Are lemon seeds poisonous: basic answers

If you take care of your health and regularly juice citrus you can just mix the seeds and lemon pulp into your juice. But carefully clean lemon skin before juicing lemons and control the number of lemon seeds you add to the juice because if you swallowed lemon seeds accidentally and now you have just one question: are lemon seeds poisonous?

Are lemon seeds poisonous: basic answers
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If you or your kids accidentally swallowed seeds contained in lemonade or lemon don`t worry, nothing terrible will happen to you and your children because they are not poisonous. But how does its consumption affect our health?

It is believed that lemon seeds are toxic and lead to various digestive issues. In this article, we will find out if this statement is correct or not.

Are lemon seeds edible? Are lemon seeds toxic?

We all remember our faces when we tasted seeds for the first time. People often mistakenly believe them poisonous because of their bitter flavor.

But there are no reports about people who died or got ill after that. Let`s consider the composition. Citric acid contained in lemons and juice makes the taste bitter.

But citrus seeds have many health benefits because they contain Vitamin C and salicylic acid which make them significant in the fight against cold and for increasing immunity. Vitamins E, A, B1, and B2, proteins give the lemon seeds useful to maintain health.

Are lemon seeds poisonous: basic answers
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Lemon seeds have benefits over other fruit seeds which can sometimes be unhealthy and recommended to use them as a natural remedy.

As you can see it is more likely to say that lemon seeds are healthful than poisonous.

What are the health benefits of eating a few lemon seeds from time to time?

Lemon seeds are not poisonous in a small quantity. It contains nutrients and can be healthy if you consume it moderately. The main word is MODERATELY!

Seed can be used while treating various health issues. Despite their small size lemon seeds have high nutritional value and contain vitamin E, they are a rich source of flavonoids and fiber, and their nutritional value is high.

You can use them for increasing the immune system because seeds as well as lemon oil and lemon peel contain vitamin C, citric acid, and essential oils. Add lemon oil into your diet, it will work as an immunity booster, and use it for protection against the flu.

Considered that limonene that lemon seeds contain reduces cholesterol and prevents the formation of blood clots in veins. Also, it helps with depression relief since the lemons increase serotonin in the brain which gives them great health benefits.

You can use them for antibacterial properties and against fungal infections, for instance in the struggle to eliminate the threadworms in the intestines.

The way of digestion for these purposes is to grind seeds, mix them with water or milk, boil them, and drink the prepared mix.

Are lemon seeds poisonous: basic answers
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As an analgesic. If you have abdominal pain or some pain issues try using lemon seeds as they have been found to have some analgesic effect.

School and university students will find citrus seed oil useful for their concentration and memory.

Why are lemon seeds harmful?

First of all, don`t let children and animals eat lemon seeds. Our pets` digestive system works a different way and they can`t process the last one as well as humans do accordingly citrus seeds are not animal feed.

If you swallowed whole seeds it will not damage you because our body detoxifies a small number of citrus seeds. People with problems with the digestive tract, irritable bowel syndrome, and allergies should consult with their physicians before digesting.

Are lemon seeds poisonous: basic answers
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Nevertheless, even if you take small pieces of citrus seeds (one or two) will not cause any problems for your health and will pass freely through the intestines. But people with stomach problems should apply to the doctors in case they swallow a large amount of them.

Lemon seeds contain a small quantity of psoralen and can be toxic if you consume them in large amounts. So it is preferable to control the number of seeds eaten by you, your children, and your pets.

Are lemon seeds toxic for pregnant women or not?

Pregnant women shouldn’t consume lemon pulp and seeds because of the irritating properties and the hydrogen cyanide contained in the seeds.

Are lemon seeds poisonous: basic answers
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But there are always exceptions and it may happen that citrus seed doesn`t affect the health of pregnant women. So this is preferable if you advise your obstetrician-gynecologist before deciding on adding any new product to your diet.

