burning silicon tool
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According to the Minnesota Department of Health, The average temperature for normal cooking is between 70°(160F) and the maximum is 200°( 392F).

So as you know the silicone will be to handle 260°+ temperature so it is safe to use at this temperature, but I would recommend you, don’t use silicone at extremely high temperatures (350°-400°) that will not be good.

A final thought on Are silicone kitchen tools safe

Silicone kitchen tools are little new in the market but they are safe and fine to use in your kitchen.

Also, the silicone tools are good for managing and long-lasting so I recommend you buy them.

I think you got the answer to Are silicone kitchen tools safe if you think this is helpful for you and this article help you so,

please give your feedback in the comment box, am waiting for your comment.!

Have a nice day!


Q: Are silicone toxic?

No, silicone is not toxic, except if you put that silicone In 300°C, in 300° the silicone compound releases bad gases.

Q: Is silicone recyclable?

No, silicone is not completely recyclable, only some types of silicones are recyclable but you don’t get good silicone after recycling because most of the silicone is burned. So it creates bad environmental problems.

Q: Does silicone contain BPA?

No, silicone doesn’t contain BPA and it is nontoxic but it emits small amounts of gases in high temperatures.

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