Consuming lemon seeds without damage for your health

Are lemon seeds edible in the usual way? If you don`t want to consume lemon seeds like the other seeds, for instance, apple seeds you can`t find below some different ways to eat seeds properly despite their bitter taste.

Grind and boil a small quantity of lemon seeds in water or milk. Peel the lemon and soak lemon seeds in water for 10-12 hours till the seeds get soften. Then you can grind them in a paste and use it in culinary.

Are lemon seeds poisonous: basic answers
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The seeds are easily crumbled into a fine powder like other fruit seeds and successfully used as a spice in salads and desserts. It should be noted that the research on the benefits of lemon seeds is not completed yet, so be careful with the number of consumed seeds.

Always remember that kids can be allergic to lemons and their derivatives before giving them seeds for health issues. If you have health severe problems you should not substitute medicines prescribed by your doctor with lemon seed. But at the same time, you can use them as supplements.

Also don`t forget to store the powder in a dry place.

Where can you use the lemon seed?

If you don`t like the citrus fruit taste don`t hurry to through them away. Below we will look at some points where you can still use them properly.

Lemon seed as well as the lemon peel and lemon juice itself has a specific taste that allows use in a culinary area. Cooks use seeds by adding them to salads, cookies, soups, etc. to give a pleasant taste and aroma. This is quite handy since gives us a great place for imagination in the kitchen.

The benefits of lemon seeds are that they are successfully used for beauty purposes, for instance, lemon essential oil as well as vitamin C and vitamin E are used for improving skin conditions and hair.

Are lemon seeds poisonous: basic answers
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Also, the benefits of lemon are that it increases the body’s metabolism and is useful for weight loss. Recent studies showed that consuming lemon seeds reduce the level of blood sugar so maybe in the future they will be used against diabetes.

Lemon seeds contain salicylic acid so they are used in medicine. Salicylic acid is contained in aspirin which is used for headache treatment.

If you are planning to detoxify your organism as all healthy people do you can use not only lemon juice or lemons but lemon seed as well because they are good at eliminating toxins from the body and give us great health benefits. Citric acid contained in the lemon seed is useful for preventing tooth decay.

Where to buy lemon seeds?

You can take the seeds out of the pulp yourself or you can buy them at special stories where lemon fruit and fresh lemons are sold, or online. Pay attention to the lemon skin so that you do not buy a spoiled product.

Seeds are stored quite easily and you can use them long term so that they will not be poisonous and you can eat lemon seeds whenever.

If you decided from this article that lemon seed is useful, you can grow lemons by yourself. The lemon tree is unpretentious and easy to plant, tolerating various climates and conditions. Examine the tree and lemon skin to understand how well the plant is growing.

So, if you are interested in crop farming why not try to grow lemon trees so that you can use lemon and lemon seeds whenever.

Are lemon seeds poisonous: basic answers
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Notwithstanding that, the bitter lemon seeds are not poisonous and contain a large amount of vitamin C, and vitamin E and it does not mean that you can eat it every day like usual food.

Too many lemon seeds can lead to digestive disorders or other problems with the stomach. It is important to be sure that you bought an organic citrus lemon, check out that you are not eating seeds from spoiled lemons, and carefully wash the lemon peel before consuming.

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What happens if we swallow lemon seed?

Even though various types of seeds of different fruits and vegetables are poisonous lemon seeds are not toxic to the human body. They will be digested like regular food.

Are citrus fruit seeds poisonous?

Fruit seeds should be consumed in small quantities, about one or two seeds per day. Then they will not harm your health. Avoid eating large amounts of lemon seeds.

Can you choke on lemon seeds?

Kids can choke on lemon seeds therefore preferably remove seeds from the whole lemon before giving them to your children.


So are lemon seeds edible or not? People wrongly think that lemon seeds are poisonous. We hope this article made it clear that lemon seed has many health benefits rather than harmfulness. We hope you will not consider lemon seeds toxic anymore and will use them properly as a natural remedy.

Are you interested in learning more? Would you like to find more studies and answers to the question “Are lemon seeds poisonous?”. If so, you can open the link and read the article.

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